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It is indeed a wonderful little device, but you know all those little niggles we have about the iPhone? Like, the lack of landscape e-mailing, the omission of Flash-support and video-recording or hiding those pesky unused apps? Now there’s a special place for all you disgruntled folk who […] Read more »

It finally looks like video-recording is arriving on the iPhone, courtesy of QiK’s new app. The omission of a video-record feature for the iPhone has long been a major source of derision. The device is fully capable of supporting video, it simply comes down to either […] Read more »

Amidst the hubbub of this week’s Apple announcements, the App Store continued to bubble away with a host of new apps joining the fray. As ever, The Apple Blog is here to separate the signal from the noise and sound off on a selection of the […] Read more »

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Following in the ambient footsteps of Eno’s inaugural iPhone app, Bloom, comes RjDj. Developed by Reality Jockey, an Austrian dev outfit, they describe RjDj as, “the next generation of walkman or mp3 player… a digital drug which causes mind twisting hearing sensation.” Wrapped up as a […] Read more »

Hello all, very pleased to be hopping aboard the TAB train and riding it all the way to Apple central. Being based over in Europe — London and Helsinki — I have the distinct pleasure of bringing you lots of Apple-related news from various awkward time-zones.  […] Read more »

With the iTunes App Store growing at an astonishing rate, it’s getting tough to sort the innovative wheat from the iPhone-clogging chaff.  Our Weekly App Store Roundup highlights the most essential store additions, from entertaining freebies to time-saving tools and invaluable apps. This time we’re looking […] Read more »

This year’s Future of Web Apps Expo found game geek Alex Albrecht and über-fanboy Kevin Rose arrive in London, England, for a live Diggnation show. The show, intended to be a roundup of the week’s most interesting stories, descended in to the usual drunken fun. Several weeks […] Read more »

Seemingly not content with having fathered an entire musical genre, pioneered generative music, produced U2’s Where The Streets Have No Name, collaborated with Bowie and generally rubbed-shoulders with a raft of modern music legends, Brian Eno has now released his first iPhone app dubbed Bloom ($3.99). […] Read more »

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