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Finally Time magazine has discovered Bolloywood. In the year end issue of the magazine, Time placed Devdas at fourth in its list of top ten films in the world cinema. Mira Nair’s ‘Monsoon Wedding‘ is also among the top ten films from the West in 2002, […] Read more »

A few days ago I received a shining new Samsung SmartPhone – it is beautiful, colorful and elegant. Think of it as the Salma Hayek of wireless phones. I will have a full review later; but meanwhile check out this article I managed to dig-out from […] Read more »

Last Sunday I was interviewed by Business Week Television about the life in the tech-land after the dot-com bust. While we talked at length about many companies, the focus was centered around, a post-bust WebVan clone which is just amazing. I am so in love […] Read more »

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Well apparently my former colleague at Forbes, Caroline Waxler, now a freelance journalist thinks so. She has recently been writing for the New York Post and according to Keith Kelly of the NY daily she has sold a book to John Wiley & Sons based on […] Read more »

Light Reading :: There is nothing more delightful to read Light Reading especially their annual Fat Cats survey. Thinks of this as the list of rich and infamous and no one does it better than Light Reading. While there are some doozies in this year’s list […] Read more »

From Red :: what Santa brought :: Scott Sullivan, former CFO of WorldCom -an AT&T calling card to call home from prison. Dennis Kozlowski, former CEO of Tyco International, a limited edition Leavenworth shower curtains. Henry Blodget, former Merrill Lynch analyst, a free Hotmail account to keep […] Read more »

From David Isenberg’s SMART LETTER:: For almost a year Bharti Telecom, India’s second carrier, has been sending me feelers through third parties about visiting them. Bharti was on the trans-Pacific tour until the Fail Fast Letter (see hit the Internet. The very next day the […] Read more » – The Spitzer-Weill Stock Trade :: Okay so here we are – a huge $1.4 billion dollar settlement and all the hoopla around it. It is one more incident when Spitzer decided to let the Wall Street off the hook. Okay so Citigroup was made […] Read more »

Red Herring:: Did you expect perfect handwriting recognition from the new Tablet PC laptops? Fuggetaboutit. But that doesn’t mean there’s no value in the Windows XP Tablet PC operating system from Microsoft (released in early November)–just make sure the machine running it doesn’t rely solely on […] Read more »

Wired Online:: Raw muscle power might achieve what the Indian government so far hasn’t been able to: spreading the telecom revolution to the 700 million rural people of the country. This month, 5,000 young men on bicycles carrying mobile phones equipped with CDMA Wireless Local Loop […] Read more »

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It has been quite obvious that the British companies need a serious makeover. And last week they got what is the corporate equivalent of the hit BBC show, Changing Rooms. (Okay the Learning Channel did copy this one). First Arun Sarin, a less known telecom executive […] Read more » ::WorldCom Inc.’s former finance chief, Scott Sullivan, has given federal prosecutors a broad outline of discussions he had with Bernard Ebbers, the company’s former chief executive, about the company’s fraudulent accounting practices, according to people familiar with the matter. But people who have been briefed […] Read more » Silver Lake’s big booty :: Combined with an additional $56.5 million of consulting fees, the buyout group has recouped its entire investment plus a two-year cash return of 26%, and still owns 80% of Seagate worth $4 billion. Silver Lake Partners owns about one-third of […] Read more »

With all the hype around Google these days – Newsweek, Wired and The New York Times have all written about the uber search engine – I thought it was time for me to dig into the archives and update you folks on Google’s name. This is […] Read more »

Intersil pre-announced today ? making public one of the little reported trends. Intersil revised its Q4 revenue growth expectation from up 1%-2% quarter-over-quarter to down 5%-7% quarter-over-quarter growth. The weakness was caused primarily by an overbuild of older- generation PRISM 2.5 WLAN chips in Q3, and […] Read more »

Strategy Analytics thinks that the “debt Loads to force Consolidation with T-Mobile US top of List T-Mobile’s new management will find the pressure to divest non-core assets irresistible. T-Mobile & Cingular will merge to provide Cingular with coverage and spectrum relief and a realistic basis for […] Read more »

P2P datacenter management Is P2P the answer to increasingly complex combinations of devices in hosting facilities? It was not too long ago that a 19-year-old frat guy named Shawn Fanning, decided he wanted to share his music collection with his friends. Working for weeks at a […] Read more »

RED HERRING :: Baby Bells, the one bright spot in the telecom sector, will be hit hard with declining or flatlining sales in 2003. They’re under pressure from numerous threats, including cable operators, which are doing well selling high-speed Internet access in the lucrative consumer and […] Read more » :: WorldCom, which is in bankruptcy, said Tuesday that six board members who oversaw the company in the years it racked up more than $9 billion in accounting problems have resigned, leaving three recent appointees. Read more »

