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Jamaica Gleaner:: Remember the words of Maurice Odumbe last week after Kenya had qualified for the Super Six round of the World Cup?If you do not, these were some of the words of the former captain: “When we were preparing for the World Cup we never […] Read more »

Dawn :: Skipper Waqar is way past his sell-by date, and the cricket board’s head honcho, Tauqeer Zia, a serving lieutenant-general and corps commander, issues endless fatuous statements. In this he is no different from his brothers in uniform who love to see their names in […] Read more »

Jamaica Gleaner :: With all the West Indies players available for selection in Jamaica’s XI for tomorrow’s crucial seventh and final round Carib Beer match against India A, coach Robert Haynes said in his mind he would select three quick bowlers along with David Bernard Jnr […] Read more »

Upcoming Events :: Kepler Wessels, who played Test cricket for Australia and later captained his native South Africa, believes only Sachin Tendulkar stands between Australia and back-to-back World Cup titles. Read more »

Cricket365:: Sachin Tendulkar is back on top of the one-day rankings, no surprise here. The man is in good form and is likely to play some more responsible innings. New Zealand strike bowler Shane Bond moved up 31 places to 11th in the PricewaterhouseCoopers bowling rankings […] Read more »

New Zealand Herald:: Steve Tikolo, a small man with a soft voice, is starting to believe in miracles. Who can blame him? The Kenyan captain says a victory over Australia at Kingsmead in Durban tomorrow night is not an impossibility, nor is a rematch in the […] Read more »

Guardian’s Rahul Bhattacharya reports that when Sachin Tendulkar arrived in southern Africa with two runs in three matches in New Zealand, a shadow over his batting position and the ever-insatiable expectations of millions, yet he steadily made the World Cup his own. Read more »

BBC News:: Forget the battlegrounds, or cricket field, the India-pakistan war has gone hi-tech. According to BBC News, an Indian hacker group called the Indian Snakes has developed a variant of Yaha Internet E-Mail worm which is now attacking attacking websites in Pakistan, including government sites, […] Read more »

Fortune’s Peter Lewis is one of my favorite writers, simply because he is the kind of writer who very quickly dispels the hype around gizmos. In his most recent column, on the subject of convergence, he writes, “It’s far too complicated for a consumer audience, unless […] Read more »

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San Francisco Chronicle :: Images from the Hubble Space Telescope show that a giant planet orbiting a star far beyond the solar system is flying so close to its hot parent that its own dense hydrogen atmosphere is being swiftly blown awayaccording to the San Francisco […] Read more »

From Broadband Daily:: “A slew of computer makers, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Toshiba, IBM and Sony have said they will include IntelÌüs Centrino technology in new notebook computers although reports suggest that these same laptop makers plan to make the Wi-Fi chips optional given that Intel only […] Read more »

Well now that there is much to write about the good times in technology, media, music and publishing, so everyone is writing about how miserable things are these days. is featuring, “, currently making the rounds of the unemployed, provides a good window onto the […] Read more »

The backscratching scandal is rocking Silicon Valley again! Big Deal! Even though many have used interesting puns to describe the scandal, I am not sure anything will ever change. Still it makes interesting reading. Financial Times in an article yesterday wrote, ” The hottest list in […] Read more »

It has been a tumultuous week! In past six days, I have gone from elation to absolute despair to now slowly inching into depression. On Friday last, I woke up with a sense of ominous doom. The tom-toms said that Red Herring was on very thin […] Read more »

From Wall Street Journal:: On Saturday, India will play Pakistan in the cricket World Cup in South Africa — the first time they have played each other in three long years, thanks to the Indian government’s refusal (correct, in my view) to permit sporting links with […] Read more »

Alan Reiter writes: “An Italian tobacconist saw two suspicious characters outside his shop in Rome. He used his camera phone to send a photo of the pair and a text message to the police. The police checked their records, found the two people were wanted for […] Read more »

World Cup Cricket 2003 is in full swing in South Africa. Sure this is an event which does not get headlines like the SuperBowl or the Major League Baseball, but when it comes to viewership, more than 1.75 billion people tune into the games. In India […] Read more »

So one upside of the massive Blizzard of 2003 – I have finally figured it out that day time television sucks, and so do the big four network channels, I spent the entire day watching coverage of the big blizzard which has blanketed the entire eastern […] Read more »

