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I have been in San Francisco for past week or so and have recently signed up for the T-Mobile Wi-Fi service. Quite nice and comfortable, even though having too much coffee is not doing my system any good. Nevertheless, it seems Wi-Fi is getting to be […] Read more »

I am moving back to San Francisco in three weeks – I have a nice apartment to sublet in New York and I am looking for a studio/one bed room in San Francisco. Send me comments, tips and suggestions. Read more »

I have been in San Francisco for past four days and I am surprised by the vitrol and hatred people have for the war and President Bush in California. Cruising down the El Camino or just walking on Market Street, the anti-war protesters are every where. […] Read more »

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Met with Bob Frankston yesterday for the first time. The co-creator of VisiCalc is hot on the Voice over IP networks and I am going to be chatting with him about what gets him excited about this new trend. It should be fun to say the […] Read more »

A few months ago, when I wrote that TiVO and SonicBlue were on slippery slope and this is the email I got from one of the readers: “Your figures on SonicBlue.. financial.. are wildly off the mark… Why not call them for correct figures before writing […] Read more »

Got in little late this morning. It is cold and gloomy and it is supposed to rain. Very unlike Silicon Valley but it is nice to be back in the cradle of invention. Just met up with Doc Searls and we have been discussing the new […] Read more »

I will be attending the Spring VON next week in San Jose, California and would be conducting some panels at the conference which has been put together by Jeff Pulver and his team. It should be an interesting event and I would occassionally blog from the […] Read more »

From :: “Andy Caddick, 34, has announced his retirement from one-day international cricket, although he will continue to be available for Tests. “This is a decision that I have been considering for a while, Ìüô he admitted. “After talking to Duncan Fletcher earlier this week, […] Read more »

Of all the dumb things to say, politicians find something dumber. This morning’s Wall Street Journal reports that Rep. Darrell Issa wrote to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and plugged CDMA. Good idea, perhaps, but for the wrong reasons. “We have learned that planners at the Department […] Read more »

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The Register :: So what if EMC Corp lost $120 million last year! It should not be a reason for not rewarding hardworking executives like Joe Tucci. “Diamond Joe was awarded a US$675,000 bonus on top of his million dollar salary, according to a Friday SEC […] Read more »

The Observer :: Libido-boosting drinks will flood into bars this summer as young clubbers are targeted with a potent new range of products that have been dubbed ‘Viagra pops’. Powerful blends of Chinese aphrodisiacs, vodka and passion fruit will create a ‘generation of randy super beings’, […] Read more »

From The New York Times:: “Turkey, which denied American access to its bases to open a northern front against Iraq, would receive $1 billion in economic aid under Mr. Bush’s plan, allowing it to get up to $8.5 billion loans or loan guarantees. Israel would also […] Read more »

Cable operators, already monitoring DSL’s approach, will soon see another competitor pop into their rearview mirrors when power utilities, hungry for new ways to recoup revenues being sapped by deregulation, turn their attention to high-speed data delivery — and, maybe, to full-service voice and video entertainment […] Read more »

From Broadband Daily :; EarthLink began promoting this week a new dial-up service, called EarthLink Plus, that the company contends speeds web page loading by a factor of five over plain old dial-up. Priced at $28.95 per month, a $7 premium over the standard $21.95 rate, […] Read more »

This week’s award goes to none other than Microsoft’s Hotmail service. Hotmail subscribers are now limited to sending only 100 messages a day “in an effort to prevent spammers from using Hotmail to spread spam,” said Lisa Gurry, MSN lead product manager in an interview with […] Read more »

I am not sure if any one of you remember a company called 3Dfx – it was a damn fine graphics chip maker until it lost the battle for video game domination to Nvidia and decided to sell out to Nvidia after it was financially humbled. […] Read more »

WebTV founder Phil Goldman has re-emerged with a new start-up, MailBlocks. It has tons of built in filters, and uses neat tricks that are based on whitelists. According to, “Before allowing e-mails through to your in-box, Mailblocks automatically transmits a numerical password to first-time correspondents. […] Read more »

Well guys don’t say I did not warn you. Here is an excerpt from my article, Ta-Ta Tivo: ” Sonicblue has about $13 million in cash, and a $65 million stake in the Taiwanese chip maker United Microelectronics. Yet the company had a market capitalization of […] Read more »

Zaheer Khan should keep his mouth shut, and speak with his bowl. Read all about his exchange with Aussies in this report ” “We had them down – they looked so nervous and unsure as to what they were going to do,” said Gilchrist. Read more »

