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How did the wheelie suitcase come about? What happens when greed comes to healthcare? How did the TV show Lost come about. How to publish in a post-iPad world? The War on Drugs has failed, what’s next? Internet of plants. This week’s recommend reading list. Read more »

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Dave Winer deconstructs Ev Williams’ Medium, Nicholas Carr on head-mounted devices and reality augmentation, China’s new technology boom in the hinterlands, how DuckDuckGo is taking on Google, and why the Narwhal won and Orca failed are some of the stories worth reading this morning. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Reporting in Mexico is a tough job that can get you killed. In Hollywood, you don’t know who is reading your email. And why do indie musicians hate Pandora and Spotify? These and more stories are on my recommended list of stories to read this weekend. Read more »

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Twitter is changing its board again – and this time it is adding Peter Chernin, one time News Corp executive and the architect of Hulu, to its board. Chernin’s social media credentials are lower than my baseball batting average, so it is all about advertising & money! Read more »


There are more than 80 million broadband subscribers in the US, a sign that the market is getting saturated. It is not a surprise that the growth of new broadband subscribers has started to slow. So far this year, we have seen 200,000 fewer new additions. Read more »

Drew Houston, Dropbox - GigaOM RoadMap 2011

Dropbox is an online storage success story and if recent numbers are to believed, then it is headed for even greater glory. Competition from Google has not impacted their growth. And now mobile phone makers like HTC have already helped it become really big. Read more »


Jawbone is coming back to the market with a brand new (and much improved) version of its much maligned UP wearable device that tracks your personal data including time spent walking. This time, it faces considerable challenge from Nike’s increasingly popular, Fuelband. Read more »


Technology business is chock-a-block with a lot of conferences. Some are new, some are old, but only very few are must attend events. Le Web, an annual technology fest in Paris is one of those don’t miss it events. This year they are talking about Internet-of-things. Read more »

Weekend Plans

A bootlegger and a gun merchant go to war, the New York Subway is punished by Sandy but bounces back quickly, the curse of multitasking, the business of minor league baseball and sugar, the silent killer — these are some of the stories to read this weekend. Read more »


AT&T is going all-in on IP – the Internet Protocol, and cutting the cord with its past. Instead, it will push newer, faster broadband via a hybrid of fiber-and-copper technologies. And what that means is end of the line for classic DSL. Nothing wrong with it. Read more »


Amazon is increasing the speed with which it is rolling out its Lockers across the country by partnering with retailers such as Staples and RadioShack. That attention is helping lift the fortunes of startups that want to take on Amazon — BufferBox being one of them. Read more »

windows phone screens

Microsoft today announced that it is transitioning over 100 million of Windows Live Messenger users to Skype. It is the latest sign of Microsoft-ization of Skype. The race to integration is having some unintended consequences — including declining quality of voice calls. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Hurricane Sandy has been on the mind of everyone this past week. Here are some stories about raccoons, Australia, China, baseball and the U.S. post office, that might give you some momentary distraction from what has been a tragic week. Read more »

Square's Jack Dorsey at GigaOM RoadMap

Last year at Roadmap we talked to folks such as Jack Dorsey, Matt Mullenweg, Drew Houston, Brian Chesky and others about how connectedness changes everything. Here are some videos to watch ahead of RoadMap 2012 which features the likes of Ev Williams and Kevin Systrom. Read more »


Will there be a day when we shall see commercial planes connecting to the Internet at LTE speeds? A recent test by Ericsson gives hope to the possibility, though it is more likely that superfast trains are more likely to see LTE speeds. Read more »


Nary a day goes by when someone or the other doesn’t come up a new way to help us deal with information overload. Today, Summly enters the sweepstakes with an app that automagically summarizes news from different sources for quick easy on-the-go consumption. Read more »

pinterest in japan

Pinterest has been one of the biggest web success stories of past 12 months. Its growing influence on fashion and product oriented web sites is now extending to e-commerce sites. A growing number of e-tailers from eBay to mom-and-pop operations are adopting the grid-like look. Read more »


Scott Forstall, the deposed iOS chief, has been a divisive figure inside Apple. His exit from Apple is likely to have an impact on the company’s stock price when the markets re-open. How are Apple insiders feeling about his exit? I asked a few of my sources. Read more »

Weekend Plans

What a week in tech – the new iPad Mini and Microsoft Surface. And more is yet to come. Perhaps that is why you need a dose of non-tech refresh this weekend, so here are some pieces about Euro car crisis, Rio and Frank Sintara. Read more »

iPhone 5 camera

AT&T says it saw 4.7 million iPhone activations for the three months ending September 30, 2012. Eighteen percent were new to AT&T. Due to supply constraints a “vast majority of third-quarter iPhone sales going to existing customers to satisfy pent-up demand.” Verizon activated 3.1 million iPhones. Read more »

Weekend Plans

Did AOL just come up with a new way to do email? Who is Felix Baumgartner? Are we too addicted to techno-nannies? What is happening to the American salesman? Ina Drew plus what lurks in the wild. Some of the stories on tap this week. Read more »


By all measures, Google had a terrible day yesterday. The earnings news was accidentally released earlier than expected, and poor financials saw the stock tank. But there was some good news: Estimates of Nexus 7 tablet sales are near 1 million units for the quarter. Read more »

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