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More on SBC CEO of SBC and why he sees no incentive to deploy fiber to the home, now that the FCC triennial review order is out. Tell me something I did not know. Read more »

AT&T is currently testing a “bring your own access” consumer VoIP service similar to the Vonage model, said David Dorman, AT&T Chairman and CEO, speaking at this week’s Morgan Stanley Global Media & Communications Conference in Boston, according to Converge Digest. bq. Dorman sees great potential […] Read more »

Telecom & Wireless Report ::By trimming its operations, the former Metromedia Fiber Network has put bankruptcy behind it and looks to a leaner but more successful future. Click here to read the full article! Read more »

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Aruba PR guy on a future CEO candidate bq. “She’s not going to be the CEO,” he chortles. “She’s too attractive to be our CEO, and we’d need to pay her a shoe budget.” And Lo, he claims, already has a closet full of dainty $200 […] Read more »

MCI, which is derisively known as “most corrupt institution” is looking for a board-room makeover and has appointed five new directors, VNUNet reports. bq. The new members include: former Touche Ross chairman W. Grant Gregory; retired Bell Atlantic executive Judith Haberkorn; Patton Boggs partner Laurence Harris; […] Read more »

As part of my essential telecom related readings I visit a lot of websites. Some are smart, others funny and entertaining. But occasionally I come across some writers who are just plain dumb. For instance, this column by Martin Courtney, dubbed, Rural Broadband Rip-Off. Now this […] Read more »

Light reading is reporting that Riverstone which was spun out of Cabletron Systems has not been booted off the NASDAQ. bq. The company admitted last month that it had overstated 2002 revenues by as much as $85.5 million. It also said it may have also overstated […] Read more »

Cisco is coming out with the first Voice over Internet Protocol telephone with a color touchscreen. The 7970G isn’t exactly a phone you’d buy to use at home, though. At a thousand bucks, it’s aimed mainly at businesses. Or actually entirely at businesses. Read… [Gizmodo] Read more »

Ultra-wideband wireless technology will be used to scan cargo containers for homeland security purposes. [Werblog] Kineto introduces hybrid WiFi/cellular phone system. [Werblog] ZDNet reports that Coldwater, Michigan (pop. 10,000) became the first municipality in the US to offer Voice over IP (VoIP)… [Muniwireless] Read more »

Business Week’s Jane Black makes a good case for the short comings of the telecom regulations. Good overview piece. bq. The rush to lump VOIP in with phone services obscures the larger problem: The 100-year-old regulatory structure for telephones is no longer adequate for today’s advanced […] Read more »

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What does MCI stand for? My best guess Ò Massively Corrupt Institution. Jokes apart here is a quick update on whatÌs are the latest developments at MCI/WorldCom. The bankruptcy court proceedings are currently underway in New York. * Bankruptcy Court Opens WorldCom Hearings (Associated Press) * […] Read more »

IsnÌt this amusing! Despite spending almost $250 million on promoting itself as the wireless company, Intel still does not have the technological leadership in the WiFi space. Its Centrino is nothing but a re-packaged wireless solution, and all it can do is 802.11b. Others are busy […] Read more »

OSI gets $15 Million Earthlink DSL follies MCIÌs moment of truth on Monday Let the sleeping networks lie Lights Out: Optovation ChambersÌ $5 Billion Comment Total cost of number portablity: $20 billion Does your spin cycle come with WiFi? Read more »

With all the hoopla around Fiber-to-the-premises, it is no surprise that Optical Solutions got another $15 million in funding from a sundry of investors including Cisco Systems. Established in 1994, OSI has raised a total of whopping $143 million to date, but it has products ready […] Read more »

IDC Expects Mobile Phone Market to grow Qwest, 802.15.4 wireless standard approved GOP chairman fires back on finance ethics Now a wireless Gateway (Computers) UC Santa Cruz gets $22.7 million for optics research Little Optics Delays Time Cisco’s $100 million advertising bonanza Read more »

Ironically I had much of the same problems when I moved from San Francisco to New York in 2001, and for about a month or so was without Broadband because the companies could not figure out what was wrong. bq. When I moved to my current […] Read more »

Ma Bell’s Justin Sims thinks that the fiber networks which were build during the boom are going to be unused and will go to waste, according to a report in The Asian Wall Street Journal. He predicts more companies will go under, and others will struggle […] Read more »

After months of drama, he said -she said acqusitions, on Monday, MCI and its enemies will have their day in court. MCI will be at a bankruptcy-court hearing that starts Monday. Many are betting that MCI will get the reorg approval. bq. “One of the things […] Read more »

