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A few weeks after Barron’s did a hard hitting story on Wi-Fi, Business Week has jumped into the fray and has taken a hard look at the Wi-Fi market place. The most telling sign of Wi-Fi madness is this little gem: “according to Allied Business Intelligence […] Read more »

AOL Time Warner’s cable division has begun selling unlimited local, in-state and domestic long-distance telephone service to subscribers. [CNET] Read more »

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Think of voice-over Wi-Fi as the love child of two hot developments in telecom: voice-over IP and wireless broadband. The technology is catching on fast and could give mobile phone companies a run for their money. By Peter Rojas from Wired magazine. [Wired News] Read more »

There quite a few stories on the weak dollar. Slate magazine’s Daniel Gross feels that George Soros, the aging eco-raider has lost its teeth and cannot pull a “pound” on the dollar. Wall Street Journalhas an even more upbeat take on the whole weak dollar situation. […] Read more »

TechCentral :: Now this is an interesting piece by Andy Kessler, who writes for the Wall Street Journal and has written an excellent book called, The Wall Street Meat. (If you have not read it, then please do, for it gives you the close up view […] Read more »

The Wall Street Journal reports that SEC and MCI are hammering out a “final agreement as early as Monday to settle charges that the telecommunications firm misled investors with more than $11 billion of accounting fraud, according to people familiar with the matter.The fine is expected […] Read more »

Cassandra, Homer√Ćs prophetess of doom, has apparently decided not to knock on the doors of Stephen Socolof, the managing partner at Murray Hill, New Jersey-based New Venture Partners. Unlike many of his better-known venture capital peers, Scholof and his partners Andrew Garman and Thomas Uhlman have […] Read more »

Today Steve Jobs and Company, also known as Apple Computer announced that the sold more than a million songs from its new iTunes store – full disclosure: I bought three songs for $3. “In less than one week we’ve broken every record and become the largest […] Read more »

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Gizmodo is pointing out a new Wi-Fi device, a wireless camera for keeping an eye on your Plasma screens and artworks while you are away from home. Of course it is a good way to keep an eye on the nanny as well and other help. […] Read more »

BBC reports that England is now going in for promising youngsters instead of trying to convince the hasbeens into staying on. It will be a good strategy – look how well India has done by going the youth route. Nick Knight has decided to quit the […] Read more »

Well this is something new – i was reading the Hindustan Times website and came across this little item which I thought was funny, given that there is such a huge demand for camera phones world wide. (Good Call Alan!) This is what the HT had […] Read more »

Barron’s Eric Savitz is once again doing what he is best at – bursting bubbles. This time he has Wi-Fi in his cross hairs. I found the piece, well pretty much like any other article on WiFi except it has a more skeptical tone. Which is […] Read more »

From Wall Street Journal :: “A Decollete Subject: Forget plunging necklines. According to the Baltimore Sun, the new focus has shifted to the southern bosom — i.e., to the revealing glimpses coming from below made possible by bare midriffs, scarf tops or tiny, cut-off T-shirts. But […] Read more »

This just in from a spokesperson at AMD: “Given that the product has not launched yet, I can see why it may be hard to get an opteron system. Starting tomorrow, there will be more than 30 system builders with AMD Opteron processor-based systems available. As […] Read more »

There is this very interesting report on, which outlines that US is seeking naval, military and air bases in India. The news report is based on a classified US Department of Defence document and there has been some talk between the two countries and their […] Read more »

MIT Technology Review :: Wi-Fi might soon be the key to a new kind of convergence that joins your living room and your personal computer. This is my latest freelance article, perhaps the last one for a long time since I have started working for Business […] Read more »

“Japanese electronics company NEC has unveiled a new all-in-one chip that can act as a digital video broadcast decoder and power next-generation entertainment devices that record to either a DVD or a hard disk,” reports This could spread the PVRs even more, though no respite […] Read more »

In case any of you missed the impressive series, I recommend you check out this website which is even more in depth, and has many video clips to go with the series which aired on PBS last weel. Learn the facts about biological, chemical, nuclear weapons; […] Read more »

Gartners Group is talking about some thing they are unimaginatively calling NGN – next generation network. “NGN will unify three networks — public switched telephone, Internet and wireless — and will focus on the customisation of communications services purchased at individual subscriber level on the enterprise […] Read more »

In less than two weeks, I would leave my beloved New York for the second time. This time I have run out of options. With the worst job market in the history of publishing I am glad I have managed to secure a job and it […] Read more »

Well it is South Africa versus India in the final of TVS Cup in Bangladesh. No surprise there. What really bothers me is that Indian team is still not experimenting with newer players. I have seen some great performances from the young ones. And not so […] Read more »

For some odd reason, I woke up early this weekend and ended up watching this show called AVS: Asian Variety Show. It has been around for years but I have never bothered to read it. There was a segment on this singer called Adnan Sami, which […] Read more »

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to meet with Hector Ruiz, the chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices; the perennial also ran of the microprocessor business. It was a wide-ranging discussion that covered topics such as the future of the personal computer, Linux […] Read more »

Jason Voigt, a reader posted his comments in response to my Salon op-ed. He posed the question “But I wish you had gone further in characterizing the nature of any potential emergent gospel: what’s needed and what’s not.” I looked around for answers, and yes I […] Read more »

In third world countries it is called corruption, in America it is crony capitalism. My former colleague Dan Briody has taken the covers off this nasty way of doing business in his book, The Iron Triangle which is all about the shadowy Carlyle Group. Slate has […] Read more »

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, world’s most infamous flack? He has his own fan site, (replete with the requisite Cafe Press tees). He’s blogging. [via Lightbox5 blog] Read more »

The article¬†originally¬†appeared in Salon magazine on April 16, 2003. Red Herring is gone, and so is the boom it chronicled. But the magazine’s optimism wasn’t misplaced — it was right on target. On Feb. 28, Red Herring magazine, a flag-bearer for all things Silicon Valley, breathed […] Read more »

Melissa Hourigan Account Manager InterActive PR:: From a PR person’s point of view, Red Herring coverage was always the dream of every client we have ever had (we deal with start-ups for the most part). I remember my first day in tech pr, I was given […] Read more »

From :: Red Herring is gone, and so is the boom it chronicled. But the magazine’s optimism wasn’t misplaced — it was right on target. Read the complete article. When at Red Herring I used to enjoy writing a “dealflop” every now and then. As […] Read more »

TV still calls the shots – For those suffering from CDS √Ć√ľ¬¶ cricket deprivation syndrome √Ć√ľ¬¶ since March 23, there is good and bad news. The good news is that the next World Cup is only 48 months away and will be losing some of its […] Read more »

In the wake of thrashing a second string Indian team gave to the new look South Africa in the second one-dayer in Bangladesh (why do we have to play in this miserable excuse for a cricket playing country) Wisden’s Dileep Premachandran talks about the woes that […] Read more »

Clarion Ledger has a nice little piece on Bernie’s ice-hockey team – The Bandits. Guess you can take the crook out of Canada, but you cannot take Canada out of the crook. Read more »

A little over a month ago, Red Herring shut its doors. Many of us were sad, perhaps to see the last of the independents go away. I was surprised by outpouring of support and respect people had for RH. And one of those fine folks was […] Read more »

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