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In just a little over 2 weeks us Mac geeks get to have second Christmas (or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or …) When Steve Jobs takes the stage to offer the first of his two major Keynotes each year. (Otherwise dubbed, ‘Stevenote’ by super Apple nerds.) There […] Read more »

Long ago, this post joked about the announcement by Apple to move to Intel chips. (It also spawned an unending quest for the origin of the title: Wait for it, Wait for it…but that’s a different story I suppose.) I bring this up because after reading […] Read more »

Leopard (OS X.5) was one of those big releases that while I was excited about it on principle, there weren’t many of the announced features that [on the surface] got me purring. The feature that garnered the most excitement for me was Spaces. I’m a longtime […] Read more »

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The Omni Group has been working feverishly on their version of a GTD (Getting Things Done) application for the Apple platform. They’ve been letting 16,000 individuals play with their “sneaky peek” of the application and enhancing the code daily for months. Well I just heard today […] Read more »

If you’ve previously installed the Developer Tools from the OS X installation discs, (be-it, Tiger, or now Leopard) you’ve had available to you a pretty powerful tool by the name of Quartz Composer. It’s all too possible you’ve seen the application, but have no real idea […] Read more »

Back in the early days of TAB, one of our fellow writers was one, Chris Holland. Chris is a pretty smart guy, knows a little too much about too many super geeky things, many of which revolve around Apple technology. He’s since moved on from TAB, […] Read more »

Quicksilver is my hands-down favorite application for OS X. (Seriously, if I were stranded on a desert island, it would be the one thing I brought with me!) However with the exception of becoming Leopard-ized, it hasn’t made many forward strides in recent months. I’d venture […] Read more »

Separate from the BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death – it’s generally a Windows term, if you’re somehow unaware…) that some folks experienced after upgrading to Leopard, there’s word of a new bluish, or greenish tint that’s occurring on some user’s screens. Up until now I’ve been […] Read more »

So Leopard finally launched last Friday at 6pm. It’s great, it’s lame – no matter your stance, it’s here. And in case you were unaware, it’s at least a little better (and dare I say, technically advanced?) than Microsoft’s Vista which hasn’t received the warmest of […] Read more »

JLab Audio carries a handful of products centered around audio – iPod Nano speakers, earbuds, iPod/iPhone cases, and USB speakers. I’ve had the opportunity to tinker with the latter of their offerings – the B-Flex 2 Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker. Now that’s a bit of a […] Read more »

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It appears that we may be hearing from Apple in a few hours, on the topic of DRM-Free digital music downloads. Details seem to indicate that the EMI tracks that have historically been available for $1.29 without any copy protection, will drop to the normal $.99 […] Read more »

Based on my time spent playing with the iPhone interface, I present to you my new term which represents a very serious condition facing geeks today. Scroligo | skro-li-go | noun The vertigo-like sensation induced by switching back and forth between the inverted scrolling orientation on […] Read more »

Dan at UneasySilence points out that if you’ve upgraded your iPhone to the latest version (1.1.1) the email viewer application now supports wav and mp3 files in your email. This is surprising to me that it wasn’t inherently in the iPhone to begin with… Dan points […] Read more »

As I believe is useful from time to time, LifeHacker is calling for your menubar submissions. Take a screenshot of your menubar, explain all the apps you’ve got running there, and submit to the good folks at LifeHacker. My suggestion would be to keep track of […] Read more »

As I understand it, iTunes for Windows allows you to sync your iPod – or more importantly (these days) your iPhone – with Outlook for contacts and calendar items. That seems well and good for Windows users I suppose, but not so for my co-worker and […] Read more »

Pixelmator has been pretty tight-fisted about letting their image-editor-in-progress see the light of day. There have only been 1 or 2 screencasts released by the developers, and what few beta testers were out there weren’t too loud about it. But today you can go download Pixelmator […] Read more »

I’m not all that picky when it comes to alarm clocks. Essentially it passes my rigorous test if the display doesn’t light up my room while I sleep, and the default buzzer doesn’t stop my heart when it goes off in the morning. But I suppose […] Read more »

In case you’re hoping for an invite to the Social, Woot’s got the 30gb Zune for $129 today. The funny part is that they were selling it for $169 just a few weeks ago. So there’s an “Emergency Open Letter” to all Woot Customers which addresses […] Read more »

Back when the Zune dropped (and kept dropping…) I was talking with a friend about the features – specifically the wifi that came built-in. While the product as a whole seemed like a brick, there was something interesting about having a media device with ad-hoc wifi […] Read more »

