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Open source router software, different encryption tools, legislative, judicial and media pressure are all necessary to pushback on backdoors access to technology and networks that help with surveillance state, says PGP inventor Phil Zimmermann in a conversation. He has a thoughtful take on recent encryption revelations. Read more »

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Whisper, a Los Angeles-based secret sharing/anonymity social social platform today announced that it had raised $21 million in new funds from a group of venture capitalists led by Sequoia Capital general partner Roelof Botha, who in the past had backed YouTube and Tumblr. GigaOM had first reported the news of Whisper’s funding in July 2013. At that time, we reported that company was raising about $15 million in its Series B round of funding. A report in Techcrunch puts their valuation at between $75 million and $100 million. In our earlier report, our sources put Whisper’s valuation at $100 million.

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Hugh Laurie, Mindy Kaling, bullshit jobs, the magical powers of metadata, and the story of Punjabi Sikh-Mexican American community fading into history, what past locations can tell us about where we will be in the future and good death? All in the mix this week! Read more »

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Bret Taylor, formerly chief technology officer of Facebook recently unveiled Quip, a company that he cofounded with Kevin Gibbs. It makes a new kind of a collaborative word processor for the tablet generation. Today, the company announced that Quip will now work in 5 more languages in addition to English: German, French, Spanish, Italian & simplified Chinese.

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Taking a cue from Twitter and embedded tweets, Facebook says it will allow folks to embed blog posts from Facebook on blogs and other websites. It is a way for the company to extend its footprint across the web and at the same time try and steal conversational attention from Twitter. Facebook is largely a walled phenomenon and often lives outside of the open web. These embeddable posts also include hash tags, another Twitter innovation Facebook is trying to appropriate.

In Brief

Vine, which was acquired by Twitter almost a year ago, has hit 40 million users. The company announced this milestone via a tweet earlier today. I was initially skeptic when Vine launched in January this year, but the app (which allows you to make six second videos) has genuinely emerged as a new kind of video art form and has even created its own set of Vine video stars.

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