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For AT&T, the present and the future are all about mobile data services. With LTE service already in the market, it makes more sense for Ma Bell to move away from DSL. It lost 96,000 net broadband customers during the second quarter. Read more »


Steve Lohr, perhaps one of the most underrated tech writers at the New York Times in a post argues that I.B.M. is no longer a tech bellwether as it is no longer part of the pack and instead it is pushing the envelope. Much like Apple! Read more »

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Flag Telecom, an undersea cable operator owned by India’s Reliance Communications has cancelled its $1 billion IPO due to market conditions. The failure to launch has implications for its debt laden parent, which is trying desperately to find a way out of a $7 billion mess. Read more »


Beats Electronics, which sold half the company to Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., for $300 million in August 2011, says it is buying back 25% of itself. For HTC it is a lesson that reinforces the importance of focus on its core business. Read more »

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Given that we are in the middle of summer, it’s not a surprise that many writers are actually taking the opportunity to step away from the computer. As a result, I had to look further to find the stories that might be worth your time. Read more »


Highlight, a mobile app at the intersection of social media and location-aware technology, was one of the most talked-about apps at SXSW but has kept a low profile since. In this series of videos, Om Malik talks to CEO Paul Davison about the company. Read more »


A recent internal VMware memo that has emerged via CRN says that our previously published report about VMware and EMC pooling assets such as Cloud Foundry and GreenPlum and spinning them off into a separate entity was “unfounded.” It sounds like a classic non-denial denial. Read more »

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Spool flow

Facebook is buying Spool, a mobile app company and shutting down the app. While it seems like an acqua-hire, in reality this deal is about the technology built by this tiny startup. And that is why Dropbox, Twitter and Google also came calling on the company. Read more »

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I have spent my past week away from the city crowds on a quiet beach in Northern California, trying to catch up on reading and walking and, more importantly, thinking. So this week’s recommended reading list is a lot more eclectic. Hope you enjoy. Read more »


Digg was one of the most iconic of web companies. In between its supersonic rise and meteoric fall, Digg changed the media landscape forever. And it did one more thing – it seeded many more startups by fostering talent. And in doing so, it lives forever. Read more »


For nearly a decade and a half, Internet companies have been accorded nosebleed valuations by the stock markets. Despite shaky business fundamentals, Internet companies have often gotten premium in the markets. One banker finds valuations of LinkedIn and Facebook insane, especially when compared to Apple & Microsoft. Read more »


The launch of Google and Microsoft public clouds is looking well timed, as the corporate demand for public cloud services is about to go through a steep growth curve, research group, Gartner forecasts. Like Amazon, Both companies have been lustfully eyeing corporate customers. Read more »

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As you might know, I am on a bit of a “staycation.” As a result, I am spending less time in front of the computer. However, I do read a lot these days — both on and offline. Here are some stories you might find enjoyable. Read more »


I have been saying this for a while – Google is forgetting its core DNA and instead chasing competition. It isn’t going to end well. Others such as influential publisher & technology observer Tim O’Reilly are starting to wave the red flag as well. Read more »


After months of speculation, it is finally confirmed that headphones maker Beats Electronics is buying online music service MOG. Beats is the company behind Beats by Dre series of iconic headphones and is part owned by handset maker HTC. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Read more »

For second time in less than a month, Amazon’s Northern Virginia data center has suffered an outage and is impacting many popular services such as Instagram, Pinterest & Netflix. Amazon previously suffered an outage in its Northern Virginia facilities on June 14, 2012. Read more »


It has been five years since Apple and Steve Jobs introduced us to arguably one of the more revolutionary devices ever, the iPhone. It success can be traced to a combination of factors, but the most important reason for its success: touch. Here is why! Read more »


Google has announced plans to start offering a compute-on-demand service that rivals Amazon’s EC2 service. The company will initially offer this as a limited preview to larger customers. It is a strong and logical move by the company as it continues to view for developer affection. Read more »


Google celebrated day one of Google I/O 2012 conference with a slew of new products and more announcements. Stand back a little and you start to see a company has pitch battles on its hand on many fronts, despite being strong on search, advertising and android. Read more »


Google I/O got off to an eventful start thanks to keynote delays, pre-release of news on Google’s websites before it was announced on stage and an epic skydiving stunt. Here is a quick run-down of day one by the numbers: Read more »

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It was a busy week around our offices. You might have heard that we hosted our Structure 2012 conference. Nevertheless, between all the talk of clouds, SDNs and big data, I did manage to read some good articles and wanted to share those with you. Read more »

New iPad
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The growing number of devices in our daily lives means that we are consuming more and more electricity. This is something that worries lots of people, including me. A new study from a Palo Alto-based not-for-profit group takes a look at thte iPad’s energy consumption habits. Read more »

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It has been fairly obvious for a few years that the search-driven, URL-centric web would converge with the web of social objects. It’s something that drives Google’s paranoia and something Facebook dreams about. However, the company most likely to capture the opportunity is Twitter, Read more »

werner 2011

In late 2007, in a conversation with my colleagues I pointed out that over the next decade or so, the Internet’s infrastructure was going to be transformed in a very fundamental manner. It would start with the proliferation of Amazon Web Service-style core cloud computing and […] Read more »

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This is going to be a busy weekend for me. While the weather in San Francisco threatens to be “summer-like,” I am going to be sitting at home and preparing for our Structure 2012 conference. Here are 7 stories that might be worth reading this weekend. Read more »

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