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I am surprised how much INK TiVo is getting these days, especially if your consider that this is a company which is skating on financial thin ice. What could be the explanation? I think a lot of journos got TiVO as a gift this Christmas! Think […] Read more »

Red Herring :: .Six years after pioneering the concept of personal video recording–a way to record television shows on a hard drive, skip commercials, and even pause live TV–the industry’s founding fathers are facing a unique problem: ubiquity. We’re not talking about the good kind of […] Read more »

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The New York Times :: Ironic as it may sound, the closing of Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, a San Francisco Law firm and a Bay Area institution for over 77 years, is the first bit of good news for the technomy. I personally believe that the […] Read more »

WSJ/Associated Press:: WorldCom Inc. has asked a bankruptcy court’s permission to sell a Georgia yacht manufacturing shipyard it took over last year from its former chief executive, Bernard Ebbers. In court filings Wednesday, WorldCom officials said they could realize about $7 million by selling Intermarine Savannah […] Read more »

From Probe Research:: Between 1999 and 2001, Probe Research estimated that over $20 billion was spent for the deployment of fiber-based networks and the associated facilities within Europe. However, only a handful of competitive players remain from the hordes that had descended on Europe in the […] Read more »

Red Herring :: While much of the telecom world has focused on widening bandwidth connections into the home in order to deliver video entertainment, dozens of startups and established telecom companies in countries like Canada, South Korea, Japan, and the United Kingdom have been hard at […] Read more »

With nothing exciting to show for quite a while, this “hot” new compilation from Outcaste may just be their saving grace. Keeping in mind that this compilation doesn’t solve the basic need for some originality from this label, it does manage to pack a decent-almost-solid (if […] Read more »

Off to covering the Linuxworld! It is sunny bright and cold! But I am sure things are going to be quite hot inside the Jacob Javits center. The mission today is to find interesting companies and interesting products. I am keen on checking out some new […] Read more »

Aamir Khan’s External Affairs : He’s India’s hottest star, with global ambitions after the blockbuster success of home production Lagaan. She’s a lowprofile film researcher from London who’s besotted with Bollywood. And if the buzz is to be believed, the recently-divorced 38-year-old Khan and thirty-something […] Read more »

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Unload that ‘worthless’ stock | :: Even shares in companies that have gone bankrupt have a market. Finding it, and cashing out, can mean claiming a loss at tax time. Read more »

Sari, Wrong Number : :: Sari, Wrong Number Having survived for ages, is ‘the’ Indian garment dying? Read more »

exchange4media :: In a strategic move, Coca-Cola India has roped in Bollywood film star to endorse its flagship brand Coca-Cola in the highly competitive segment. Prior to this move, a number of leading cine stars have lent their names to promote the Coke brand (including Aamir […] Read more »

Reeling In The New : :: Bollywood Movies 2003 Preview:: 2003 will decide whether Bollywood will survive or if it’ll be The End.’ Here are some of the milestones on that crucial course. Make your choice. Read more »

Red Herring, January 29, 2003: The coming ubiquity of personal video recorders will lead to their demise. Read more »

From Electric Six may have registered the first memorable single of 2003 but their tenure will be short lived. With the current popularity of all things Bollywood, it’s surprising that it’s taken until now for this to filter through into the charts but Panjabi MC’s […] Read more »

Outcaste Press Release:: It is amazing to think that it took a bunch of American hip hop producers to take some Bollywood beats and vocals and turn the UK Asian music scene on its head. Timbaland with Missy Elliott, Dre with Truth Hurts, they have both […] Read more »

Alan Reiter believes that the only hope for Microsoft Watch project will be “a variety of consumer-oriented personalization applications” which would like in cellphones allow us to change the faceplates and time display options. Another big area of growth he suggests could be vhe watch-version of […] Read more »

At the recently concluded CES, TiVo which pretty much defined the PVR business got some good news and then some bad news. First the Good News: TiVo announced several new models, including an HD-capable set-top that will be featured in the DirecTV product lineup later this […] Read more »

Hosting tech, a hosting industry publication has ceased publication. Just got an email from the editor. “As you may be aware, as of January 10, 2002, management of HostingTech has decided to cease further publication of the magazine. The current advertising contraction within the service provider […] Read more »

