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[qi:033] mig33, a combination mobile instant messenger, chat rooms and international calling card service based in Burlingame, CA., says signed up six million cell phone users in 200 countries. The service is particularly popular in countries like Bangladesh where international long distance rates are high. Unlike […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] P2P is where it’s at for online video these days. Not a week goes by without an announcement of a new P2P platform or distribution deal. It’s easy to see why folks are excited about this: distributed data delivery can save you a lot of […] Read more »

[qi:064] Social Networking world these days may seem like all-Facebook-all-the-time, but there are other social nets that are gaining traction, and are drawing interest from the venture capital community. Hi5, a San Francisco-based social networking start-up is said to have raised about $20 million in its […] Read more »

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Things are getting exciting and the mud-slinging continues. Nothing like big companies going at each other to make a Friday more exciting. Google intends to be a bidder in wireless auctions for the 700 MHz spectrum, and their new proposal doesn’t sit well with AT&T. (Surprise! […] Read more »

If you have been following the drama around the 700 MHz wireless spectrums, then you know a lot of mud has been flung around by all parties involved: FCC’s Kevin Martin, The Google Camp, Frontline Wireless, and of course the incumbents, AT&T and Verizon. They are […] Read more »

Everyone founder knows they need to “talk to customers” and “get customer feedback” before they get too far. The other day on FOUND|READ “Wil Schroter pointed out”: that you should talk to customers as one of the first five things to do. What’s less well understood […] Read more »

[qi:036] Moo of London, which makes quirky business cards is adding customized stickers to its line up of product offerings. Upload images direct or import from your favourite photo site or social network, and they will create a MOO’s StickerBook allows you to produce 90 different […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Most people hate junk mail — how many are willing to pay to stop it? Palo Alto-based startup GreenDimes is betting a lot will, and according to PEHub has raised a whopping $20.5 million in a first round of funding, led by Tudor Investment Corporation. […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Next New Networks, ON Networks, Revision3, 60 Frames, Vuguru, Telegraph Ave Productions, WatchMojo — what do these companies have in common? They all use Moore’s Law and low-cost distribution over the Internet to disrupt the studio model, in the process building audiences that can rival […] Read more »

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Facebook’s new mission: buy all talent under 25 in the Palo Alto-Mountain View area. They are kicking it off by acquiring Sequoia Capital-backed Parakey, a company co-founded by the Firefox kid Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt. Nice way for Sequoia to get piece of the Facebook […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Beware the MySpacing of Facebook. Apps abound and profiles snap, crackle, and pop now. But amidst the strippers, cosmologists, and Scandinavians there are some actual gems. Here is a list of 5 Facebook apps that help you record, share, and find videos across Facebook and […] Read more »

Business 2.0, a magazine where I worked for over three years, is on the rocks. The news, has left me numb, and in an emotional fog full of memories – mostly good, and some bad ones. It was over four years ago when the real Red […] Read more »

Voice over the Internet, so far, has been a game of cheap minutes, shoddy quality, and unreliable connections. It’s also been a money-losing proposition. The promise of voice being free has remained just that – a promise. Palo Alto-based startup Ooma promises to resolve those frustrations […] Read more »

[qi:_newteevee] Once the most despised man at Yahoo, aka Lloyd Braun is making a comeback, says Kara Swisher, doing what else: online video. He has a deal with Pepsi where the soda company has a first-look deal for all the content produced by BermanBraun, a new […] Read more »

eBay just reported its second quarter (Q2) 2007 earnings, and we are going to get to the details later, but lets just focus on Skype, that strangely seems to be making money even as it usage is flattening. * New Registered Users, an ambiguous number at […] Read more »

[qi:014] This just in: Packet 8 has been selected as the replacement VoIP service provider for SunRocket customers whose service has been disrupted by SunRocket’s demise. Under terms of the agreement, Packet8 will waive all regular start up costs associated with its residential service plans plus […] Read more »

Bluetooth saved your butt, I joked with Hosain Rahman, CEO and founder of Aliph, a San Francisco-based company which makes the Jawbone line of headsets for mobile phones and computers with amazing noise cancellation abilities, and has just raised over $5 million in funding from Khosla […] Read more »

_Carleen notes: This story originated as a comment to “our Found|READ post”: yesterday based on Wil Schroter’s essay “Five Ways to Move your Startup Forward without Cash”: Read the full list of comments as all are insightful–and inspiring. Adam’s comment on “Zero-Cash Plan” begins here:_ Commentor […] Read more »

[qi:004] Jerry Yang, the new CEO (and cofounder) of Yahoo during a conference call with analysts following Yahoo’s lackluster Q2 2007 earnings said he is going to take a 100 days to review the entire operation. “There will be no sacred cows and we need to […] Read more »

