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Red Herring :: Metro ethernet providers were all the rage in 2000 and 2001, laughing their way to the bank as other communications services companies dropped like flies. Here comes the reality check. Falling bandwidth prices, too much competition, and a slow economy have taken their […] Read more »

For some odd reason, Apple Computer continues to trade its customers shabbily. The company which is nothing but a bit player in the computer business, is one of the few companies that enjoys customer goodwill and brand loyalty. Thanks to its wonderfully easy to use operating […] Read more » :: the greatest story every sold (HarperCollins : 372 pages, $25.95) perhaps ia shoddy book about dot-com mania, and i take comfort in the fact that none other that new york times agrees with me on this. having enjoyed john cassidy’s piercing writings in the […] Read more »

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Red Herring: We are not surprised that Sigma Networks in San Jose, California, is being liquidated. When the communications company launched in February 2001, Red Herring said its business model was highly suspect and limited in scope–it provided connectivity between telecom hotels (where phone companies lease […] Read more »

Red Herring :: Planar Systems has become a top flat-panel display maker overnight. Read more »

Red Herring :: Marc Andreessen, the chubby-cheeked cofounder of Netscape Communications, was once the epitome of Internet success. His recent track record, however, reminds us of a 1997 GQ article that called him “imposter boy.” America Online bought Netscape, but only after it was thoroughly thrashed […] Read more »

Over the last decade, the Bell companies have received numerous financial incentives to roll out advanced networks, and in virtually all cases, the Bell companies have pocketed the money, according to New Networks Institute. Read more »

So the House of Representatives passed the Tauzin-Dingel Bill. Is anyone surprised, after all the Baby Bells spent around $20 million lobbying for this bill in last year alone. Take it into account the money spent on promoting it on television, and the tab quickly adds […] Read more »

Business 2.0 – Global Flameout Chairman Gary Winnick spent like a Roman emperor. But the fall of much-hyped Global Crossing spells trouble for other telcos too. Read more »

Red Herring :: HIPAA requires costly technology upgrades, but startups aren’t forming en masse to take advantage of the opportunity. Read more »

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RedHerring :: Most of us recognize private investments in public equities (PIPEs) as the investment tool with the catchy acronym and lethal reputation. But that would be only half right. The truth is that not all PIPEs are evil. Read more »

Red Herring :: A downturn has no respect, even for Internet superstars — a lesson Sabeer Bhatia is learning the hard way. Read more »

Red Herring :: Smart routers from promising startups could make the Internet faster and more reliable. Their biggest challenge: timing. Read more »

Ironic as it is, most leaders who change the world tend to be diminutive men. Whether it was Mahatma Gandhi or Napoleon, they did not tower over people, but instead they loom over entire nations, and in some case entire civilizations. Narayan Murthy, the co-founder of […] Read more »

What do you have when you put 2700 self-important people in one of the elite hotels such as Waldorf Astoria in New York City? To call it Davos 2002 is an oxy moron in itself. The 2002 edition of the World Economic Forum was held nowhere […] Read more »

By now most of you I am sure must have read long-winded stories on AOL Time Warner’s Netscape division suing Microsoft Corp. You might have read by now the AOL side of the story, and Microsoft side of the story. Legal issues aside, I just want […] Read more »

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, I ended up in a meta-physical discussion with some folks yesterday about the fact that if you can find real love on the Internet. Sitting in the lounge of the old W hotel, as we sipped Oban, wine, […] Read more »

If one thing is to be said for 2001, it is not a year to remember. As the clock inches toward 2002, we face possibility of war in South Asia, terrorism has reared its ugly head in way that 3500 souls are tormented, and the much […] Read more »

Like millions of Americans who are in need of high-speed Internet connections, I have been stuck in narrowband hell. Dial-up connections, despite improved technology, are as slow and unreliable as Read more »

Vivek “real-time” Ranadive could just be the Peter Drucker of the 21st century. While Mr. Drucker and later Tom Peters’ management principles helped reform the global business landscape, Mr. Ranadive is preaching a new technology mantra – real-time computing – that promises to revolutionize the way […] Read more »

Vivek real-time2 Ranadive could just be the Peter Drucker of the 21st century. While Mr. Drucker and later Tom Peters’ management principles helped reform the global business landscape, Mr. Ranadive is preaching a new technology mantra – real-time computing – that promises to revolutionize the way […] Read more »

Originally published in Red Herring issue of November 12, 2000. Every decade or two, corporate chiefs and consultants get it into their heads to change the way companies are designed. In the ’70s, it was fashionable to be a diversified conglomerate, with interests in cookies, oil wells, and […] Read more »

December 6, 2001 AFTER USING hardware to help build two of the five major Internet backbones, the cofounders of Virtela Communications figured, for their next network, it was time to turn to software. On the surface, Virtela, a two-year-old startup in Greenwood Village, Colorado, appears to […] Read more »

Red Herring, 30 September 2001 In the rough-and-tumble world of optical networking, all fibers stop at Don Green. He may not have the cachet of Vinod Khosla or George Gilder, but Mr. Green’s influence and effect on the telecom industry is infinite. In Petaluma, California, a […] Read more »

This article appears in the June 1, 2001, issue of Red Herring magazine. At the height of the dot-com boom, one business was even more fashionable than the half-witted e-tailers: data centers. As venture capitalists pumped billions of dollars into e-commerce startups, those companies developed a […] Read more »

When Microsoft was developing the Xbox video game console in 1999, consumers were signing up for high-speed Internet access as quickly as they could. Seduced by this growth in broadband subscriptions, Microsoft made a critical decision. The device would be equipped with a broadband ethernet connection–instead […] Read more »

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