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How iPhones make anorexia worse; Bitcoin and political ideology; the David and Goliath equation; the 1200 year old phone; resurgence of al-Qaida and New York’s attempt to become a tech-hub — these are some of the stories on the menu this weekend. Read more »

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Lionsgate Television Group has optioned rights to Nick Bilton’s New York Times best seller Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship, and Betrayal, the company announced today. Allison Shearmur is set executive producer and Bilton, a columnist and reporter for the New York Times, will write the screenplay and serve as producer, Lionsgate said in a press release. Hatching Twitter debuted at #5 on the Wall Street Journal’s Hardcover Business list. The book will be turned into a TV series, which will be much like Orange is the New Black.

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It was a spectacular Cyber Monday! And it was the biggest online shopping day in history according to IBM, which tracks online retail via its Digital Analytics service. There was a 20.6 percent increase in online sales, with the biggest boost coming from mobile,which accounted for over 17 percent of total online sales, up 55.4 percent from 2012. Mobile traffic was 31.7 percent of all online traffic, up 45 percent over 2012. The five-day online sales period – from Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday — was the highest ever in terms of spending. It was 16.5 percent over the same period in 2012. IBM didn’t share actual dollar figures on amount of money spent.


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Akamai Technologies says it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Prolexic Technologies, a Hollywood, FL.-based cloud-based security company, whose products are focused on protecting data centers and corporate applications such as email, file transfers, and VPN from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Under the terms of the agreement, Akamai will acquire Prolexic in exchange for a net cash payment of approximately $370 million.

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Comcast’s Xfinity broadband network — 20.28 million subscribers — is on its way to becoming one of world’s largest IPv6 networks, thanks to a new software upgrade by ARRIS, a cable equipment maker. The Suwanee, Ga.-based company (that also includes Motorola’s Home Business) recently released a software upgrade that has enabled IPv6 support for more than 4 million ARRIS TG862 gateways —boxes that are used to connect to the Internet, offer phone service and act as a wireless access point—  currently deployed across the Comcast broadband network. Comcast has been planning to completely rollout IPv6 across its network by early 2014.

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Ben Thompson maps out the symbiotic relationship between Social & Communications. It dovetails nicely with my news & analysis about why Instagram is launching messaging. It can be summed up by this tweet of mine: “Most modern applications need a layer of communication – comments, lightweight signals such as likes & messaging.” This in-turn led to a fun twitter conversation with contributions from John Lilly, Josh Williams, Adam Besvinick, Charles Ying and Semil.

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Selfies, Selfies and more selfies: so much so it is the word of the year and in order to celebrate and understand the concept of selfie, I decided to curate seven of the best pieces I have read around selfies. Read more »


Instagram started experimenting with advertising recently. It is only following what its members have already started doing – embedding commercial messages into instagrams they share. It might pose an interesting challenge for the photo network. Read more »

Compass-EOS icPhotonics - In Hand

Compass-EOS is an Israeli company that is trying to rethink routing. It has invented a new optical chip to do that. And all that means it has needed money – about $160 million in total, of which $42 million came just recently. Read more »

In Brief

When it comes to US broadband, AT&T trails Comcast both in terms of speed and customers. But it is doing its best to catch up: Today the company announced that is now has more than 10 million customers who are subscribing to its U-verse High Speed Internet service. U-Verse uses a hybrid combination of fiber optic and copper networks, and it is much faster than AT&T’s older DSL networks. Nearly 60 percent of all AT&T wireline broadband subscribers are using U-Verse. Comcast has 21 million broadband subscribers, while AT&T has 16.4 million total broadband customers, including DSL. Earlier this year, AT&T rolled out U-verse High Speed Internet Power with up to 45 Mbps download speeds in 79 markets. As we have previously noted, AT&T has plans to bump up speeds up to 75 and 100 Mbps in the near future.

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The Internet Unpluggers, Somalia’s Pirate King, How Couchsurfing fell on hard times, Rock star scientist Pardis Sabeti, the rise of Robots and the fall of the House of Moon are all on the menu this week. Enjoy! Read more »

Computer crash

Kno, launched with much fanfare, raised nearly $100 million in venture capital and debt, only to find out that the world of education didn’t care much for the company’s products or for that matter the company itself. It crash landed at Intel last weekend. Read more »

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Rob Enderle has been analyst for too long and has mostly been wrong about his favorite target, Apple. And now he has turned his guns on Amazon (Web Services) and points out that IBM is going to win the war with AWS. I think we all have a different definition of winning,  especially considering the troubled cloud effort by IBM. Anyway read the piece, if nothing, for a chuckle!

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Sincerely, a San Francisco-based mobile gifting app started by Matt Brezina has been acquired by Provide Commerce, a subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation. Provide owns e-commerce brands such as ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Personal Creations, Shari’s Berries, and others. Brezina (also the co-founder of Xobni) launched the company with backing from the likes of Spark Capital and First Round Capital and its first product (Postagram) was a mobile photo postcard. Terms of the deal were not announced, but this is not an acqua-hire type acquisition – Provide will double the team which will stay in San Francisco. Everyone involved in the deal – investors, employees and others are in the black with this sale.


Twitter is making its debut on the public markets and with that the fortunes of its founders, employees and many of its investors will change. As it crosses into adulthood, Twitter and its new owners need to remember this one thing — Twitter is us! Read more »

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What’s on the menu? Killer Drones, the man who mastered them and another who uses them; 20,000 warcrimes later; the rise of the machines and are we becoming puppets of a wired world. Plus, who is Marty Sullivan? Hint: Ask Tim Cook. Read more »


Five years after co-founding Kickstarter, Perry Chen is moving up to the chairman’s office and being replaced by his co-founder Yancey Strickler. Another co-founder, Charles Adler, is moving to an advisory role. Kickstarter now boasts 5 million backers who have pledged close to a billion dollars. Read more »

In Brief

For Comcast, broadband is a gift that keeps giving and the company today announced that it added 297,000 new customers during in its third quarter ending September 30, 2013. That brings the total number of broadband customers to 20.283 million subscribers. The growth in its broadband business has been pretty robust during 2013: the company has so far this year added 917,000 broadband subscribers and brought in about $7.7 billion in revenue.



Kevin Kelly, is a great role model for any and every technology writer. Former editor of A Whole Earth Catalog, co-founder of The Well (an online community) and founding executive editor of Wired Magazine is a man of ideas. My reflections after meeting him last week. Read more »

Weekend Plans

The story of a refugee Armenian family fleeing Syria, Jonathan Franzen, Funny math of clothing sizes, Facebook Feminism and Sheryl Sandberg, Paul Krugman on Climate Change and why have young people stopped having sex in Japan — these plus chess are on menu this weekend. Read more »

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