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Has it been a long almost-week for anyone else who upgraded on day one of Snow Leopard? My upgrade experience went swimmingly, with the glaring exception of iStat Menus not working. Since then, (home of iStat Menus) has been set as my homepage so I […] Read more »

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Recently, David tee’d up a great article about migrating from Aperture to iPhoto. And iPhoto is a great photo management application — it’s easy to use and extremely powerful. But the problem (for me at least) comes when trying to archive photos. I try to keep about […] Read more »

The lovely and talented Hazel received an update (to version 2.3) yesterday. Paul Kim of Noodlesoft announced the update on his developer blog, and highlights an update to the already useful App Sweep feature and the built-in script editor, among other improvements. This upgrade, as well […] Read more »

I’ll posture that not many of us know the anniversary of the date we purchased most of our cellular phones — at least not before the iPhone hit the streets. (And if you do remember, hopefully you remember other, important anniversaries, too!) But things changed on […] Read more »

The fear of freedom that Zengobi’s Curio offers users has caused me to write and rewrite this post many times over the past few months. I just haven’t known how best to embody its essence. So before I confuse (and frighten) myself more, I’m kicking this […] Read more »

We’ve posted Power User tips focusing on OS X as a whole (look for an update post for the not-far-off Snow Leopard) and the System Preferences. Today we’ll cast our gaze on iTunes. Listening to music on your Mac is like peanut butter and bananas — […] Read more »

Adobe’s recent earnings report revealed that version 10 of its Flash Mobile framework will be available this fall. This is great news — that is, it’s great news for phones running Windows Mobile, Palm Web OS, Symbian and Android, which Flash Mobile 10 will be optimized […] Read more »

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This morning, in many parts of the country, the iPhone 3G S is already being doled out to anxious customers. Despite the bumpy upgrade plan that has been laid ahead of many current iPhone owners, there are still lines at some AT&T stores. Locally, the retail […] Read more »

The iPhone’s 2-megapixel camera takes some all-right photos, but honestly, there’s a lot of room for improvement. A future model with a higher-resolution camera seems like a no-brainer (rumors point to 3.2-megapixel hardware), but for now, there are some excellent applications for getting the most out […] Read more »

Whenever a friend who’s new to Apple picks up a new Mac of their own, I’m sure to tell them about the great educational and support services Cupertino offers as well. In-store group Workshops, Genius Bar and One to One are all great offerings. One I’ve […] Read more »

About two months following the pricing experiment by App Cubby’s David Barnard, Gas Cubby gets a 2.0 upgrade. Gas Cubby provides a way to track gas mileage for your automobile. But more than that, all maintenance and other costs sunk into your vehicle are dutifully tracked […] Read more »

Last December we pointed you to cloud-based backup solution, Backblaze. At the time it was only in beta release for Mac, but today that changes. Head on over and try Backblaze out for yourself, as it’s now open to the public. There are several options in […] Read more »

Most people have seen the BumpTop videos on YouTube and TED by now. (If you haven’t, I’ve embedded their current demo vid below. Take a look!) The official desktop replacement has been in private beta (for Windows only) for a little while now, and I’ve had […] Read more »

If you follow Midnight Apps on Twitter, you know it’s taken the better part of a month. But they’ve finally navigated the App Store approval process, and Cha-Ching Touch is now available for purchase via the App Store. We gave an early look at Cha-Ching Touch […] Read more »

Greetings iPhone Developers! It seems you’ve got a lot to digest after yesterday’s iPhone 3.0 announcement. Certainly the wheels are turning on how you can implement all the nifty new features. By now, (if you’ve been able to access the developer page at you’re probably […] Read more »

The great thing about using Apple computers (loaded with OS X of course), is that some of the tasks that can be frustrating and difficult on another operating system are simple and possibly even fun. So assuming you’ve got a handle on using that Mac of […] Read more »

In a somewhat atypical Wednesday hardware announcement, Apple released their newest iPod Shuffle. The biggest news about the iPod redesign is that it uses VoiceOver to tell you about the music you’re listening to, creating a marked improvement in the Shuffle’s navigation capability. The new Shuffle […] Read more »

An attribute of Apple’s OS X operating system that I love above nearly all others is that there’s so much power beneath the simple and elegant interface. Although there are many undocumented features of OS X, we’re going to look at some that are fairly well […] Read more »

There are plenty of offerings in the App Store to track your finances on the go. So Midnight Apps’ Cha-Ching Touch is just another addition to a crowded space then, right? Not exactly. Besides bringing their stunning user interface and ease of use to the iPhone/iPod […] Read more »

Many of us are hip to Twitter these days, and there are a myriad of options for keeping track of the resulting tweets. I personally bounce between the webpage itself and Tweetdeck (while on my Mac). But sometimes I want to trim down my open windows […] Read more »

We here at TheAppleBlog have posted a fair bit about Smule and their iPhone/iPod touch applications. Their apps are a bit off the wall (which seems like a winner in the App Store), but pack a lot of potential under the hood (as I indicated here). […] Read more »

Hey guys (and yes, I do just mean the guys on this one), lonely for Valentine’s Day? Need some positive reinforcement? Maybe just a quick, chauvinistic laugh? If you answered with an emphatic “Yes!” to any of the preceding and have an extra 99 cents to […] Read more »

The design of Apple’s App Store has been receiving a fair bit of criticism from both developer and customers alike. I’m not here to rehash all of that, but rather, to point out the results of a pricing experiment that App Cubby founder, David Barnard performed. […] Read more »

I’m rarely one to buy into extended warranties. I worked at Best Buy (I was young and stupid, cut me some slack) long ago, and swore I would never waste money on those coverage plans. All that being said, I recommend all my friends cover their […] Read more »

At first blush, I wasn’t convinced that BurnBall had the stickiness necessary to merit replay in my oh-so-valuable free time. As it turns out, the deceptively simple yet addictive game play make for a great and fun way to kill time on the iPhone or iPod […] Read more »

With all the interest in Netbooks these days, many eyes are on Apple to see what kind of move they may make in this relatively new space. Some analysts believe that Netbooks are a risky idea for all PC makers, while others foster the belief that […] Read more »

I’ve spent several hours tinkering with Apple’s new iPhoto ’09 — part of the newly updated iLife ’09 suite of media applications — and I like what I’ve seen so far. The entire application is a strong step forward, and the exciting new features (facial recognition […] Read more »

From the coders who brought you Trip Cubby and Gas Cubby (both of which I use weekly), comes Health Cubby. If you’ve used either of the aforementioned iPhone and iPod touch apps from App Cubby you’re already aware of the kind of data collection they are known […] Read more »

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