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It’s been a long wait, but it seems that Femtocells – miniature cellular base station that sit inside our homes and offices and amplify cellular signals – are making it to the market. Over past few days, an increasing number of companies have started to announce […] Read more »

E-mail sucks. How’s that for starters. If you’re like me, you spend hours of your valuable time separating the wheat from the chaff. Others like Fred Wilson are filing for “e-mail bankruptcy.” I think that is just an easy way out. What we need to do […] Read more »

One of our readers who is a happy iPhone customer emailed us and asked us this question: iPhone 2.0 – what will Apple add or change about the iPhone to enhance the next version? Since I don’t have one, I am not sure how to answer […] Read more »

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Happy Independence Day to all out US readers. To our international friends, since it is a national holiday, we are taking the day off. I am flying back from Israel, and will be offline for most of today, and regular programming will resume tomorrow afternoon, if […] Read more »

AT&T recently started offering free WiFi access in about 10,000 hotspots, but only to those who subscribe to its more expensive 3 megabits per second DSL service. While it seems like a good start, the company should extend this offer to all its DSL subscribers. It […] Read more »

Netvibes, the Paris-based personalized page start-up, which till recently had to co-CEOs, Tariq Krim (also the founder) and Pierre Chappaz, now has one less CEO. Chappaz is leaving Netvibes and instead will be focusing on Wikio, his personalized blog and news search service Wiki-related start-up that […] Read more »

When I started my first company, “Blue Diesel”:, we were a Web development company at the dawn of the Internet age. (Remember 1994?) Not only was the company young, so was I– just 19. As the Internet matured, so did our Blue Diesel, from a scrappy […] Read more »

The iPhone activation problems, issues with the network or whatever the reasons might be, many folks are offering tips about how to use iPhone as a six generation WiFi enabled iPod. A very expensive one, but nevertheless, an iPod. If you pop in an inactive SIM, […] Read more »

Pownce vs Twitter: … checked out Pownce, and while it seems to offer benefits over Twitter, it may not live up to the buzz in the long term. Continue Reading on Web Worker Daily. * Found+READ: What are you afraid of? Continue Reading. * NewTeeVee: As […] Read more »

Three weeks after Limelight Networks raised a whopping $240 million from the public markets, the content delivery network company got more good news: a court has said that Akamai could not patent the way files are delivered over the internet, thereby removing a big dark cloud […] Read more »

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Custom ringtones are first victim of the deal, according to FAQ on GC website: Q: GrandCentral users have been able to upload sound files for their own ring back tones. Will this feature continue to be offered? A. GrandCentral users will be able to choose from […] Read more »

The following parodies a typical founder during a sales call with a prospective client of his early-stage business. *Founder:* “Hi, this is John Doe. I’m the founder of Daytime Dummies and would like to introduce an innovative new business concept to you.” *Potential buyer:* _“Ok, what […] Read more »

I am attending the Blogference here in Tel-Aviv, as part of a group of US-based bloggers/video bloggers including the RocketBoom folks, Micah Sifry and none other than Ask A Ninja, who are apparently huge in Israel. There was a little fan meet-up yesterday with more than […] Read more »

Wow…. Hotel Wi-Fi has to be one of the biggest rip-offs ever. At the Tel-Aviv Crowne Plaza, I signed up for a 2 Plus Wi-Fi service, which is a whopping $105 for seven days, and it is not even that reliable. Now I don’t mind paying […] Read more »

Just got off the place from San Francisco in Newark, en route to Tel-Aviv. The iFever has spread the nation and the nerds are really going wild. Scoble, Digg boys, and a whole bunch of people are blogging while waiting for their iPhone. Mike Davidson was […] Read more »

Update: Andy Abramson has more details on the story. CTO/CXO and several others are gone.  Still no word from the company or their PR department. Sunrocket, one of the many VoIP service providers that has been suffering as a result of an all-out voice assault by […] Read more »

Everyone is wondering if iPhone is going to cannibalize the iPod business. With the help of folks at ZTail, we have put together a little tool that takes the search data for iPhone and compares it with iPod’s historical pricing, which comes from Ztail (and their […] Read more »

Update: Looks like EDGE got the booster injection this morning. They are talking about the iPhone even on ESPN SportsCenter – which kinda tells you how big this iPhone launch is turning out to be. The two CEOs, Steve Jobs and Randall Stephenson, are of course […] Read more »

If there is any place I have wanted to visit, it has been Israel. A country so closely linked with the technology industry, and one with a bloody and violent history, and yet one of the most fascination places on the planet. I have been invited […] Read more »

Update: Readers, I checked with Walt Mossberg about the SIM card situation, and the mistake is entirely mine in misreading his report. I never said there wasn’t a SIM slot or that the iPhone couldn’t physically accept SIM cards, even those from non-AT&T carriers. That means […] Read more »

