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When Steve Jobs announced the Mac App Store yesterday, my first feeling wasn’t excitement, but rather worry. My concern is that the Mac App Store will, perhaps in two or three years, become the only effective channel through which Mac developers can sell their apps. Read more »


Just like Apple with its iBookstore, Zinio has established relationships with an impressive array of publications. As such, you can expect to find enhanced editions of magazines Cosmopolitan, T3 and Rolling Stone among others. However, unlike Apple’s iBookstore, Zinio certainly doesn’t live up to the hype. Read more »


In this iWeb video tutorial you’ll learn how to import content, create links, embed a video and publish your website. If you’re planning to build your own site, Apple’s iWeb is an easy way for you to get into web-design and launch your first online project. […] Read more »

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Alongside the army of consumers and tech pundits waiting for a peek of the aptly named iPad, the over 25,000 strong development community have been patiently standing on the sidelines too. Taking several leaps forward in terms of its processing power and onboard hardware, the device […] Read more »


If you check out the webcams at the European Organization for Nuclear Research’s CMS project, you may just observe something rather unexpected. Although the picture below is from CERN, it’s much more akin to a boring office space than a scientific laboratory. However, look a little […] Read more »

Bolstered by arrival of the 3GS, launch of in-app purchasing and push notifications, the iPhone apps of 2009 have become richer and more robust experiences. Across 11 categories, here were this year’s standouts. Read more »


Pie Guy is an excellent little game that’s causing a small stir among developers. The game has completely bypassed the App Store and is available to download, right now, as a Web App. It’s a cute 8-bit-era game with deliciously retro graphics that clones Pacman with […] Read more »

As the weekend arrives it’s time to take another look at the latest iPhone apps to hit the store. As ever, I’ve selected four of the freshest picks for you to check out. This week I’ve gathered a random assortment of app goodness for you to […] Read more »

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As another week passes, the seams of Apple’s App Store have been stretched even further with a deluge of new releases. Digging through the latest apps, I’ve selected four fresh picks for you to check out. It’s Halloween and so my top pick for this week […] Read more »

The long-awaited weekend has finally arrived and with it comes the opportunity to consider purchasing some shiny new Apple hardware. If you’re looking for a distraction from those wallet-emptying new Apple toys, I suggest you check out my picks from the App Store. This week’s picks […] Read more »

Welcome to the weekend, a time for rest, relaxation and, most importantly, downloading the latest releases from the App Store. As ever, I’ve selected four fresh picks for the iPhone for you to check out. This week’s picks are all about getting the most out of […] Read more »

It’s the weekend and I’m over in London investigating a host of new iPhone apps out later this year. In the meantime, I’ve hand-picked four of the latest releases from the App Store for you to check out. This week I’ve selected a smattering of fun […] Read more »

If you listen to music on the go, chances are you suffer from tangled and knotted wires on your buds. I’ve discovered an effortless solution for keeping my 3GS buds untangled. If you want to learn my secret, watch the video below. A few months back, […] Read more »

Fueled by a burning desire to bring you the latest iPhone app recommendations, I’ve kept a keen eye on the new App Store releases this week. As ever, I’ve hand-picked four apps for you to check out. This week I’ve given my picks a social twist, […] Read more »

The sequel to Tweetie, the Twitter client that earned itself the much-coveted Apple Design Award earlier this year, is on its way to the App Store as you read this. For the past few weeks I’ve been part of Loren Brichter‘s Tweetie 2 beta program, testing […] Read more »

As another week draws to a close, the App Store expands even further with a torrent of new toys and tools. As ever, I’ve hand-picked four recent iPhone releases for you to take a look at. This week I’ve given our picks a creative vibe, selecting […] Read more »

Apparently, as far as the folks at Apple are concerned, all roads lead to Cupertino. Toying with your latest Apple purchase, it’s not unusual to marvel at the visual joys of the Cupertino company’s product design — gorgeous electronic objects one and all, whether it be […] Read more »

It’s the end of another week and so it’s time for me to scour the latest releases in the App Store for the hottest new iPhone apps. As ever, I’ve selected four hot picks released in the last seven days for you to check out. This […] Read more »

This week’s arrival of Spotify in the App Store (right now limited to UK, Sweden, France, Spain, Norway and Finland stores) could be the ideal opportunity for us all to throw iTunes in the trash and experience the freedom that Spotify has to offer. Speculation was rife […] Read more »

The first week of September has seen a deluge of new arrivals at the App Store. It’s time for me to search through the latest releases for iPhone and hand-pick my recommendations for the past seven days. This week I’ve been looking at Button, Facebook, BlogPress […] Read more »

Snow Leopard isn’t the only exciting release this week, as ever there are tons of new additions to the App Store. Here are my top picks from the week’s releases. This week I’ve been looking at iWound, Star6, Gangstar: West Coast Hustle and Tasker. iWound ($4.99) […] Read more »

Going behind-the-scenes of a real iPhone app’s development, in this installment I investigate several methods for cutting development costs and adding value to the game. I have to admit that I’m still working on the Game Design Document. Something which I thought would take only a […] Read more »

As we wave goodbye to the week that was, it’s time to take a look at the latest iPhone recommendations from the App Store. This week I’ve been looking at Comics, Coat Hangr, Coins and Album Shuffle. Comics ($0.99) It was released back in June and […] Read more »

While most iPhone users are aware of unofficial unlock methods, you may be surprised to discover that it’s possible to legally unlock your device, courtesy of Apple. The above image is the not-often-seen official unlock notification, as displayed in iTunes. The dialogue succinctly confirms that the […] Read more »

It’s time to take a look at my recommendations for iPhone, hand-picked from the week’s App Store releases. This week I’ve been looking at Mujik, Whiteboarder, Qik and Civilization Revolution. Mujik (Free) There’s a special screen on my iPhone dedicated just to sound toys and music […] Read more »

It’s time to take a look at my recommendations for the iPhone, hand-picked from the week’s App Store releases. This week I’ve been looking at Gomi, Ustream 3GS Recorder, Simon the Sorcerer and Minigore. Gomi ($1.99) I’ve been waiting for Gomi for what seems like an […] Read more »

[appreview] title=Mass Effect image= price=$2.99 url= rating=avoid [/appreview] For its latest title, EA has brought Bioware’s Mass Effect to iPhone. This installment builds on the story from the original critically acclaimed console game. Set in the same universe as the original console game, Mass Effect Galaxy […] Read more »

The weekend has arrived, bringing with it the opportunity to reach that perfect state of iPhone-related relaxation: open the App Store and get ready to download the latest recommendations. Before we get to the weekly picks, it’s time to take our usual look back at Apple […] Read more »

A turbulent week of Apple news comes to a close, but with a selection of new app’s available for iPhone, it’s not quite over yet — it’s time to take a look at this week’s recommendations. Hold up one moment though as, before we run through […] Read more »

In another move in Google’s continued bid to dominate the entire internet — albeit with useful and occasionally innovative services — the search giant has officially launched Latitude for the iPhone. Latitude allows users to locate and track each other, via their cell phones. Since its […] Read more »

Once again, it’s that special time of the week when we all join hands, take a deep breath and exhale as we take a spiritual journey through the latest app picks for iPhone. Before we reach app Zen, however, it’s time for a refreshing run through […] Read more »

Taking a genuine behind-the-scenes look at developing an app for iPhone, the latest installment finds this journalist-cum-game-designer hidden behind a mounting pile of paperwork and planning. Last time, we left off with me pondering the possibility of the project’s failure. I’ve moved on, though, and set […] Read more »

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