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Hey, Wanna Watch Some Ads? It’ll Be Fun, I Promise LiveRail, the latest video ad marketplace to hit the scene, and is part of a trend of offering people a conscious choice to watch ads, and rewarding them for it. Facebook and the Working Adult: Fad […] Read more »

So I was wrong, and Mark Zuckerberg was right to not sell his company for 3/4th of a billion to Yahoo. The prices since then have only gone up – even if they are prices of perceptions. Microsoft has been linked to them with a price […] Read more »

The Sun Rocket it seems, has hit the deck. We had reported earlier that things were getting pretty tenuous at the VoIP services company. The Vienna, VA.-based company stopped taking new orders recently. The company is said to have had massive layoffs and basically is down […] Read more »

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Accel Partners, the venture firm that has funded one of Silicon Valley’s hottest start-ups, Facebook, has been pretty active in putting its money to work, though none of them as high profile as the hot social network. The latest start-up to get their dollars: Mochi Media, […] Read more »

OECD just released their telecommunications outlook report, which is one monster of a document, that can take up an entire weekend. There will be a longer post sometime this weekend, but for now little nugget: US broadband in terms of prices is not exactly the cheapest, […] Read more »

If you are one of those fortunate (and rich) enough to afford a nice Plasma or a LCD TV, then you should be excited about a new wireless networking standard called WirelessHD. In simplest terms, it would eliminate those ugly wires that hang like vines of […] Read more »

SunRocket, the ailing VoIP service provider has hit another air pocket: the company has stopped taking new orders, which in a business that is dependent on subscriber growth, is pretty much a kiss of death. Comments over on Broadband Reports message boards indicate that they are […] Read more »

The battle between Truphone, a mobile VoIP service provider and T-Mobile UK has turned ugly and is heading to the court. T-Mobile UK is refusing to interconnect with mobile VoIP provider Truphone. Truphone has asked the UK courts for an interim injunction against T-Mobile UK. The […] Read more »

Broadband competition has two entirely different meanings depending on where you reside – inside or outside of United States. For rest of the planet, competition means opening up the existing networks, forcing the incumbents to share the last mile resources with the upstarts, so to speak. […] Read more »

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Yesterday, Verizon emailed us their statement about the 700 MHz wireless auctions, and the idea of open networks and the whole auction process as proposed by Google, Frontline and other technology companies. Verizon calls them The Google Block. Essentially, they want Interent-styled rules, something Verizon doesn’t […] Read more »

All this attention on Facebook must be getting under MySpace’s skin. Despite posting good growth, the company is being treated as a carton of milk left in the open overnight. While Facebook is a rocket whose upward trajectory cannot be denied, to paraphrase Mark Twain, the […] Read more »

It has become quite trendy these days to use the iPhone as a marketing tool. Everyone is doing it. Latest to jump on the iPhone bandwagon: ON Networks, an Austin, Texas-based video production and aggregation company, which has started to offer ten of its shows formated […] Read more »

So after all the ranting and raving about not buying the iPhone, I bought one. Okay there I said it. I admit! I am an iPhone-y! A visit to the Apple store, and one glance at the shiny pretty thing, I was smitten. I bought the […] Read more »

For the past few days I have been trying out Downfly, a Firefox extension that allows you to email webpage links to one or more of your friends, without having to cut-and-paste the URL in your email message. That sounds simple enough, but what really is […] Read more »

Scott Rafer would be a dangerous fellow if he were running a hedge fund. He would make momentum bets that would either pay-off or fizzle out. He does precisely that in the start-up world, when he finds a hot trend. Wi-Fi (WiFinder), Blog Search (Feedster), Blog […] Read more »

Another day, another P2P Video, except the latest one, Vakaka is based in China and is targeting the Chinese market. Unlike Joost or Babelgum, Vakaka X-TV provides VOD and live streaming at the same time. Continue Reading on * FoundREAD: 7 Lessons from the Zantaz […] Read more »

There has been a lot of talk about Facebook unseating MySpace as the top social network. While that may (or may not) happen sometime in the future, the so-called gray lady of Social Networks is holding its own. What is more interesting is that even though […] Read more »

Okay kids if you remember LinkExchange, the web-banner ad swap service that was snapped up by Microsoft back in November 1998 for $250 million, and then left it to languish, raise your hand. Of course, that $250 million investment was recently shut down by Microsoft. LinkExchange […] Read more »

How to Twitter from your iPhone: Developers have come up with not one, but two, dedicated Twitter clients specifically for the iPhone.. Continue reading. Dailymotion is coming to America: The French video service after a very public spat with YouTube is trying to make a push […] Read more »