[qi:018] With Reliance Communications buying Yipes for $300 million, and the markets abuzz with rumors about Vodafone buying Verizon (NOT!) for an ungodly sum, it seems telecom cross border M&A is back in fashion. Andy Abramson fresh from sacrificing his bachelor status in South of France […] Read more »

[qi:027] Given the SunRocket debacle, many folks have emailed and asked us, how do we save our phone numbers. I called around and asked some of my sources about the easiest way to save your phone number. It is a fairly easy process, though you need […] Read more »

[qi:_earth2tech] Soy Biodiesel IPOs, A Risky Diet: Forget Web 2.0. There is a Soy BioDiesel bubble, and some start-ups are cashing in on the eco-craze. Never mind, that it costs more that to sell what they are selling. Continue Reading. [qi:_webworkerdaily] What Gen Y Wants from […] Read more »

All founders need to have accountability from their employees. This is important for two reasons: first, because managers need to be able to delegate tasks to team members and expect that they will deliver on your expectations; second, to avoid that founders’ curse known as “micromanagement,” […] Read more »

Now that we can stick the fork in SunRocket, many of their customers are wondering, what should they do in order to keep their phone numbers working. There are many things you can do, but one thing you can’t: sit on your butt and not do […] Read more »

[qi:065] Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield says that with a board meeting around the corner, the knives might be out to slice-and-dice Time Warner, the most schizophrenic of all media conglomerates. He argues the company is so complicated that you need a Ph.D just to get […] Read more »

There has been a lot of talk about the three-year-old lawsuit against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg brought by three of his former Harvard classmates. The trio claims Zuckerberg stole the idea, source code and business plan for their social networking site, called HarvardConnection, after he worked […] Read more »

[qi:004] All right people, its all over. SunRocket has hit the dirt. Check our this internal email which went out earlier today to the employees. Now it is hard to ascertain the authenticity of the email, it is clear from recent developments that this was coming. […] Read more »

Apparently like everyone else, we are going green! We are launching our latest blog – Earth2Tech, a site devoted to the business of clean technologies, its innovations and everything else. While there are many sites that help consumers live “greener,” we are focusing our energies on […] Read more »

If you have lived or passed through New York, you might have heard radio blaring, “give us ten minutes, and we will give you the world.” (Or something like that!) That line pretty much sums up the whole blogging phenomenon. What began as short (or not) […] Read more »

[qi:066] They say, any exit is a good exit. So from that perspective the investors of Yipes, a managed Ethernet services provider based in San Francisco must be feeling really good. They invested $100 million in the new Yipes, a company with a tumultuous history, and […] Read more »

[qi:007] Vinod Dham, also known as “The Father of Pentium,” Vani Kola, serial Software entrepreneur and Kumar Shiralagi, former head of Intel Capital India, the venture capital group have closed their first India focused fund, NEA-IndoUS Ventures at $180.4 million. The fund is going to invest […] Read more »

[qi:035] Grouper, a web video company that tried a variety of strategies and business models before being acquired by Sony for $65 million nearly a year ago, is back with a new angle. It’s renaming itself Crackle and launching an original content discovery site, applying the […] Read more »

This post is about how to protecting your own IP as a contractor. I have three clients who spend their time developing toolsets for three very different business disciplines. One develops websites. Another works in grid computing. A third does cleantech business analysis. They are consultants, […] Read more »

[qi:020] If you are looking for an escort, then you might want to turn to Facebook. It is one of the services that is being promoted via Facebook Flyers, Facebook’s own ad-service. (Readers tell us they have been around for about 18 months, though off late […] Read more »

[qi:022] Microsoft Mac BU had promised Microsoft Office 2008 in the second half of 2007. Technically we are in the 2H 2007. There is no sign of even a beta release, which doesn’t bode well for the release of a much-needed upgrade to the long-in-the-tooth Microsoft […] Read more »

Wow, it took a mainstream pub, The Wall Street Journal to remind us that it is the 10th year of blogging. They have a special feature running in the paper, today which talks about most of the pioneers of blogging, including Dave Winer. WSJ calls Jorn […] Read more »

Having gotten back to my reporting ways, one common refrain I heard: you guys are not exposing the network content as effectively as you should. We do a round-up post every day, but apparently that is not enough. We also have a “recent posts from the […] Read more »

Hey, Wanna Watch Some Ads? It’ll Be Fun, I Promise LiveRail, the latest video ad marketplace to hit the scene, and is part of a trend of offering people a conscious choice to watch ads, and rewarding them for it. Facebook and the Working Adult: Fad […] Read more »

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