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If you’ve got young children, chances are they’re already quite adept at using the computer. This is a new generation of wired little ones, and we’ve got our work cut out for us as we attempt to stay ahead of them. I’ll wager that you’re more […] Read more »

As seems to be the trend with Smule’s iPhone applications, their point may not be immediately clear. With many App Store offerings, “enjoyable time waster” could be the point, but that’s not always enough for some people. There were those who didn’t see the point of […] Read more »

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As I think it goes with most geeks, our better half (yes as a matter of fact, some of us have girlfriends and wives!) usually isn’t the most technical of people. My lovely wife can use a computer just fine, but she’s not the type of […] Read more »

When’s the last time you played with Photo Booth? I’m guessing you and your friends had some raucous laughs with it when you first got your Mac, and then haven’t done much with it since. Well I’m here to suggest you bring it out of mothballs […] Read more »

My life is busy (and yes, if you’re wondering, it is all about me), and frequently I tend to rip or download music without taking the time to apply ratings to it. Since ratings are one of the best methods for determining the usefulness of your […] Read more »

While nothing short of a fantastic delivery vehicle for all things iPhone Application, the App Store still has had its share of nuisances. (Even Apple doesn’t nail everything right out of the gate.) But with the unparalleled popularity of the iPhone and the ability to pair […] Read more »

I’m of the opinion that word-based puzzle games are where it’s at for the iPhone. Sure, the shooters and other touch games for the platform are cool, but I get longevity from the dynamic nature of word based challenges. So when the opportunity came to play […] Read more »

These days our lives revolve around our computers — for better or worse. We keep our finances there, photos, purchased music, and much much more. It seems like a no brainer that we should all be backing up our data regularly, but it still surprises me […] Read more »

I have some friends (mac-using friends) who are gaga over some of the new commercials they’ve seen of touch screen Windows-capable machines — namely the HP TouchSmart PCs. On one level I understand — that stuff looks cool! But I quickly come back and think, realistically […] Read more »

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Apple’s Address Book is a clean and concise way to manage all of your contacts. It does what it needs without a bunch of frills, and for the most part, that’s a good thing. My use of Address Book is fairly infrequent — and by infrequent […] Read more »

Iconfactory and ARTIS Software bring their game, Frenzic, to the iPhone. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this since before the iPhone even came to market. The simple yet challenging pie-based puzzle game really, truly seems like a match made in geek heaven, as the co-founder of […] Read more »

A couple weeks back, Weldon posted a great round up of iPhone Apps for your car. In it, he covered Car Care and AccuFuel, which handle car maintenance and fuel efficiency tracking, respectively. Well this week brings us Gas Cubby from the folks at App Cubby […] Read more »

There’s no shortage of applications from the App Store that allow iPhone users to let their inner musician come out and play. We’ve got guitars, pianos, and synthesizers galore to choose from. But an important detail to point out about these iPhone applications is that each […] Read more »

Had you noticed that Sonic Lighter (by Smule) was recently updated to be relevant to the pending presidential election? That’s right — a simple, silly, virtual lighter, now has the capability to give you first hand political polling results from around the world, for the two […] Read more »

Nearly two months ago, we penned the sad news that Air-O-Matic’s “Pull My Finger” application was denied from entry to the App Store. Pull My Finger (if you couldn’t guess) was a fart noise machine for iPhone. It was one of those times in life when […] Read more »

It’s mildly entertaining to me how we all seem to get excited about apps that bring functionality to our iPhones that has existed elsewhere for ages. As an example, Shazam came to the iPhone to decipher music we didn’t know, by playing it into the microphone […] Read more »

The Inquisitor plugin, (now owned by Yahoo) long monogamously committed to the Safari web browser, is now available for Firefox and Internet Explorer, across the OS X and Windows computing platforms. Inquisitor plugs in to the search bar in your browser, and functions much like the […] Read more »

I like to think I do a pretty good job of keeping the major stuff in order, on track, and on time. Where I begin to lose focus is in the personal details of my life. Ask me what I’m doing this weekend for instance, and […] Read more »

Hot on the heels of Apple’s new MacBook line — which among other things, offers a multitouch trackpad –coming to market, we’re seeing the first third party applications which support multitouch gestures. Mozilla is the first to the party, and has now made available an experimental […] Read more »

