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The lack of 3G support for the iPhone has been a point of contention for many, since it’s announcement. While I too was disappointed, I’ve been heard to say that without the ability to access the iTunes Store directly from the iPhone, it didn’t seem to […] Read more »

This is what I was alluding to in yesterday’s post. People showing up for deals on other stuff – and checking out Macs! – rather than lined up to buy Vista. Even a comparison (with photo) of the Tiger launch a couple years back. Read more »

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On the Flickr blog, I found this story about the way Microsoft selected their wallpaper images that were to appear in Vista. The story is interesting enough (consider how you’d choose only a handful of images to be the defaults!) and worth a quick read. The […] Read more »

Microsoft’s Windows XP successor, Windows Vista launched today. As it seems some in the world of blogging feel, it should be driving more people than ever to the OS X platform. Sure, that’s poking some fun at Microsoft, but behind every joke there’s some truth… Anyhow, […] Read more »

The Midnight Release “Parties” are being plugged everywhere I look (or listen), for Microsoft’s Vista release on January 30th (tomorrow). It makes me long for the chance to go wait in line at the local Apple store for Leopard’s release – now that’s a party, and […] Read more »

USA TODAY reports that Verizon turned-down the possibility of working with Apple on the iPhone. Two years ago the 2nd largest cell network decided that they couldn’t come to terms with Apple on a deal that would be mutually beneficial. I can understand Verizon’s stance on […] Read more »

In the comments of last week’s screencast, Aaron asked about a way of creating iTunes Playlists through Quicksilver. So I thought I’d take that as an opportunity to share a couple of great Apple Scripts that have been created expressly for this reason. You’ll see the […] Read more »

So there’s buzz that Apple may charge for Boot Camp functionality in 10.5/Leopard. I’ll be slightly surprised if this turns out to be true. Mainly because it’s currently an option that’s freely available which makes Apple Computers fly higher than their beige-box brethren in being the […] Read more »

Today I wanted to give a little tip for making regular arguments in the Terminal, a little easier to access. OS X offers the ability to create aliases of anything in the Finder – files, folders, applications – for quick access outside their typical location. Aliases […] Read more »

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The gaping hole in the MacWorld Keynote a couple weeks ago has left me – and I’m sure many of you too – starving for details on Apple’s next OS release, 10.5/Leopard. Apple Insider (who is renowned for being dead on with everything they post…) has […] Read more »

Got another screencast for ya’all this week. I wanted to take a step back from some of the more advanced features and tricks. Today I focus on something that doesn’t require special settings, plugins, or any interaction with the preferences screen whatsoever. Loading items into Quicksilver […] Read more »

Lifehacker Chief, Gina Trapani has been documenting the steps she took in order to turn her popular blog into a book in print. Can you imagine trying to organize and edit 5,000 blog posts worth of information for book format? Yeah, me either. But Gina explains […] Read more »

A couple years back I was a huge fan of ThumbScrew. But the updates seemed to die off and then when I moved to my MacBook, things didn’t seem to really work well for me under Rosetta. So I’d left it in my past. But TUAW […] Read more »

Reader Wieger van der Burgt wrote in with a nice list of Unix goodies. Some of the tips expand on things I’ve written about before, while others may be new to you. (Especially if you’ve only been following along here at The Apple Blog for Unix […] Read more »

Everyone inside the United States is crazy jazzed about the forthcoming (4 months and 13 days till June) Apple iPhone. Those outside the States are less than excited, because what do they get?? Well in February most of the rest of the world will be getting […] Read more »

I’m still happy that the iPhone sports multi-touch technology. If for nothing else, that’s a huge reason I want to get my hands on (even, all over) an iPhone in June. The way Tom Cruise manages that futuristic computer in Minority Report gets me every single […] Read more »

(Posted this earlier, but it double posted. I removed what I thought was one of them, and then found both gone. Here’s the post again, hopefully in singular.) If you’re sporting a Core 2 Duo Macintosh, you’re probably in luck if you want to use the […] Read more »

During the San Francisco Keynote, Mr Jobs played some Beatles music for us. As I was taking notes I wondered if this was fore-shadowing to an announcement of iTunes adding the Beatles catalog to their offerings. Obviously nothing else was announced that day, or that week. […] Read more »

One of my new year’s resolutions was to try to do a screencast per week here on The Apple Blog. Second week into the year and I nearly blew that one! It’s just been a busy week, I emerge triumphant. (at least until I run out […] Read more »