Wisden has a fantastic recap of the World Cup 2003. Among the highlights are One of the bright spots of this World Cup was the performances of the minnow teams, who all had their moments of glory (except Bangladesh, who werenÌ??t supposed to be minnows any […] Read more »

Glasgow Herald :: The Indians were shell-shocked as the fielding fell apart and Javagal Srinath sent down a stream of full tosses. It was painful to watch Srinath, an old pro respected worldwide, suffer the public humiliation of being unable to land the ball on the […] Read more »

Well if we needed any further proof that Australia are the champions, well today we got that. What a performance, much like the performance of US forces in Iraq. Anyway what were we (indians) thinking! Messers Ponting, Glichrist and Lee had done it again. Brilliant batting […] Read more »

Well finally it is the moment of truth is here for the Indian cricket team. Can they continue their dream run? Or will they crumble against the awesome pace of Brett Lee and Glen McGarth? Or will Sachin and Shewag will use their bats as “weapons […] Read more »

You know the world is going crazy when the best rapper is a white guy, the best golfer is a black guy, the Swiss hold the Americas cup, France is accusing the us of arrogance and Germany doesn’t want to go to war and India is […] Read more »

Independent UK :: For a country that has produced very few high-quality fast bowlers Ìü¦ only Kapil Dev, with 434 Test wickets, stands out Ìü¦ Srinath and the two left-arm quicks, Zaheer Khan and Ashish Nehra, are providing India with the best pace attack in their […] Read more »

BBC :: Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram have been dropped in a purge of the Pakistan squad following their failure at the World Cup. The others are batsmen Inzamam-ul-Haq and Saeed Anwar, all-rounders Shahid Afridi and Azhar Mahmood and spin bowler Saqlain Mushtaq. Former skipper Waqar […] Read more »

Broadband Daily :: In an obvious bid to rebut a lobbying campaign by its long distance foes, New York, NY-based incumbent telco Verizon made a splash 3/19 with an announcement that it plans to deploy DSL to an additional 10 mil. new lines in 2003 and […] Read more »

Narad Networks, provider of software and equipment that enables cable operators to offer switched gigabit Ethernet business services over the existing HFC network, has laid off 40% of its staff. The company is also raising its Series C round. [VentureWire] Read more »

Indepedent UK :: Andy Bichel, the fast bowler, is the epitome of an Australian sportsman. He is proud, passionate and dedicated to his job. Nothing gives the Queenslander more pleasure and pride than wearing the green and gold of his country or putting on the baggy […] Read more »

BBC :: Scotland are stepping up attempts to persuade Indian batsman Rahul Dravid to play for them this summer. The Scots are set to make their debut in England’s one-day Norwich Union League and want a big name to help them make an impact and pull […] Read more »

Shame it is not the sweeps, otherwise CNN-FOX-MSNBC might actually get some real viewers. Still the idea of watching the boob-tube knuckleheads and segment loops is not that exciting. Read more »

That is what is reporting even though I disagree – for if you are India fan, then you know that your blood pressure is rising all the time. Rediff writes: “Barring the India-Pakistan duel on March 1, which was a reasonably close affair because the […] Read more »

For the longest time I wondered how the nominations for best foreign films are included in the Oscar nominations. Well BBC, today has this fantastic article which rips the mask off the whole Oscar process. I am shocked to read that City of God, by far […] Read more »

BBC’s Jonathan Agnew is right when the morons who are also known as Indian cricket fans create too much pressure for the team. And if that is not enough, stupid commentators add to the pressure. Read more »

Waqar Younis has been fired as Pakistan captain. No biggie, but what comes as a surprise is nomination of Rahid Latif as the new captain. Ouch. [BBC] Read more »

The Sydney Morning Herald :: Wicketkeeper Kumar Sangakkara accepted the catch, bowler Aravinda de Silva appealed, umpire Rudi Koertzen ruled “not out”. And batsman Adam Gilchrist walked. In a display of honesty rarely seen on international cricket fields – much less during World Cup semi-finals – […] Read more »

FHM:: The enticement of Heather Graham starring as a porn star alongside the lovely Marisa Tomei should ensure man-arses pack seats at cineplexÌüs each time this gentle comedy is played. And the assembled man-folk wonÌüt be disappointed either. An East-meets-West flick, Jimi Mistry plays an Indian […] Read more »

American corporations with close ties to the White House are poised to cash in on Saddam’s defeat. French companies need not apply. [Salon] Read more »

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