More tech Stories :: WorldCom has gotten kudos for keeping its network and service running well despite accounting woes, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing and fraud allegations against two former finance executives. Read more » :: Waiting for a better offer for its prime assets proved costly in the end for bankrupt Global Crossing Ltd. The company announced Friday, Aug. 9, it had agreed to sell a 61.5% stake to Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. and Singapore Technologies Telemedia Pte for $250 […] Read more »

Light Reading :: Lost: $3.8 billion — no wait, make that $7.1 billion. WorldCom Inc. announced late last night that during its internal investigation of its accounting for the last three years it found an additional $3.3 billion that had been wrongly accounted for. And yes, […] Read more »

Upcoming Events :: The telecommunications industry, once a safe stock haven for “widows and orphans,” became a gigantic poker game during the late 1990s, a competitive, high-growth business drawing billions of dollars of fresh capital. Supported by bullish Wall Street analysts and investment banks eager to reap […] Read more »

A close encounter with the man behind ëSigns’ :: Newsweek::Hollywood is fat and happy with its summer of sequels. Meanwhile, in a galaxy far, far away-Philadelphia-director M. Night Shyamalan is proving himself to be our next great storyteller. A close encounter with the director behind smash […] Read more »

Brown Out – Discrimination Accusation against Remedy :: WNBC/Channel 4 reports that a group of South Asians were denied entry to the new trendy club, Remedy and have accused the club of racial bias. This perhaps would not be the first time this has happened, but […] Read more »

Bowing Out: A Jeweler to the Maharajas :: International Herald Tribune :: If diamonds are a girl ‘ s best friend, then Ambaji Shinde is the best buddy precious stones can ever have, writes Suzy Menkes, the greatest living fashion journalist. For 64 years he designed […] Read more »

Red Herring :: An irrational mania for mergers and acquisitions drove the telecommunications bonanza, not consumer demand or earnings growth. Read more »

A virtual hit parade of broadband bankruptcies, WorldCom, being the latest, has put the entire future of the Internet at risk. It is time to worry about the gradual degradation of the quality of the Internet and the digital lifestyle we have all become accustomed with. […] Read more »

Light Reading :: The venture capital industry continued to slow in the second quarter of 2002 with telecom investments reaching the lowest levels since the fourth quarter of 1998. Total investments in the telecom and networking sectors dropped by more than half from last year. Read more »

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Oh god, it is so early in the day, but still if you are so interested, I would love you to watch me on CNBC where i pontificate on the whole WorldCom mess. Tune in if you can, it is at 6.30 am on Monday, July […] Read more »

Outlook India :: Silicon Valley is still recession-hit but brave geeks ride on top of it. For those who forget history, most of todayÃs bluechips were founded in the Ã80s recession. Read more »

Outlook India :: Silicon Valley is still recession-hit but brave geeks ride on top of it. For those who forget history, most of todayˆs bluechips were founded in the ˆ80s recession. Read more »

WorldCom Aftermath:: If you recall all the problems that followed in the wake of KPNQwest bankruptcy, wait till the big bully hits the dirt. Probe reseach of Cedar Hills, NJ believes that with WorldCom, Global Crossing, Qwest and many others § created the disaster it is […] Read more »

I was a featured guest on for an online chat. It was about WorldCom and like most of you know there is nothing i like more than sharing my opinions (i have many) with others. In case you want to read the transcript of the […] Read more »

Qwest Communications International Inc. (NYSE: Q) Chairman and CEO Richard C. Notebaert issued the following statement: “What has happened at Worldcom is unfortunate for our industry, however Qwest is a different company and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe that. I’m confident that Qwest […] Read more »

Germany might not be a tourist destination for Americans, but for the head-honchos of optical start-ups it is Bestimmungsort Deutschland! And then they have to perfect the art of how to grovel in German! With European networking giants like Alcatel, Siemens, Ericsson and Nokia being the […] Read more »

– Monday is a fresh start, a positive attitude, part of everyone’s life. – Monday is a real name, universally understood and easy to remember. – Monday is confident. It stands out and it stands for something. Read more »

Even John Gotti, the ertswhile “king of new york” does not have the guts to ignore the calling of the ultimate don up in the sky. According to New York Times, the “teflon don” was sentenced to a “prison of no return” on June 9, 2002. […] Read more »

