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Sometimes, something so complicated can be so simple bq. For Douglas Foreman, co-manager of TCW Galileo Aggressive Growth Equities fund, the hunt for danger begins with the balance sheet. “The balance sheet leads the income statement, especially on the way down, by six to 12 months,” […] Read more »

Men once again prove that they are idiots – instead of believing their spouses, thus risking discord in the homestead, they are willing to believe the Global Positioning Systems installed in their cars. bq. But, relieved of my navigating duties and with nothing else to do, […] Read more »

If you were a telecom/networking/optical/something-that-makes-internet-go-really-fast start-up in 1999 with an esoteric product the venture capitalists did not understand, then boom they would write you a check for oh, I don’t know, $150 million. Zhone Technologies, Yipes and Calient are notables, of this $150 million club. bq. […] Read more »

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Nvidia is learning one true fact of life – Loyalty is a four letter word for Microserfs. After breaking its back and coming up with a chip that launched XBox, the graphic chip maker recently lost the bake-off to arch rival, ATI Technologies. The results of […] Read more »

There must be a lot of hand wringing inside Cisco’s palatial San Jose head quarters. John Chambers cannot stop talking about how his company would change the world by massive VoIP’s (voice over internet) deployments. One question John: why is Transcom ripping out most of Cisco […] Read more »

With the introduction of the 15 inch and 17 inch laptops, the attention has been diverted from the most important and perhaps, in my opinion, the real portable notebook category – the sub-5 pound portable. Even though I do not travel quite as often as I […] Read more »

For past six weeks or so I have been experimenting with the new Typepad service, hoping to overcome some sort of server problems I am having with the old moveabletype install on my old server. It was crashing, and was failing to regenerate pages. No one […] Read more »

New York Times is reporting that due to the black out when wireless phones failed, most people turned to landlines and evey pay phones. It makes me wonder, if all the progress in communications technology has really been worth it. After all if our cell phones […] Read more »

There are some very smart people who work at Palm, and if they are dumb enough to change the company name from Palm to something, they would loose all brand power, and any real market traction they have. It will be sort of Coca Cola saying […] Read more »

Business 2.0:: Don’t dismiss fixed wireless quite yet. True, early fixed-wireless startups like Telegint and Winstar racked up billion-dollar losses and died early deaths. But the technology, which supplies broadband connections via radio waves, has a lot of life left in it. Read more »

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Softbank’s high-speed Internet access service is costing Softbank President Masayoshi Son dearly – but has managed to sign up 3 million customers. Son claims that if the company did not advertise and market this heavily, it would have broken even. Well whatever, this is a smart […] Read more »

Like Kobe, Warne is feeling the heatGuess not many people this side of the pond know who Shane Warne is but, there is word that the tough Aussie spinner has been sending lewd text messages and making dirty calls to a South African mother of three. […] Read more »

Frontline has a fantastic interview with Greg Chappell. The Aussie great is talking about everyone from Shane Warne, Steve Waugh, Sachin Tendular, Sunil Gavaskar, and Ricky Ponting. Read and Enjoy! By the way here is what he had to say about Sachin. Nobody has such pressure […] Read more »

Can there be a more potent mixture? Three decades after he headed the Indian cricket team with such distinction and his begum won the hearts of cinegoers, the spell cast by the couple continues. The Pataudis Ìü² Mansur Ali Khan and Sharmila Tagore Ìü² embody the […] Read more »

The New York Times has this interesting conversation with Paras Bhargava, a telecommunications equipment analyst at BMO Nesbitt Burns (based in Toronto). Unlike the cheering squad who call themselves analysts, Bhargava has a pretty balanced view on Cisco Systems. A couple of things which caught my […] Read more »

UltraWideband: Is it the new Infiniband? I have heard so much hype around this technology but the implementations are far and few. I have seen the demos but somehow it does not make any sense why this technology over other unlicensed wireless spectrum based technologies would […] Read more »

A few weeks ago on the eve of war in Iraq I was in San Francisco – protests were violent and frequent, making me wonder if California Republic was really People’s Republic of California. Socialist state in a not so socialist society? Well last week’s events […] Read more »

After almost two years of running an all-purpose technology blog, I am beginning to wonder if it is time for me to bring a sharp focus to this blog. bq. I am contemplating turning this into an Internet Infrastructure and Communications related blog I would certainly […] Read more »

In case anyone is interested, I have a whole new style of architecture named after me. who knew! From Read more »