Given YouTube’s control of the snack-video market, it is no surprise that attention is shifting to long form, professionally produced content. Joost, Babelgum and scores of others are chasing this market, betting that MTV Summer Break might make compelling viewing on your PC. One company that […] Read more »

_James generously adapted this from his “original blog post_”: For the first six years of its life, my startup, “HOTorNOT”:, had pretty much been steady along the same course: A picture rating site with a not-so-serious dating application built on top that generated healthy amounts of […] Read more »

The wannabe YouTube killer that fancies itself as a billion dollar company, thanks to reputation of its backers NBC and News Corp., a press conference, and lot of talk, has a new CEO. So what, if it doesn’t have a name… Still! Jason Kilar, a former […] Read more »

Sometimes you have to wonder if those who work for big organizations such as the Federal Trade Commission have any touch with reality – you know reality of real people. Nothing else can explain FTC’s latest report on broadband, which pretty much says that there is […] Read more »

5 Tips for Making the Most of an On-Site Visit: Even the most dedicated telecommuter must make occasional forays into the Real Office. Whether you go in once a week or once a quarter, making the most of your face time is critical. Here are five […] Read more »

It’s like those slasher movies… just when you think the series is over, another is hitting the multiplex. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw that Feedster is back . When comparing the old with the new, it’s quite apparent that we decided to keep […] Read more »

It was three months ago when HotorNot, a San Francisco-based people-ratings-and-dating site, decided to drop its subscription-based model, and instead opted for a free-ad supported model. So far, if eyeballs (and modest profitability) are the metrics, then the risky bet seems to be paying off for […] Read more »

The pace with which the much-ballyhooed “YouTube killer” joint venture proposed by NBC and News Corp, code-named NewCo, is moving, we might as well call it OldCo. But the company, which still doesn’t have a name, is making the rounds meeting venture capitalists, and private equity […] Read more »

The pace with which the much-ballyhooed “YouTube killer” joint venture proposed by NBC and News Corp, code-named NewCo, is moving, we might as well call it OldCo. But the company, which still doesn’t have a name, is making the rounds meeting venture capitalists, and private equity […] Read more »

In this new open web world, where the cost of rolling out services is remarkably low, and eyeballs are the currency, everyone is a frenemy. Friends of today are enemies of tomorrow. Enemies of today are tomorrow’s friends. A perfect example is the relationship between YouTube […] Read more »

Time to get rid of that landline, and say hello to Cellular-WiFi convergence. The much-talked-about dual mode T-Mobile USA wireless service, called HotSpot@Home, that uses both the cellular and WiFi networks for seamless phone calling is now available at a T-Mobile store near you. The service, […] Read more »

Online video advertising start-ups are increasingly focused on helping monetize professionally produced content, seemingly turning their back on user generated videos. What about the loads of sites paying to host their users’ uploads and looking for a way to earn a dime? Is it advertiser discomfort […] Read more »

Trust Apple to turn something as mundane as a phone plan into a marketing coup. Apple and AT&T have announced three calling plans to match with the iPhone, which is all set to launch at the end of the week. The three tier plans are $59.99 […] Read more »

I took a non-traditional outsourcing route to build the majority of my product. I say “non-traditional” because instead of hiring labor overseas, I moved my entire family to India, and then to the Middle East, to do the development myself. My 4 kids, my wife (she’s […] Read more »

_Jay originally published his piece on “Start-Up Review”:, “here”: We welcome this adaptation of his popular case study for Found|READ._ YouTube’s success is an example of what happens when entrepreneurs stumble on the right idea at just the right time, but I suspect that most companies […] Read more »

First Germany, now Portugal – looks like Vodafone, world’s largest mobile company is pretty serious about becoming a broadband player as well. The company has launched an ADSL 2+ service in Portugal, called Vodafone Casa Duplex ADSL. Interestingly, the company offers those who sign-up an HSDPA […] Read more »

Update: LinkedIn is heading towards an IPO, hires ex-TiVo CFO as its CFO. Different strokes for different social networking folks… while Facebook and LinkedIn are going the API route, trying to become platforms for others to build applications, Xing, a Hamburg, Germany-based business social network is […] Read more »

SageTV, an Inglewood, CA-based software company, is introducing an updated version (6.2) of its SageTV Media Center for Mac sometime today. The software turns Mac computers into a personal video recorder, and allows easy sharing of music and photos. SageTV till recently had been available only […] Read more »

Let it sing Let it die …. Maintain a little (take the cynical saint to the stake and burn it) …. Its radio radio silence silence.… Harvey Danger, Radio Silence. The Internet community is protesting the radio royalty charge increases that threatens many small webcasters by […] Read more »

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