I asked earlier if anyone knew how Apple was using the iPhone name when it belongs to Cisco and their VOIP handset. Then I pointed to a ZDNet post that made it sound as if Apple and Cisco were working things out. Then just 12 minutes […] Read more »

Last week I posted the Tab trick when in the Terminal/command line interface. Quickly, it expands the text output that you’re typing, of both directories and commands. Tapping Tab twice will bring up commands or directories starting with the same letter you’ve already typed – or […] Read more »

The title of this post is the slogan Jeff Croft suggests for the iPhone. Apple is no stranger to poking fun at Redmond, but that would’ve been a bit much. Even still, I like it. Looking through my News Feeds last night and this morning, I’m […] Read more »

About 2 weeks ago I went spouting-off about 3 predictions for Apple in 2007. I’m claiming 2 out of 3 at this point – and that third is really up for grabs until December 31st… So naming changes. Initially I’m wrong as could be on this […] Read more »

Matching its Apple TV and Mac Mini brethren, the new Airport Extreme comes in a compact boxy shape. The big news however is that it supports the 802.11n protocol for data transfer speeds that blow 802.11g away. So you can finally order your upgrade to your […] Read more »

These are thoughts I had as it was happening. It’s pretty rough, but you get the idea. I’d like to hear what you thought of everything today as well. Wild stuff eh? ————————————————————– please turn of cell phones/other devices – don’t want competition for new item? […] Read more »

Apple Inc, Apple Tv, and an Apple phone. Mac World 07 was definitely a huge one. Yet while I can barely wait until June for the iPhone (seriously? iPhone?) to ship – gonna have to sell a child or a kidney in the meantime – but […] Read more »

Since just about everyone in the industry – not to mention the endless mac fanatics – seem to expect that Steve will finally show us some sort of mobile Apple wireless device, how would the unveiling go exactly? I’ve been trying to come up with some […] Read more »

Here’s one for the GTD’ers amongst our readership. Page Packer makes it simple to print notes, calendars, pictures, or whatever and take them with you in a small, fold-able booklet. The beauty of Page Packer is the interface. It takes all the guess work out of […] Read more »

John Gruber points to a terrific post about Tuesday’s Keynote over at Valleywag. It’s worth a quick read for sure. The main point being that Apple is in overdrive with hyping this event. With the rumored Apple Phone being beating to death in the past few […] Read more »

I seem to remember this game originating maybe as far back as a couple years ago, though I apologize for not remembering who’s brainchild it was. But what for the past few Keynotes has been only a printable (usually pdf) version, has been coded and made […] Read more »

This is pretty sweet for all you home brew fans out there. This guy made his Nintendo DS function like an iPod, using the lower (touch) screen as the click wheel. Not overly useful – unless you have a DS and not an iPod – but […] Read more »

The title that I gave the announcement (yesterday) about Adobe bringing Premiere back to the OS X platform reminded me of this video I saw one time. I apologize, but I can’t recall where I found it. So if you’re that person, or know where I […] Read more »

In what I’d like to make a weekly series, I’m going to begin sharing Unix (stuff you do in the Terminal, for the uninitiated) tips for those wishing to learn more about it in the New Year. Or just learn more about it because you want […] Read more »

Since it’s not yet a category to which an award is given, Apple will have to settle for “Marketer of The Year” for 2006. I know this isn’t new news, but I thought The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs was worth a mention. A wonderful window […] Read more »

Since I unwittingly duplicated a post that Michael had already covered here, about David Sobotta, I removed that post and have reformatted the ideas I conveyed into this post. Sobotta’s insight to the way Steve does business and approaches technology is about as in-depth as I’ve […] Read more »

MacWorld tells us that today, Adobe will announce Premiere will again be offered for the Macintosh platform. The high end video editing software from Adobe dropped it’s Apple support back in 2003, most likely due to Apple’s vigorous efforts with the likes of Final Cut, After […] Read more »

Yesterday I posted a (apparently well known to everyone but me) tip about quickly adding items to your Login process. There was a comment asking about what I could possibly have with 12+ items starting at Login. So I figured I’d answer that here today. When […] Read more »

My post the other day about GPS in Leopard (I’m hoping, ok?) received a comment asking why it would be advantageous for Apple hardware to come equipped with GPS. To be fair, maybe it’s more useful for the MacBook line, but I think there are uses […] Read more »

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