As with any new Apple product, the accessory market has exploded for the iPhone. With the new product and accessories come scores of websites, fan forums, and reviews of everything under the sun that may be related. But the resulting problem often times becomes a glut […] Read more »

If you don’t know that Apple thinks-through every minute detail of the things they do, you haven’t been a fan long enough. Take a long look at the hardware, the software, and the retail stores and your appreciation for the level of thought Apple puts into […] Read more »

This obviously isn’t a regular price drop, alas, the wildly popular – and successful – iPhone just dropped on the public a month and a half ago. But there are refurbished models available on Apple’s Hot Deals site. If you act quickly, you’ll be able to […] Read more »

Joining the ranks of iPhone-specific web applications, is the web hosting company, Media Temple (mt). Their angle is to offer iPhone-toting customers, access to control panel services for their (mt) hosted websites. Buy Domains, pay bills, reboot your server, and a slew of other options await […] Read more »

Mr Johnson (seriously?) got himself snipped in order to get the go ahead from The Boss (c’mon married guys, we all know it’s true) to buy himself an iPhone. Funny Story. Funnier is that just tonight my father-in-law relayed a story of his evening waiting in […] Read more »

Noodlesoft’s Paul Kim has released Hazel version 2.0 today. While this version has been in semi-private beta (you had to register in the forums) it is now feature complete and officially released for public consumption. Hazel 2.0 will cost new users $21.95 for a license, but […] Read more »

Being iPhone-less (I know, my life must be awful beyond comprehension) I can’t speak directly about the iPhone update, but TUAW’s Erica Sadun has everything you could possibly want to know about it. Some highlights: Looks as if Safari is the main target of this update. […] Read more »

Crunchgear points out PCWorld’s article stating that a bug in Samba may open OS X up to hackers. Samba is the open source file and print sharing software that OS X employs to make those tasks easier for users to setup. Most notably found in the […] Read more »

Nothing more than a terrific [and FUN] waste of time, Tilt SCREAM Pong takes full advantage of your MacBook’s sensory input devices. By tilting your Mac notebook, you can move your paddle from side to side. Screaming at the mic on your MacBook will aid you […] Read more »

I’ve been a bit light on Quicksilver love lately, and for the fans out there, I apologize. (Though from some of the comments I’ve seen, there are those who appreciate this, so there ya go.) But this morning there’s a great tip that Merlin points out, […] Read more »

I doubt this is legitimate footage of the next interface we’ll see on forthcoming iPods, but in the interest of helping you waste a little time, you can see the video below. It definitely looks like Apple’s style, but the functionality of the interface itself seems […] Read more »

UPDATE: And of course after I hit Publish, I notice that there’s an update to the story (thank goodness it’s friday!) It appears that it was actually Cisco’s issue, and it’s since been patched. No details on the cause or the fix (wonder if I’ll find […] Read more »

Yeah, sorry, I don’t really know how to title this little trick. Let me see if I can set this up so it’s clear what you’ll be looking at, before you actually look. (Or you can skip me stumbling over myself and just watch it anyway…) […] Read more »

Alright, so while the title of this post is more or less accurate, the polish and full suite of capabilities are not there. But Jing certainly does a nice job of combining the power of Snapz Pro X‘s video capture abilities with the simplicity of Skitch […] Read more »

LifeClever posted 17 Bookmarklets that iPhone users should be using. For the most part they are simple functionality that would be ideal to have built-in to Safari, but for now these 3rd party solutions will have to suffice. Get the ability to search a page for […] Read more »

Yes, this is The Apple Blog. However, as many of our readers cross over [to the dark side] for work, or maybe aspire to be mac owners one day, i think it’s useful to point out Dash for Windows. So who cares? Any Quicksilver users out […] Read more »

As the world of internet tv heats up, there are more and more options to keep track of. Joost has made the most noise, though YouTube has been a large internet-based presence. Well for most of the time there’s been Democracy Player, which allowed users to […] Read more »

If you’re one of the elite who rolls with an iPhone, you should really put some effort into allowing that beautiful screen to live up to its potential. For instance, try this. Take a photo of your friends smashing their face/hands up against some glass (or […] Read more »

This is too funny – and too clever – to pass on. If you’re an iPod owner, or more recently, an iPhone owner, then you’re likely aware of the high level of interest that thieves may have in getting their hands on your nifty Apple gadgets. […] Read more »

The CookBook application which was one of the 3 top spots in the My Dream App competition has some updated details. The pictures sure are pretty, and it looks like things are really coming together nicely. From the post, it sounds like it’s nearly decided to […] Read more »

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