Jeff Pulver, one of the few pundits to throw his considerable weight behind the internet protocol telephony wants no government regulation in the new emerging technology for voice over the Internet. On February 5th he filed a petition with the FCC on behalf of Free World […] Read more »

From Power Page :: How to Lose a Man in 10 Days featured more iMacs and PowerBooks than an Apple Store on steroids, and for me, was one of the most redeeming aspects of the “razzie”-worthy film. I’m wondering now, just how much Apple contributes to […] Read more »

From The New York Times :: New Jersey legislator, Shirley K. Turner, introduced a bill that would require that workers hired under state contracts be American citizens or legal aliens or they occupy some specialty niche that American workers cannot be found to fill. ” `I […] Read more »

From News.Com :: Potential customers for utility computing are wary of sharing information technology resources and worry about the financial viability of service providers, research firm IDC said Thursday.well that was the problem with the managed hosting services and other shared infrastructure type services. Why doesn’t […] Read more »

Derrick Story :: thinks that Sony’s DVD-recording standards might face opposition from rivals ala Minidisc, BetaMAX, Memory Stick. Hmm! Here is what he has to say: “I’ve been following the DVD-R vs. the DVD+RW competition rather closely. At the moment Samsung, Toshiba, Hitachi, Matsushita (Panasonic), Pioneer, […] Read more »

JACKIE CHAN – The action star says he’s finally started to use a double for some of his more difficult stunts. Like speaking English. VALENTINE’S DAY – Or, as men call it – NATIONAL GREETING CARD and Rose Grower Support Day. JOE MILLIONAIRE – One of […] Read more »

From New York Times Online :: “Corporate profits reported to the I.R.S. in 1998 were $155 billion less than those reported to shareholders, according to Mihir A. Desai, a Harvard economist. His study and others suggest that tax shelters may be the primary reason for this […] Read more »

A handful of brave souls are buying distressed telecom assets in the hope of building future empires. Published in Red Herring, February 12, 2003 Read more »

For a while there, the world was divided into two kinds of people – people with IPODs and those well stuck in the PC hell. I called the knowing nod of two Ipod owners (it couldn’t just be looks) “Ipoddery.” Well since Jobs & Company have […] Read more »

Economist thinks TiVo is toast but personal video recorders are here to stay. Oh wait where have I read that before? In Red Herring of course!! Read more »

From New Republic Online:: A recent Wall Street Journal article hilariously documented this phenomenon, most memorably illustrated by the complaint “My TiVo thinks I’m gay.” It seems some straight men, who recorded programs TiVo considered gay-themed, found that their devices were collecting all kinds of gay-oriented […] Read more »

Okay sometime PR folks get way ahead of themselves. Read through this list and I can promise you that you will never attend a MobileFocus event in your life: 10. Nokia and Palm have voodoo dolls, and they’re not afraid to use them! 9. Bam! MobileFocus […] Read more »

It has taken me almost six months since I started working on my first ever book, Broadbandits: Inside the $750 billion Heist, but it is finally done. I shipped back the edits last night to the publishers, John Wiley & Company. I am waiting for the […] Read more »

“She’s a porn star, he’s a sex swami who wants to be John Travolta in “Grease” in this delightful screwball comedy,” writes Charles Taylor in Salon Magazine, in the process becoming one of the few critics who love this movie. “The Guru” kicks off with a […] Read more »

From, in case anyone missed it: ‘TiVo has stepped up its efforts to license its technology in recent months. Sony and Toshiba have both licensed TiVo’s technology. However, Sony’s agreement has resulted in a DVR only in Japan–called MyCast–and Toshiba’s arrangement is only aimed at […] Read more »

This just in via a PR source: Ron Rivest, an MIT professor and the Âï”R” in RSA Security, has started a new company called Peppercoin. His co-founder in this new venture is Silvio Micali. Rivest and Silvio Micali are the co-founders of the Cryptography and Information […] Read more »

A report by Tim Long, analyst at Credit Suisse First Boston crossed my desk this morning. It was somewhat of a bleak take on the wireless handset business in 2003. He fears a lot more competition for the M.E.N (Motorola, ; and Nokia.) The competition is […] Read more »

in case you are interested, today is the day Bill Gates got creamed i.e. hit on the face by a cream pie. For further details and/or instant recall visit CNET Read more »

About three months ago when I started to look into the whole television/PVR model, it became obvious that consumers love the technology but the pioneers were on a losing streak. TiVo/Replay are fine devices – but the companies are in poor shape. The barrage of email […] Read more »

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