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Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Perry Chen is the latest to join an all star line-up of speakers for GigaOM RoadMap conference, scheduled to be held on November 5 in San Francisco. Other speakers include Evan Williams (Twitter and Obvious), Instagram’s Kevin Systrom and Birchbox’s Katia Beauchamp. Read more »

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This is a potpourri of subjects — from Salman Rushdie to the business of tacos. If that doesn’t get you interested, then how about Homeland’s CIA connection, the little fish that can save the Atlantic Ocean, karma and the road to nowhere, a one-eyed matador, and Williamsburg. Read more »

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In today’s attention starved world, if you miss the chance to make an impression, people move onto something new. Doesn’t matter who you were and how much money you have in the bank – users decide who wins or loses. Airtime & Color are finding it out. Read more »


Japan was once the undisputed king of consumer electronics. Today, it has ceded that title to rivals from Korea. And if that is not enough, Japan lost its lead in mobile services to more internet centric rivals such as Google and Apple. Reason it lost: Internet. Read more »


There is no doubt we are heading to a future where the physical and the digital world start to intersect with each other more and more. Earlier today, I saw this news that shows that we are getting closer and closer to this reality. Read more »

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When it comes to tech, San Francisco is the company town, but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Martin Amis things writing should be about longevity, something no one can accuse Malcolm Gadwell of writing. And an American made car! These are this week’s recommended reading. Read more »

Marissa Mayer

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer yesterday briefed the troops on what comes next for the beleaguered Internet giant. She shared some ideas, but frankly those aren’t enough for I think the rot is too deep and cultural for the company to make a comeback. Read more »


ShoeDazzle had a great thing going with its shoes-as-a-subscription service, and then it decided to switch business models. Now it’s flailing, and people are pointing fingers at new CEO Bill Strauss, but it’s not quite that simple. Read more »


Pandora, the streaming music company wants to replace the traditional radio with its Internet-based music service. And in order to do that, it is embedding itself into many devices and in cars that would come with built in Internet connectivity, CEO Joe Kennedy said recently. Read more »


Apple, this morning announced that there are 100 million iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices that are using the latest version of its iOS – version 6, that was released last week. That is an incredible uptake, especially when compared to the previous version iOS 5.0. Read more »

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James Bond is 50, a nation of deadbeats, Stone Age brains dealing with Facebook, living literally inside the computer and reverse network effects — these are some of the topics I have put together for this week’s seven recommended reads. Plus a great essay on men’s style. Read more »


It is hard to imagine that it has only been five years since the smartphone revolution started in earnest. The sensor driven modern marvels are not only redefining how we interact with the world, but they are also having unintended consequences. Like helping make cheaper robots. Read more »


When it comes to online video, there are three companies that dominate the conversation – YouTube, Netflix and Hulu. But don’t overlook, IAC-owned Vimeo, the single most interesting video platform. A little boost from friends like Apple and Kickstarter, and suddenly it is starting to find growth. Read more »


The launch of the seventh generation iPod Nano means curtains for the square-shaped nano that sparked a Nano-watch revolution, thanks to the work of designers like Scott Wilson who created the straps to accommodate the Nanos. On the upside, maybe rarity will make them collectibles. Read more »

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Had enough of the iPhone5? Well there is nothing here except chess, the Chinese economy, rotary dials, a word epidemic, petabytes, zettabytes and yottabytes. All of it crammed into seven stories that you gotta read this weekend. Plus, an homage to Bill Moggridge. Read more »


With iPhone 5, Apple might just have launched a mad dash towards high-definition voice and what that means is when some calls, we can actually enjoy the conversation. Skype, Google and others have similar ideas. Does that mean return of voice. God, I hope so! Read more »


Last week when Intel announced that it was going to miss its financial targets for rest of the year, it was another testament to the shift of computing from PCs to tablets. New research from JP Morgan only reaffirms the shift to tablets. Read more »


Facebook’s Chinese ambitions, the falling price of flash storage, a chat with Web daddy Sir Tim Berners-Lee, rise of the swarm robots and why do people continue to reject science are some of the topics in this bonus back-to-work installment of Om Says reading list. Read more »

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TaskRabbit is one of the most talked about distributed and freelance workforce startups. While most people use taskrabbits for getting groceries or doing minor tasks, some startups are finding that TaskRabbit is good source for finding researchers and staff up consumer panels instantly. Read more »

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Wow… the summer ended pretty quickly and reality of technology news cycle caught up really fast with me. Apple rumors, Kindle Fires … and that was during the first short week of September. Here are some posts that you can savor as you laze around this weekend. Read more »


Mobile advertising formats might be a holdovers from the traditional web and annoying, but no one seems to care. The mobile ad-business in the US will continue to grow at a rapid speed and will become a $6.62 billion business by 2012. Of course, Google dominates. Read more »

Weekend Plans

It is a long weekend in the United States and that means perfect opportunity to catch up on some great articles. Here are seven of my favorites from this week that cover Lance Armstrong, Burning Man, Academic startups and the Library. Hope you enjoy them. Read more »

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