Thanks to Apple’s Dashboard, most Mac users have little or no need for widgets from say a Google or Microsoft. Of course, they don’t work on a Mac. Washington DC-based start-up, Mesa Dynamics has just release a new product called Amnesty Hypercube which allows you to […] Read more »

There is no getting away from Facebook: everyone is talking about it on the email lists, on the blogs, in the restaurants. Even grownups are happily confessing their addiction to the Silicon Valley’s own Furby. What is more amusing is that seemingly clever guardians of wealth […] Read more »

Plain vanilla social networks are commodities and their values are headed north. With a handful of exceptions, there is no magic left in the social networking game. Proof is Palo Alto-based Ning’s Series C funding, led by Legg Mason, a company more known for its mutual […] Read more »

If you hadn’t guessed it, casual gaming is so hot that even normally lumbering Electronics Arts has jumped on the bandwagon. Nevermind them, for casual gaming is still the playground of start-ups. We have written about Boonty’s and Kongregate in the past. And now three-year-old […] Read more »

First of all folks, thank you to each and everyone of you for writing in and letting me know that our feed was redirecting to some Italian language blog. We have been in touch with folks at Feedburner and WordPress to figure out what exactly is […] Read more »

Google, this morning spent $625 million in cash to buy Postini, a start-up that provides encryption and security as a hosted service. Google believes this deal is further testimony about its serious commitment to providing hosted apps to businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses. Google […] Read more »

Google, this morning announced that it is going to buy Postini, a private company that provides security and encryption as a hosted service for instant messaging, e-mail and other forms of communications for $625 million in cash. The stock market obliged by send the stock up […] Read more »

What follows results from an analysis of my own failings in an earlier startup that ‘started’ but, well, never really got ‘up.’ Founding is hard work. But I’ve learned that it can be made easier but working effectively and efficiently. Remember: there is ‘work,’ and then […] Read more »

The state of Virginia is so far away from Silicon Valley, that we never almost ever think about it. It is also so far ahead in terms of trying to take control of its broadband destiny. Virginia’s Gov. Timothy M. Kaine wants all businesses in his […] Read more »

“We’re boring people to death and making games that are harder and harder to play,” John Riccitiello, the new CEO of Electronics Arts (ERTS) told the Wall Street Journal. As they say, the first step is in admitting that you have a problem. EA and the […] Read more »

In this age of hyper personalization, where DVRs are at our command, ready to playback the latest escapades of Vinnie Chase & the Boys, who needs live TV. Unless it is live sports extravaganzas, say NBA finals or SuperBowl (or Wimbeldon Tennis), television is no longer […] Read more »

Update: HubPages and Squidoo officials explain on their respective blogs what they are doing to overcome the spam-related problems. Thanks guys for listening, and we understand the problem is hard. Keep trying! Last year when one man brand, Seth Godin, launched Squidoo, it was greeted with […] Read more »

After eighteen hours stuck in the middle seat on what seemed to be an unending journey back home, I arrived yesterday in San Francisco, whip lashed by a monster jetlag, and an email box full of messages. And all I wanted to do was meet up […] Read more »

Earlier today I posted about Nokia N800 tablet and some of the cool features it has. As a device it seems it has all the makings of a good competitor to Apple’s iPhone, especially since there will be tons of carriers looking for an iPhone-like device. […] Read more »

comScore released some data about Facebook, which says they are growing really really fast. Of course, if you were a Facebook user you would know that – now that everyone wants to be everyone’s friend. I think the next data set will show even more growth, […] Read more »

Internet Anxiety Disorder, Attention Crisis, or more lately the Facebook Fatigue… it seems like the more we connect, the less we get done. Folks at Web Worker Daily have five handy tips to be more productive when online. Plus other stories from GigaNET: * NewTeeVee: Microsoft, […] Read more »

Skinkers, a Cambridge, UK-based startup, has developed a P2P software that can allow you to watch live television. The service, which seems to be consumer focused, is clearly an attempt to lure large media companies to offer live streams of their content. The startup’s platform is […] Read more »

With all that attention being given to iPhone, it is easy to overlook the fact that Nokia was one of the first to introduce an Internet tablet device, as a companion to its cell phones. They have just released a new version of their operating system, […] Read more »

It was exactly a year ago – long before Google bought YouTube for $1.6 billion – I had pointed out that the video bubble was getting out of control. Well, it seems like I was a tad too early, for funding has flown freely into video […] Read more »

It’s been a long wait, but it seems that Femtocells – miniature cellular base station that sit inside our homes and offices and amplify cellular signals – are making it to the market. Over past few days, an increasing number of companies have started to announce […] Read more »

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