Viewsonic, the display company is going through a major makeover. The company has launched Smart displays, Tablet PCs and also some Media center XP-based machines. The company has decided to get into the desktop business as well. My how the CEO James Chu has changed his […] Read more »

Red Herring :: ‘See, not everyone selling phone service is what you’d call a phone company,” says the gravelly voice-over on a recent TV ad. As pigeons land on (and presumably crap on) moodily lit phone lines, the ruffled feathers are obvious. “SBC has telecommunications networks […] Read more »

From Broadband Daily:: After a year of increasingly bitter corporate infighting that pits virtually all of the AOL Time Warner divisions against its failing online unit, AOL and Internet pioneer Steve Case quit in a move that caps growing vitriol in the press against the new […] Read more »

So now with AOL’s Steve Case gone here are my predictions of what is going to happen: AOL Time Warner would become Time Warner Netscape Division which is hardly making any money is going to be shut down. Suddenly AOL will be default software for RoadRunner, […] Read more »

Sitting here at the Talwar Gallery I am watching the hauting and hypnotic short pieces by Alia Syed. Interesting concepts and amazing visuals – I am quite sure Alia will soon be making headlines. The throngs have not descended yet since the official opening is still […] Read more »

Sitting here at the Talwar Gallery I am watching the hauting and hypnotic short pieces by Alia Syed. Interesting concepts and amazing visuals – I am quite sure Alia will soon be making headlines. The throngs have not descended yet since the official opening is still […] Read more »

From SEC Press Release:: In a separate case, the Commission filed a civil action against Paul Johnson, 42, a former managing director and senior research analyst at Robertson Stephens for issuing fraudulent research reports. The Commission alleges that Johnson issued research reports and made public statements […] Read more »

About three months ago, I had predicted a sharp turnaround in fortunes of Motorola, which in my opinion is on a comeback trail. In my Random Access column in Red Herring, I wrote: “Many dealers also told us that Motorola is making a comeback with trendy […] Read more »

The New York Times :: It is too soon to describe the Bose family as an audio-world version of the Bush and Kennedy clans in politics, but they are off to a good start. In 1964, Amar Bose, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor and inventor, […] Read more »

The WalNut.Net :: Hailing it as a breakthrough against numerous scandals tainting the nation’s business community, a group of leading executives has announced the cloning of the first corporate ethics officer. ¶In order to accommodate the nation’s ferocious need for corporate ethics experts, we will be […] Read more »

The Walnut:: 2002 was a rough year for Jack Welch and Jack Grubman. The former CEO of General Electric Corp. and Salomon Smith Barney’s chief telecomm analyst were enmeshed in embarrassing scandals involving adultery and overheated stock ratings.But in 2003, the two Jacks have a chance […] Read more »

The New York Times:: Gretchen Morgenson once again comes up with a winner of a story – I think this is brilliant piece on all the crooks who are getting away with it. “Harvey Pitt, Dennis Kozlowski, Bernard J. Ebbers, Jack B. Grubman. Their crashing falls […] Read more »

2003 is the year of the FCC and Michael Powell is the man in the hot seat! He has our digital future in his hands! Will he buck the tradition or will he give the Baby Bells what they want? According to The Washington Post this […] Read more »

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed:: Despite the outward serenity of Gatesville, Microsoft is facing a unique problem — how to grow while fighting on multiple fronts? The era of competition from ageing tech titans like Scott McNealy at Sun Microsystems or Larry Ellison’s Oracle Corp is over. […] Read more »

Telechoice’s views on Telecom business:: In psychology, they talk about the five stages of grieving. In a big sense, the telecom world collectively has gone through this and we need to recognize where we are. It’s pretty important. Some firms have gone through different stages sooner […] Read more »

Finding Wrongs, Through the Prism of Silicon Valley :: Seeking to mirror its aggressive pursuit of executives on Wall Street, the Justice Department is putting a new focus on Silicon Valley, pursuing managers of the technology boom who are suspected of crossing the line into securities […] Read more »

Global Crossing Chairman Resigns ::Gary Winnick, who made hundreds of millions of dollars selling Global Crossing stock before its collapse earlier this year, said yesterday that he was resigning as the company’s chairman. Winnick’s announcement came after two companies, Hutchison Whampoa of Hong Kong and Singapore […] Read more »

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