MCI re-org to net creditors 36 cents on a dollar Qwest, WhatÌs another billion among friends Sprint cleans up after spotty outage Hot (spot) in the city – a Wi-Fi tour of London Easynet: Sales Up, Marconi Out GSM phone encryption “can be cracked” Colorado town […] Read more »

This just in, courtsey of our friends over at Light Reading. Optovation, which was the remaindered part of what was Roshnee’s has shut down and soon some of its assets are going to be snapped up by Laurel Networks. Both companies share a common venture capital […] Read more »

ÏAugust was little above our expectationsÓ is all John Chambers said and bam! The market increased CSCO valuation by $4.6B. How is that for Ïirrational exuberanceÓ? Well there is more to the story than what meets the eye. First of all any strength in August is […] Read more »

Believe it or not, but the wireless number portablity is going to cost wireless carriers roughly $20 billion in first four years, this according to Austin, Texas-based market research group, IGilliotResearch. (Surely they need a better name.) bq. The research firm predicts that the churn – […] Read more »

Bernie is Booked Qwest Loss Smaller Than AnalystsÌ Estimates Verizon Wireless, Nortel ink $1 Billion deal Cisco: August Beat Expectations :: August was a little above our expectations,” John Chambers told the attendees of the SG Cowen Technology Conference. “It’s too early to tell if it […] Read more »

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS.MW) — Like that annoying kid who kept asking, “are we there yet?” when it comes to broadband, the answer is an emphatic “no!” Despite the claims of Baby Bells, true broadband nirvana still remains elusive for Americans. The Federal Communications Commission defines broadband […] Read more »

WiFi insanity has gone to the very extreme – now there is a company which is offering WiFi Internet Access in laundromats. I am sure people would carry their laptops to the laundry-spots along with their dirty loads. bq. Serynade Wireless of San Francisco hopes to […] Read more »

Munich Airport it seems is quite a destination these days thanks to its WiFi Network. bq. Since it deployed a Cisco wireless local area network (WLAN) within its terminal buildings, the German airport’s operator, Flughafen M|nchen GmbH, has seen Internet access figures jump from 20 users […] Read more »

It seems Ma Bell has had it with MCI/WorldCom. After watching the upstarts play loose and easy with its business, AT&T today decided to file a civil/criminal suit against the fraud-prone MCI. In a press release issued this morning, AT&T said: “AT&T today filed a lawsuit […] Read more »

With Baby Bells still dithering over the fiber to the home deployments, there are several small utilities which are working on bringing fiber to the home. One of them, Dayton Utilities has signed a deal with Alcatel and would bring megaband to its customers in Dayton, […] Read more »

As you might have noticed Zhone and Tellium are trying to fast track their merger. They have been pushing hard, which makes me wonder, what’s up? Well this article from the Star-Ledger in New Jersey sheds some light on the obvious upside for the Tellium executives. […] Read more »

IEEE Spectrum has a wonderful article on WIMAX and how it is helping bring unwired broadband to the masses in American hinterland. The article highlights the progress made by SOMA Networks in this regard, and actually there are several other companies which are quite gung-ho on […] Read more »

Business 2.0 :: Giant telecommunications companies blew billions jumping into the wireless Internet-access business. Here’s how tiny TowerStream successfully avoided their missteps. Read the complete article in PDF format Read more »

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to meet with Hector Ruiz, the chief executive officer of Advanced Micro Devices; the perennial also ran of the microprocessor business. It was a wide-ranging discussion that covered topics such as the future of the personal computer, Linux […] Read more »

Business 2.0 – Telecom & Wireless Report – The FCC’s latest ruling on fiber-to-the-home appeared to be a victory for the Baby Bells. A closer look suggests they may be getting more than they bargained for. Read more »

All this talk about outsourcing and how it is killing the US economy, well here is proof that it is not going away anytime soon. I would love to see what a conservative politician has to say about this. I just cannot understand why the Republicans […] Read more »

The Inquirer hits Google with a left right combination, and then an upper cut. In other words, none of the “Google Is God” crap in this article, where the UK daily makes a very good point about Google’s monopolistic status and there are not too many […] Read more »

Infoworld reports that a new variant of the Sobig.F virus has mutated and will likely go after Time Warner Telecom. Now this is a new twist on a problem which does not seem to go away. bq. Romanian researchers claim to have discovered a variant of […] Read more »

By now you would have thought that Nortel Networks would be out of its misery. Not so, and even mostly biased Canadian institutions are not too thrilled about the future of Nortel Networks. bq. The massive downsizing completed by Nortel Networks Corp. last year has eased […] Read more »

Quickly following in the foot steps of Oklahoma, three other states are contemplating criminal charges against MCI WorldCom. The Wall Street Journal reports that West Virginia is likely file civil charges accusing MCI of defrauding the state of tax revenue, while Oregon has filed a civil […] Read more »

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