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[appreview] title=Tumblr image= price=FREE url= rating=bronze [/appreview] Developed by Mobelux, and formerly known as Tumblrette, the official Tumblr iPhone app has now arrived. Tumblr is essentially the short ‘n sweet side of blogging: Posts are ultra-snappy, comprised of mixed-media uploads such as images, quotes, audio and […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Daniel X image= price=$9.99 url= rating=avoid [/appreview] Increasingly, geeky pasttimes are seeping into the mainstream. Like creatures in a Neil Gaiman story, the boundary between the dimension of the fantastical and the land of the normal is blurring. And with that blur, faithful adaptations of […] Read more »

It’s the weekend, traditionally a time for quiet contemplation of the freshest iPhone releases, welcome to the App Store Pick. Hang on there one moment though because before we run headlong in to a stack of apps, we’ve got but a few moments to look at […] Read more »

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[appreview] title=Streaks image= price=$2.99 url= rating=silver [/appreview] A calendar specifically designed for tracking your goals, Streaks aims to join the pantheon of excellent iPhone productivity apps. Both the touch and the iPhone, the latter in particular, are ideal platforms for productivity tools. The connected nature of […] Read more »

Place your iPhone on the floor and prepare to dance a merry jig, it’s the weekend and that means I’ve prepared a selection of fresh picks from the App Store. As ever, before we get stuck in to a hand-picked selection of the latest releases from […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Convert image= price=$1.99 url= rating=avoid [/appreview] Convert, an app for converting an array of different units, looks great and, in theory, should be quite useful. Unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good on this one. The iPhone isn’t just about gaming and entertainment. Admittedly, I’ve got […] Read more »

It’s the first Saturday of March, which means one thing: grab your iPhone, prime your mind, and focus your eyeballs, because I’ve got another selection of fresh App Store picks for you. Before we get to this week’s apps, there’s a stack of Apple happenings to […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Smack Me image= price=$2.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] These days, gaming is all about getting physical: tilting and shaking, shouting and whispering and now apparently the occasional bit of pinching and smacking. Sounds like fun! All this talk of touching reminds me of a great toy […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Tap Tap Revenge 2 image= price=FREE url= rating=gold [/appreview] Taking the iPhone’s potential even further, Tapulous is here to show us how games can play good and sound awesome. The Tap Tap Revenge series has come a long way since its humble beginnings almost two […] Read more »

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Nine out of ten iPhone owners would probably agree that this article, containing the freshest picks from the App Store, is a nutritious and delicious source of information. Before we kick things off with this week’s picks, let’s take a quick look at happenings in the […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Caught You! image= price=$2.99 url= rating=bronze [/appreview] Oh the sheer horror of it! I’m feeling uneasy at the very thought of my iPhone getting half inched. At the moment, my strongest defense against thieves seems to be keeping my iPhone within a 1-foot radius at […] Read more »

I’m exceedingly happy to tell you all about a brand-new series of articles we’re launching here at TheAppleBlog, entitled: The App Review. Every other weekday, I’ll be sticking my big hands deep into the gaping jaws of the App Store and pulling out a fresh app […] Read more »

The weekend seems to have rolled up super-fast, so welcome one and all to the Weekly App Store Picks. Before we jump in to this week’s apps, let’s take a gander at recent happenings in the world of Apple. First up, as a frequent tweeter, I […] Read more »

Get your spoon and prepare to swallow a whole tub of awesome because we’ve got the freshest picks from the App Store to stuff in your mouth. Before we get in to the latest releases, I’ve got a couple of interesting picks from the week’s Apple […] Read more »

Wrapping up another seven days and bringing you the freshest picks, it’s time for this week’s App Store Roundup. Tom Reetsman kicked off the week by calling Technologizer’s Ed Oswald out on an article he wrote about MobileMe, the general gist of it being that Oswald […] Read more »

Good Saturday and a Happy Weekend to one and all, it’s time to sit down, relax and wrap your big eyes round this week’s App Store Roundup. This week on TheAppleBlog, we got in there super fast with an in-depth look at iMovie ’09, iPhoto ’09 […] Read more »

Unholster your iPhone and boot up iTunes because it’s that time of the week when we all gather round the App Store and have a look at some of the freshest picks from the last seven days. While I’ve been wandering the boutiques and bars of […] Read more »

It’s that magical moment every week, when we all come together to find out what’s been happening in the App Store. As the TheAppleBlog raced through the past seven days, like an angry rhinoceros in a flak-jacket, we’ve gathered the best news from the jungle of fact, infused […] Read more »

After our first week proper in 2009, we’ve run smack-bang in to a hurricane of Apple news courtesy of this year’s Macworld event. Over at Apple’s final MacWorld Keynote, standing in for Papa Jobs, Uncle Phil unveiled brand new iLife and iWork suites, alongside completing the […] Read more »