The amazing effect of being reviewed by a news service became obvious to me this past weekend. Cecil Johnson reviewed the book and it has appeared in multiple newspapers across North America – Tallahassee Democrat, Winnipeg Free Press, The News & Observer, and FortWorth Star-Telegram bq. […] Read more »

Venture Wire reports that “In a bid to improve its in-house 802.11 capabilities, chipmaker Texas Instruments said it will acquire Radia Communications , a fabless semiconductor firm based in Sunnyvale, Calif. that specializes in Wi-Fi radios.” UnStrung adds that TI has made the buy to help […] Read more »

My money come in lumps, my pockets got the mumps You see me sitting on dubs, that’s why u mad chump Poor Lil Rich, 50 Cent Just like 50 Cent, it seems ringtones are minting money these days. Why am I not surprised – I download […] Read more »

For the longest time Advanced Micro Devices was relegated to the status of an also ran in the processor business, often losing out to Intel Corp, even though the company consistently brought to market some decent products. But hopefully the new Optreon will change that. The […] Read more »

Another day, another fraud — it must be business as usual at MCI, the bankrupt phone company formerly known as WorldCom. But for a company struggling to emerge from bankruptcy, this latest allegation — that MCI may have illegally sidestepped certain fees — could be the […] Read more »

Who would have thunk that Dave Matthews Band would use Wi-Fi technology to record their live-jams and archive them on the Internet, possibly for release at some later stage. Denver Post reports that the ” jam band is taking more control of its fame and fortune […] Read more »

Scott Rafer, chairman of Wifinder, believes there is money to be made in Wi-Fi but not by charging people $10… [Muniwireless] Read more »

Anil’s rant against the monster, oops, Microsoft reminds me of an old hindi movie starring Nasserudin Shah. Anyway Anil is mouthing off on some font dialog box. One Word Anil: OSX Read more »

S46 the best bi-costal cellphone? If you are like moi, a new yorker whose heart and soul is in new york, but is stuck in the west coast purgatory, (though weather in San Francisco beats NY anyday) you like to hang on to your much beloved […] Read more »

A virtual gem from my InBox:: Did you know that kids today and their parents use a computer to contact each other (97%), most frequently via email (96%), but also in more surprising ways, such as instant messaging (43%). These are some of the amazing new […] Read more »

The regional Bell companies say this time they’re serious about broadband. I think they missed their opportunity. When cable operators were fighting mandatory open access in 1999-2000, the Bells could have positioned DSL as the open alternative for broadband. They could have leveraged independent ISPs and […] Read more »

Back in the day, I did a profile of Inara Networks, one of the ill-fated “God Box” companies that cropped up in optical networking a few years back. A good pal of ours points out that there are many parallel between the god box companies of […] Read more »

I would say that the wave of xenophobia is only around the corner. The sheer magnitude of job losses in United States, and the flight of jobs overseas is one of the reasons why you read reports like this. No surprise that the state and federal […] Read more »

AT&T has started to offer shared plans similar to Verizon’s Freedom package. AT&T One aims to simplify life for consumers, but according to C|Net usually combo plans confuse consumers. The plans have been introduced in select markets (Tampa, Florida and San Diego, California) and offer unlimited […] Read more »

it’s not about innovation or low cost. It’s about both. Our fundamental value proposition is high-tech, low cost. You gotta have both – Carly Fiorina in an interview with C/Net Read more »

Business 2.0 – Cover Story :: The tech industry is poised for a major eat-or-be-eaten phase. Who dines, and who’s bait? The answers will reshape the IT landscape — and dictate much about the future of jobs and investment. Erick Schonfeld and I worked on this […] Read more »

BusinessWeek’s Stephen Wildstrom says that electronics manufacturers should “lose the extras” on their DVD players, and that by adding Ethernet ports and DVD recorders to their players they’re just making things needlessly complicated for consumers. He’s right that Panasonic’s DMR-E60S is remarkably graceless in its operation, […] Read more »

We use too many baseball analogies in the world of business, as it was pointed out to me by a public relations professional. She writes, “Do you realize that much of our everyday business vernacular revolves around baseball terminology?  “From the left field,” “touch base,” “take […] Read more »

“Chairman Greenspan has now officially lost the confidence of the bond market. Market participants are now going to begin questioning past cycle and current cycle policies by the Fed.” Doug Kass, a hedge fund manager at Seabreeze Partners in The New York Times. “Everyone has believed […] Read more »

It has been a bit of an up-and-down week. For the longest time, I was waiting for a review, any review of Broadbandits to show up. It didnÌt and that bothered me a little, after all I worked very hard on it. And then it did! […] Read more »

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