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As of today, we’ve simplified our top navigation, closing down the Collaboration and Broadband channels. We’ll still cover these areas, but we’re making the changes to help our site reflect GigaOM’s more focused approach to tech news and analysis. Read more »

Upcoming Events

Stacey Higginbotham, Derrick Harris, and Om Malik at Structure:Data 2012

On March 21 and 22, at Structure:Data, we’ll look at how companies like @WalmartLabs, IBM, and PayPal are using big data and how technologies like Hadoop are evolving to help them analyze that data. Watch the livestream and read our blogs of the event here. Read more »


Although the goal for most startup founders might be to build your company’s value, many companies are inadvertently taking steps to kill it. Marty Wolf, the founder of Martinwolf M&A advisors, explains the 5 things you need to avoid. Read more »


Missed your chance to see the Crunchies in person? Never fear. We’ll broadcast the livestream right here, starting at 7:30 p.m. Comedian Harris Wittels will host the event, which celebrates the best in technology. Read more »

Om at the 2010 Crunchies

The finalists for the Crunchies, the annual tech innovation awards, have been announced! Cast your votes now to help pick the winners, who will be revealed at the award show, held January 31 in San Francisco. Read more »

Om at the 2010 Crunchies

The second batch of 250 tickets to the Crunchies, the annual tech awards show hosted by GigaOM, TechCrunch and VentureBeat, are going on sale right now. The Crunchies awards show will be held January 31, 2012, in San Francisco. Read more » screenshot

The new breed of e-commerce sites offers consumers ways to socialize and be entertained. But as Rags Gupta of Brightcove points out, these new new commerce sites are taking advantage of old principles. Their innovation comes from introducing them online. Read more »

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The first round of 200 tickets to the Crunchies, the annual tech innovation awards, go on sale today at 10 a.m. The award show will be held January 31, 2012, at Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. Read more »

NetWork photo

Today at Net:Work 2011, we’ll look at how many things once considered the future of work are already here, and what changes are headed our way in years to come. If you can’t attend in person, watch our live video coverage of the event here. Read more »

Om at the 2010 Crunchies

Hard to believe, but we’re already gearing up for the Crunchies, which will be held January 31, 2012, at Davies Symphony Hall in San Francisco. Once again, GigaOM is co-hosting the annual event, which celebrates innovation and new technology, along with TechCrunch and VentureBeat. Read more »


Our annual mobile internet event, Mobilize, is happening Monday, September 26, and Tuesday, September 27. Watch the livestream here to find out what industry leaders think about the state of the app economy, HTML5, mobile payments, networks and more. The livestream starts at 8:25 Monday. Read more »

Om Malik, Joe Weinman, Stacey Higginbotham at Structure 2011

After years of debating what cloud computing really is, we’re finally starting to get a clearer picture. Today and tomorrow at Structure 2011, we’ll look at how the cloud landscape is shaping up. Click here to watch the live stream. Read more »

Yesterday, we ran a post about the keynote speaker at this year’s WWDC, based on an old press release. (Apple has not yet announced who will be giving the keynote this year). I apologize for this error. It was a failure of our process. Read more »

Om Malik and Katie Fehrenbacher at Green:Net 2011

Today, at our third-annual Green:Net event, we’re looking at digital energy: how technology can reduce energy consumption and help the environment. The livestream begins at 8:25 PT, and we’ll update this post throughout the day with the liveblogs from the event. Read more »

The GigaOM staff in front of Nasdaq, March 22, 2011, by Pinar Ozger

The GigaOM team spent the past week in New York City for a number of events, including our first (and definitely not last) East Coast conference, Structure Big Data. It’s all part of our plan to expand our footprint into new markets, including New York. Read more »

big data wtw

It’s been said that 90 percent of the data that exists today was created in the last two years. Follow the livestream and blog posts from our Big Data event in New York City to find out how companies are capturing, analyzing and monetizing that data. Read more »

iPad in school

Mobile technology, and the easy access to information it provides, is the next major disruption to education. If teachers can take advantage of it, they can teach not only the potential of mobile learning but also the benefit of education everywhere. Read more »

The virtual ballots have been cast, the votes have been tallied, and the wait is almost over. The Crunchies — the annual award show celebrating innovative startups, technology, and products — will be livestreamed right here so you don’t have to miss a second of it. Read more »

Thank you

VCs are good for more than just their money. If you play your cards right, you can take advantage of their vast business knowledge and impressive contact list on their BlackBerry phones. These steps will help you go from outsider to VIP. Read more »

Simon Mackie, Mathew Ingram, and Om Malik at Net:Work 2010

Today, at our first-ever Net:Work event, we’re talking to the people developing the technology, addressing new management practices, and making online collaboration work in their own companies. Our livestream begins at 8:15 a.m. PT, and we will be live-blogging the onstage sessions throughout the day. Read more »

Screen shot 2010-11-10 at 9.28.05 AM

With the rise of cord-cutting, streaming TV, and the app-ification of TV, the online video industry is changing dramatically. That’s why the theme of our fourth annual NewTeeVee Live event is Television Reinvented. Watch the livestream and follow the live blog here, starting at 8:15 am PT. Read more »

For years, Linux has grown at the expense of expensive Unix like Solaris, but a new study shows Linux gaining at Windows expense for the first time, and not because Linux is cheaper. Rather, survey respondents cite Linux’s “technical superiority,” which may be a hard argument for Microsoft to counter. Read more »


It’s been a good month for Adobe and its mobile efforts, first with Apple’s relaxing of its Flash developer tool ban and now the release today of AIR for Android, which opens the door for AIR applications on Android devices. Read more »


Nielsen is adding its voice to the chorus of research firms confirming the ascension of Android. Nielsen said among recent acquirers of smartphones in the last six months through August, Android was the top platform with 32 percent of purchases, followed by the iPhone and RIM. Read more »


A good program launching application is something I’ll use constantly so having it available with a keystroke is critical. When I made the move to Mac, I immediately started looking for a good launcher, and eventually stumbled across Alfred, a free launcher that’s simple yet powerful. Read more »


The technological and strategic choices facing you as you deploy a mobile application are complex. Even those who are empowered and resourceful still need a plan. We recommend that you follow the POST method: people, objectives, strategy, technology to make the most out of social technology. Read more »

Engineering plans storage, 2001

However much CSS3 matters to Adobe and to the legions of web designers, it’s not an industry-transforming technology. For that, you have to look at the other parts of HTML5 standards that deal with data storage and persistence, specifically: HTML5 webSQL, local storage and cache manifests. Read more »


As the debate rages on about the role of “super angels” in the success or failure of startups, Scott Sandell of venture capital firm NEA suggests that, as funding sources shrink and venture capital firms disappear, we should celebrate these investors instead of vilifying them. Read more »

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