Red Herring, after being bruised and battered because of the technology downturn is proving that it is more than a survivor – it is a winner. Last week, we got news that the magazine was nominated for six western region awards from the American Society of […] Read more »

Red Herring 100: Computer hardware ::There’s a new burst of innovation in the computer equipment sector, and much of it stems from two desires: to increase processing capacity inexpensively and to improve the performance of the Internet. Read more »

Interland CEO Joel Kocher’s game plan is to grow Interland from a company doing $60.7 million in sales into a giant within the Web-hosting business. Read more »

Voice-Over-Internet Protocol Internet Voice, also known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that allows you to make telephone calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. Some services using VoIP may only allow you to call other […] Read more »

Ultra-wideband is a technology that transmits an extremely low power signal over a wide swath of radio spectrum. Ultra-wideband operates across a wide range of frequency spectrum by transmitting a series of very low power pulses. The combination of broader spectrum and lower power means that […] Read more »

Red Herring Online :: Cisco wants a big piece of the $70.6 billion storage pie, and thatˆs bad news for its competitors. The data networking giant–faced with slowed growth in its core networking business–is making a major change in direction and gearing up to take on […] Read more »

Like Hemmingway, Merrill Lynch has read its obituary many times in the paper. This time it is no different. Many (who?) are predicting the demise of the brokerage giant again, thanks largely to actions of Eliot Spitzer, the New York attorney general with gubernatorial aspirations. But […] Read more »

Red Herring :: The data center shakeout that began almost a year ago seems to be over, and there are early indications that an industrywide turnaround might be just a few months away. click here to read the complete story Read more »

Red Herring :: A compound interest in fiber optics :: A handful of firms exploring the opportunities of indium phosphide, a material that is likely to revolutionize the communications industry. Though discovered in 1863, InP was pretty much ignored by the scientific community until the late […] Read more »

I make my debut as a contributor to the Wall Street Journal editorial pages Aly Sabra Galal Abdell can be forgiven for having assumed that the Immigration and Naturalization Service is a joke. After all, the INS did issue visas to two dead terrorists, Mohamed Atta […] Read more »

Oh well didn’t we already know that. After all we did a whole story on this in Red Herring magazine. Surprised that research agenices which are paid mucho dollars to make these predictions before rest of the junta, are slow on the uptake here. Anyway the […] Read more »

Finally there is some good news – Qwest has decided that it will close its Qwest Digital Media operations, which produced, stored and transmitted digital video content. So what that means is that the annoying ads showing a tired business man looking for a room at […] Read more »

No surprise, Walter Hewlett, the scion of the Hewlett family is out of a job. Are you surprised by the news that he got fired from HPÃs board for opposing Hewlett-PackardÃs merger with Compaq Computer. And then when he filed a lawsuit against the company for […] Read more »

Red Herring :: Metro ethernet providers were all the rage in 2000 and 2001, laughing their way to the bank as other communications services companies dropped like flies. Here comes the reality check. Falling bandwidth prices, too much competition, and a slow economy have taken their […] Read more »

For some odd reason, Apple Computer continues to trade its customers shabbily. The company which is nothing but a bit player in the computer business, is one of the few companies that enjoys customer goodwill and brand loyalty. Thanks to its wonderfully easy to use operating […] Read more » :: the greatest story every sold (HarperCollins : 372 pages, $25.95) perhaps ia shoddy book about dot-com mania, and i take comfort in the fact that none other that new york times agrees with me on this. having enjoyed john cassidy’s piercing writings in the […] Read more »

Red Herring: We are not surprised that Sigma Networks in San Jose, California, is being liquidated. When the communications company launched in February 2001, Red Herring said its business model was highly suspect and limited in scope–it provided connectivity between telecom hotels (where phone companies lease […] Read more »

Red Herring :: Planar Systems has become a top flat-panel display maker overnight. Read more »

Red Herring :: Marc Andreessen, the chubby-cheeked cofounder of Netscape Communications, was once the epitome of Internet success. His recent track record, however, reminds us of a 1997 GQ article that called him “imposter boy.” America Online bought Netscape, but only after it was thoroughly thrashed […] Read more »

Over the last decade, the Bell companies have received numerous financial incentives to roll out advanced networks, and in virtually all cases, the Bell companies have pocketed the money, according to New Networks Institute. Read more »

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