Grab a party hat, don your celebratory garb and prepare to get your freak on because, praise be, it’s the first ever Weekly App Store Roundup of 2009. Indeed, with Macworld drawing near, attendees should immediately check out our very own Conference Schedule — it’ll make sure […] Read more »

Rolando has arrived, amid murmurs that it may be the best game out for iPhone and touch. And with compelling gameplay, awesome artwork and foot-tappingly funky music, it’s certainly my favorite game of the year. Alongside being the season for frivolity and festivity, it’s that special time […] Read more »

This week I pick my 12 favorite apps of the year as we lead 2008 around the back and shoot it’s face off, while gently beckoning a fresh-faced 2009 through the front door. Just because it’s the holiday season, doesn’t mean Apple news stops happening. Quite […] Read more »

According to the App Store, the holiday season has begun proper, with a deluge of Christmas-themed goodies up for grabs. However, that hasn’t hindered happenings in the greater world of Apple this week. In a disappointing but somewhat expected turn of events, was Apple’s official announcement […] Read more »

The world slows down for another couple of days as we hit the weekend and take a few moments to catch our breath. It’s been another hectic week here at TAB, we considered the potential arrival of a Nintendo Wii-style iPhone, rejoiced at the release of […] Read more »

As we speed down the information superhighway, we’re left with a few moments to glance in to our rear-view mirror and see the week that was fade in the distance. And what a week it has been, with TAB pointing out AT&T’s 12,000 redundancies and apparent […] Read more »

When our desire to connect and communicate with one another crashed headlong in to the digital behemoth that is the Internet, we ended up with Twitter: a true 21st Century social phenomenon. Like a chimerical parrot, each head squawking a different one-liner, Twitter can seem odd […] Read more »

This week at The Apple Blog, like a farmer with a gaggle of turkeys in the week before Thanksgiving, we’ve caught the juiciest news and posted it here for your consumption. Early in the week we heard about how a dodgy developer has been paying for fake reviews […] Read more »

Another fantabulous week at The Apple Blog draws to a close. In the week that was, we’ve investigated unlocking the iPhone 3G, elucidated upon the joys of Mobile Me and become a little exasperated by the approaching change of weather, as Blackberry’s new Storm arrives (it […] Read more »

In the interests of all those readers who need to unlock their iPhone 3G’s for use on different carriers, I donned my investigative hat and tested an iPhone 3G unlock that really seems to work. While the iPhone Dev Team plunder the secrets of the mysterious […] Read more »

This week we’ve covered a multitude of methods for relaxing and socializing: Apple squeezed a new ultra-cheap “Movies of the Week” section in to iTunes; Google announced an update to Talk, now incorporating video chat; and we reviewed Event Box, a powerful tool that rolls all your […] Read more »

Guitar Rock Tour has arrived to challenge Tap Tap Revenge‘s rhythm-action throne. The new arrival touts a bevy of terrific tunes to tap along to, plus the option to play drums or guitar, loads of characters and unlockable awards. While Guitar Rock Tour may be Rock […] Read more »

It’s been a good week for iPhone owners, in particular we’ve had cause to celebrate with AT&T’s announcement of tethering and a sneak peek at the new iPhone firmware revealing podcast downloading on the go. As ever, the App Store has continued to grow like a digital […] Read more »

The BBC’s iPlayer is nothing short of a digital revelation — providing viewers in the United Kingdom with online access to an ever-changing (and free) selection of the BBC’s internationally-revered quality programming. For an increasing number of us Brit’s, is the site we surreptitiously visit on our […] Read more »

The time has arrived for us to wave a fond farewell to the week that brought us the joys of seeing Steve Wozniak dressed as a Sith Lord and the subsequent horror of seeing The Woz then attempt to act. As usual, the App Store has been […] Read more »

It’s Friday the 31st of October and that means only one chilling thing… it’s time for our first annual Halloween App Store Roundup. On this frightful Friday, we went bobbing for a selection of the most spooktacular Apps created just for Halloween. This Halloween we’re looking […] Read more »

The iPhone is indeed a wonderful little device and, for some of us, a game-changer in terms of managing our digital lives from the palm of our hands. There are, however, some essential features that Apple neglected to implement. Regular GMail and Google Calendar users will […] Read more »

With the abrupt end of Bill Gates’s recent promotional tête à tete with Seinfeld, there’s clearly a comedy void left somewhere in the galaxy. Fortunately, Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, may be just the right shape to fill that void and restore equilibrium. Though far from scraping the […] Read more »

As we say goodbye to the humble Mac Mini and consider giving a warm welcome to a fresh selection of iMacs, another week draws to a close. In the meantime, a handful of apps have emerged from incubation, so it’s time for The Apple Blog to […] Read more »

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