Top Ten Trends 2003 – Hardware/Software :: The technologies around virtualization, an umbrella term for a collection of technologies that allow a corporation’s IT infrastructure to exist as one seamless unit, get their finishing touches and become all the rage for chief information officers worldwide. Read more »

Top Ten Trends 2003 – Telecommunications :: The worst is yet to come in the telecom sector. Companies that have spent the past 12 months clawing their way out of bankruptcy will only go bankrupt again, killed by the continued decline in bandwidth prices. Read more »

Denver :: At post-merger Qwest, aggressive new culture led to questionable deals. Read more »

Denver :: Despite analysts; alarms, Qwest execs insist all was well Read more »

The worst is yet to come in the telecom sector. Companies that have spent the past 12 months clawing their way out of bankruptcy will only go bankrupt again, killed by the continued decline in bandwidth prices. Read more »

Red Herring :: With its share of the x86 market dropping, AMD needs its new Hammer chip to keep in the race against Intel. Hammer is the code name for the next-generation processor that AMD expects to release in the first half of 2003. Read more »

Broadband WireBeset by legal problems, a government probe into its accounting mess, a rotating crew of top executives, defecting customers, and fleeing investors, St. Louis, MO-based Charter Communications also seems to be haunted by the specter of one man: its majority shareholder, Microsoft billionaire Paul Allen. […] Read more »

Denver :: Qwest Communications International Inc.’s officers and bankers, including Salomon Smith Barney, knew the fourth-largest U.S. local-telephone company had engaged in accounting fraud since 1999, a lawsuit claims. The California State Teachers Retirement System, which has lost about $150 million in Qwest stock and […] Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: It is a shame we missed this one! Last year-and-a-half New York has been buzzing about this hot new group called I-I-O (pronounced “eye-eye-oh”) and their smash hit single, Rapture. Well like others we loved the tune but forgot to notice that the lead […] Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: Swami’s BhangraDotCom (Essential Bhangra Remixes 4 Ur Mind, Soul & Feet) is out on Nation Records. This is one of the new albums from Swami of Nu Skool Beatz fame. We have not heard the album but are told that this is one of […] Read more »

Tablatronic.NET :: It is not often that one does come across a talented and ambitious young singer in New York who happens to be of South Asian origin. I stumbled upon Reshma at one of the desiparties in New York a few months ago. She had […] Read more »

RED HERRING For past four months i have been writing Random Access, a column for Red Herring Investor section which is irreverant in tone and yet takes a more practical look at technology; stocks and corporate ego-tripping. Why not read this edition where I write about […] Read more »

THE FACE :: Kuldeep Singh’s RDB DJs are the Anglo-Asian community’s answer to So Solid Crew, a nine-man moneymaking multi-functionary hit squad beaming out solid Indian vibes from chilly Bradford to the UK’s urban turban massive and beyond. They haven’t shot anybody, been banged up or […] Read more »

After much anticipation, the official Director’s Edition DVD and CD Soundtrack to the hit film AMERICAN DESI is now available through Cinebella Entertainment. This two-disc set contains the full length film, digitally mastered with DTS 5.1 Surround Sound, along with several bonus features such as behind-the-scenes […] Read more »

Hitting theaters across North America on November 22 is the new Kevin Kline film THE EMPEROR’S CLUB which features a prominent and positive role for a young Indian-American. Released by Universal Pictures, THE EMPEROR’S CLUB is a compelling story of a boys prep school teacher who […] Read more »

“The Scene” can be defined as an underground niche of young adults who have a common culture. Within this setting, some of the most admired and high profile individuals happen to be the Disc Jockeys who play our music. Within just two years, Sandeep Kumar has […] Read more »

The distributors of My Father’s Daughter, Media Partner’s Inc. announce the worldwide DVD release of the Film on October 19th 2002. Also soundtrack of the film is now available on any Indo/Pak audio video stores. Texas Filmmaker’s Series selects a Parul Bhatia Film “My Father’s Daughter” […] Read more »

SEVENTEEN :: Check out the November issue of Seventeen Magazine for an excerpt from BORN CONFUSED as well as this month’s YM Magazine for a book review (on stands now). Interviews with Tanuja Desai Hidier up at Seventeen online and as well as BORN CONFUSED […] Read more »

RHK :: Some of the earliest bankruptcies are beginning to gain reorganization approval from their bondholders, notably ICG Communications, McLeodUSA, and Global Crossing. However, the company valuations are extremely low. For example, in July Global Crossing announced that Hutchison Whampoa would be bailing it out at […] Read more »

Red Herring :: The mere suggestion that JDS Uniphase could turn out to be a market leader when the economy finally turns elicits one of two responses–maniacal laughter or sheer rage. Still, we’re willing to risk major bodily harm to argue that, despite its current woes, […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal :: Leo Hindery, a former chief executive of Global Crossing Ltd. and well-known cable veteran, is fighting to force the fiber-optic carrier to award him $708,000 in back pay and more than $100,000 in rent for a lavish Manhattan apartment. Read more »

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