After loving Plasq’s Skitch for a while now, I didn’t think I could have feelings for another screen capture utility. At an early glance, it appears I may need to re-evaluate my former stance. Now a days, I’m really looking forward to LittleSnapper from Real Mac […] Read more »

Do you consider yourself a geek? Now how about a hardcore geek? And since you’re reading The Apple Blog, clearly you’re a Hardcore Mac Geek (assuming you answered yes to the preceding questions). Check, check, and check. Great! So this post is aimed squarely at you! […] Read more »

I recently wrote about alternatives to Apple’s Spaces virtual desktop offering that comes included with Leopard. There, I confessed that I’ve come to appreciate the simplicity Spaces offers, though miss configuration options. Well Hyperspaces is the forthcoming extension to Spaces and does well to fill the […] Read more »

Enigmo, by Pangea Soft is not a new game/application by any means — for the Mac, or for the iPhone for that matter. While I’ve got it on my MacBook, I hadn’t sprung the nearly $10 that Enigmo was priced at in the App Store. But […] Read more »

About three weeks ago, we reported that Apple had issued a recall on the small form-factor USB wall charger that was included with the iPhone 3G. Apparently there was a slim chance that the prongs could break off in the outlet, and Apple didn’t want to […] Read more »

Estimates show that as September came to a close, Apple’s iPhone manufacturers should have rolled unit number 10,000,000 off their lines. Not totally shabby for 18 months of iPhones on the open market — a significant portion of that time limited to potential sales in the […] Read more »

App Cubby is an Application Development shop out of San Marcos, Texas, that jumped into the fray of iPhone programming back in March of this year. Focusing their attentions squarely on the iPhone-toting worker on the run. Their first offering, Trip Cubby, easily handles expensible mileage, […] Read more »

Almost a year ago Apple gave us Leopard (OS X 10.5), and along with it came virtual desktops for the masses, in the form of Spaces. For many this was an interesting new way to expand their workspace virtually. For the rest of us [power users?] […] Read more »

WARNING: If you’re having a good day, in a good mood, or are generally happy with the world, you might want to avoid this post, as it addresses a blood-boiling, migraine-inducing, hot-button issue that is likely to alter your otherwise happy-go-lucky day. We’ve probably all been […] Read more »

Have you ever taken some video clips with your point-and-shoot digital camera, downloaded them to iPhoto, and found them playing sideways? This is a common occurrence in our house. We’ll get some great footage of our kids doing something cute or funny, only to find that […] Read more »

Ask my wife about how neat I am, and she’s very likely to laugh at you for referencing me and the word ‘neat’ in the same sentence. But when it comes to my digitized life, “neatnik” couldn’t be a better descriptor for me. Ever since the […] Read more »

Yesterday, Line Rider finally dropped into the App Store for the iPhone. Selling for $2.99, this is one game that gives hours upon hours of fun – the only limit being your creativity. Since the announcement on the web a couple weeks back, I’ve been watching […] Read more »

If you go job hunting on, and you live in Colorado, you’ll be greeted by a bit of a surprise – There’s a new store on the horizon! Colorado Springs, CO is on the board for an Apple Retail Store. This should be a welcome […] Read more »

I – along with much of the rest of the Mac-using world – have been waiting for Delicious Library 2 for quite a while. Seems like we’ve been hearing about how awesomer the second incarnation of the media tracking application will be, for years. I know […] Read more »

If you’re taken with VMware’s Fusion (for operating system virtualization on the Mac platform), as I am, then you’ll probably be glad to hear that they’ve started a blog to keep us all apprised of their efforts. You’ll be able to see what they’re working on, […] Read more »

The guys at VMware are supremely dedicated to bringing the best support for Virtualization that they can to the Apple platform. I’ve played with both Parallels and Fusion and the choice of the latter was an easy one for me. But the one sticking point tends […] Read more »

While we here at The Apple Blog will be offering our 2 cents (not that you asked…) on tomorrow’s announcements during and following the Macworld Expo Keynote, you may be looking for the straight dirt as it drops. Well whether you’re at a computer, or sporting […] Read more »

Rogue Amoeba – makers of some stellar audio software – are gearing up for another Macworld Expo in San Francisco, and have added a new twist to the goodies they’ll be offering. In years past they (like many attending developers) have handed out CDs loaded with […] Read more »

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