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And here I am, once again offering you seven interesting stories to read this weekend. Some of them are about tech, others about books and coffee. They are all good reads and I hope you enjoy them. Read more »

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Connected Internet TV set with apps
photo: Shutterstock / Oleksiy Mark

The growing sales of Internet connected televisions and DVD players has helped bolster the demand for online video content. One would think that it would be new content, but that’s not the case. People want to watch movies and other broadcast fare, a study shows. Read more »

Michael Dell
photo: Dell

Hewlett Packard and Dell, two companies that are the face of the PC business, reported terrible financial results for the second quarter of 2012. They talk about a cloud makeover. Too bad, they missed the mobile opportunity and have no presence in tablet & smartphone business. Oops! Read more »


Halcyon Molecular, one of the many companies that was working on low cost DNA sequencing technologies has quietly ceased operations, mostly because of lack of funds, our sources tell us. The company had raised upwards of $20 million in funding from Founders Fund, Elon Musk and others. Read more »

Weekend Plans

And I am back: after a week’s hiatus from the newsletter, I resumed my online reading and have put together a short list of articles for you to read this weekend. There is a little too much Internet stuff this week, but it’s all good. Enjoy. Read more »

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Square's Jack Dorsey at GigaOM RoadMap

Square and Starbucks have entered into a sweeping and wide ranging agreement that would cement Square’s role in the emerging mobile commerce economy. The coffee giant will accept payments through Pay with Square. Square will also process Starbucks’ U.S. credit card and debit card transactions. Read more »

Mark Pincus

Zynga like many of its big web counterparts is grappling with the shift of consumers to the mobile platforms. Lack of mobile monetization opportunities are only part of the problem for the company that is beholden to Facebook and desktop-web for its growth and revenues. Read more »


Spotify, Songza… the list of Pandora’s competitors keeps growing longer. But that doesn’t seem to impact the music discovery company’s growth. More people are listening to Pandora more often every month — a trend that isn’t going to change as radio-listening continues to move online. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Gore Vidal, a preeminent American writer, passed away this week. In his honor I have cobbled together some essential reading about the great writer. Of course, there are some other articles that would make perfect summer reading too. Hope you enjoy these. Read more »

Spool flow

Facebook plans to introduce “read-it-later” features into its mobile app. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, because this was one of the core offerings of Spool, a tiny startup Facebook acquired earlier this summer. Read more »

Weekend Plans

It has been one of the most hectic weeks. We had earnings from tech stalwarts, we saw the release of the latest Apple OS X. And Google launched Google Fiber. I am actually surprised that I got any reading done this week. Here’s my recommended list. Read more »


LivingSocial, the other social commerce company is not yet public, but its results are, thanks to the investment it received from Amazon. In its 10-Q, Amazon revealed that during the for the second quarter of 2012, LivingSocial lost $93 million on sales of $138 million. Read more »


For AT&T, the present and the future are all about mobile data services. With LTE service already in the market, it makes more sense for Ma Bell to move away from DSL. It lost 96,000 net broadband customers during the second quarter. Read more »


Steve Lohr, perhaps one of the most underrated tech writers at the New York Times in a post argues that I.B.M. is no longer a tech bellwether as it is no longer part of the pack and instead it is pushing the envelope. Much like Apple! Read more »

201203190936131734372-Reliance Communication  320_5

Flag Telecom, an undersea cable operator owned by India’s Reliance Communications has cancelled its $1 billion IPO due to market conditions. The failure to launch has implications for its debt laden parent, which is trying desperately to find a way out of a $7 billion mess. Read more »


Beats Electronics, which sold half the company to Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC Corp., for $300 million in August 2011, says it is buying back 25% of itself. For HTC it is a lesson that reinforces the importance of focus on its core business. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Given that we are in the middle of summer, it’s not a surprise that many writers are actually taking the opportunity to step away from the computer. As a result, I had to look further to find the stories that might be worth your time. Read more »


Highlight, a mobile app at the intersection of social media and location-aware technology, was one of the most talked-about apps at SXSW but has kept a low profile since. In this series of videos, Om Malik talks to CEO Paul Davison about the company. Read more »


A recent internal VMware memo that has emerged via CRN says that our previously published report about VMware and EMC pooling assets such as Cloud Foundry and GreenPlum and spinning them off into a separate entity was “unfounded.” It sounds like a classic non-denial denial. Read more »

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