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We all know that means something big. Sounds like it’s most likely dual core powermacs… Hope there’s a powerbook announcement in there too. Mine’s getting long in the tooth (for my likes anyway). Anyone wanna buy a 17″ powerbook…? Hold your breath folks… HERE’S THE LATEST: […] Read more »

Just commenting on a small detail that is wicked cool with iTunes 6. Have you gone into the Videos section? Any videos that you’re storing in iTunes, whether they be downloaded music videos, interviews bundled with albums, or a miscellaneous item you dropped in because you […] Read more »

So yesterday was quite a day. I for one am pretty jazzed about the whole Front Row deal. I think that’s gonna be some sweet action as it propagates throughout the Apple hardware line (Steve, please do this soon) in the coming months. And while the […] Read more »

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I was checking my feeds and saw something in the “Enjoying” list on that got me thinking a little bit. The gear-turner went like this: “Well how about that. Microsoft has released a web developer toolbar for IE.” Isn’t that kind of sad? I mean, […] Read more »

I came across a very interesting article on Wired that explains the general dismay people have with the seeming lack of randomness that results from random playlists. Dan Goodin (the writer) explains some of the lengths he’s gone to in order to achieve random bliss – […] Read more »

For those of you not within reach of an Apple Store, or haven’t found someone who’s gotten a nano yet, here are all the pictures on Flickr tagged with ipodnano. There are a few that do a great job of showing just how small it really […] Read more »

John Gruber (Daring Fireball) has a bust-your-gut funny piece about the new UI for iTunes 5. It’s set in the form of cell phone conversations between Brushed Metal & his agent, with a cameo from Aqua. A snippet: Brushed Metal: What’s this guy’s name? Mike: (laughs) […] Read more »

A while back I wrote about the remote possibility that with Tiger, Apple was taking a new direction in design, and moving toward black products. Of course it was just a random thought, but quite a few readers got in on the comments. Well today, I’ll […] Read more »

Last Sunday night I crashed my powerbook. Before all the mac haters jump and say “HAH!”, sit back down. In the 3 years I’ve had my powerbook, I’ve crashed it twice – both were my own fault. Hacking things I shouldn’t have been… So back to […] Read more »

I just recently extended my external Hard Drive capacity by 250 gigabytes. It cost me $130. Try to beat that deal with a Lacie or something similar. The key – and this is really a note for relative newbies out there – is to buy an […] Read more »

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Well you gotta iPod Your Baby then! Too funny. I think I’ve gotta have another kid just so I can get one of these things! At the very least, I know what I’m getting friends for their baby showers from here on out… sorry, went through […] Read more »

Wow – this came out of Left Field. Apple released the Mighty Mouse today. In typical Apple style, it looks really sleek. But will the features perform as well? Hopefully someone will soon get their hands on one and let us know. Meanwhile, here’s the lowdown. […] Read more »

Go check out LifeHacker for a cool idea on discovering new audio/video content. The gist of it goes like this: In iTunes, subscribe to a custom feed. Make that custom feed a RSS URI from that points only to the media you want to grab. […] Read more »

So by now you’ve all heard, right? Yahoo! bought Konfabulator. They’ll be offering it for free (refunds to those who paid for Version 2.0) to anyone who wants it. And yes, OS X development has been confirmed to continue. So what’s the angle here? Yahoo is […] Read more »

Original Post/Problem here. Well good news! I finally figured out the trick. The solution is not as I would have expected from Apple – based on the way everything else syncs with the iPod – but that’s ok. “Think Different”, right? So after you’ve downloaded photos […] Read more »

Do you have a color iPod? How about the optional Camera Connector? Well then maybe you can help me out. Did Apple really drop the ball this badly? Sorry, I’ll let everyone in on the problem here. You see, I just recently got myself a shiny […] Read more »

So the last time that Apple did their iTunes giveaway, a friend of mine won one of the click wheel iPods. So today I went through the 100k winners to see if there was anyone local to me who won. Turns out there were 4 or […] Read more »

“I forget it’s not part of OS X…” I’ve read the same sentiment about Quicksilver many many times, and it’s a testament to how great it really is. But to me, Quicksilver IS OS X. The things that Quicksilver (QS from here on out) enables users to do on OS X are the things that drop Windows users’ jaws. A while back I wrote Quicksilver Changes Everything as an introduction and tutorial of this incredible app. Today I aim to reintroduce QS and address the Spotlight argument. Soon to follow I’ll give a few more walk throughs of cool QS powers.

Quickly, QS is an Application Launcher. Whoop-dee-doo, right? Right! Because beyond the Launcher capabilities, it allows you to handle files, folders, manipulate just about any data on your system, interface with a multitude of OS X apps, and so on. Swiss Army Knife has got nothing on Quicksilver. Read more »

Check out the Side by Side comparison of an old Powerbook Duo 230 and a new 12″ Powerbook G4 here. hat tip I had a duo 230 my freshman year of college. Ah, memories… Not really. Wow, didn’t do much on it back then. Wish I […] Read more »

Just a quick heads-up in case you haven’t noticed yourself… If you’re running the Saft plugin for Safari, it WILL break Safari following the update to 10.4.2. Opening Safari will pop up a window telling you that Saft isn’t supported in the current Safari version and […] Read more »

I attended a cousin’s wedding last week. He asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking candid photos during the wedding. I being the closet photog, starved for scenery other than the sunsets from my front yard was more than happy to oblige him.

So morning of the wedding, I took my job very seriously. I started snapping away. Trying to get all angles, people, emotions and so on (ok, so that translates into angles that I’m not sure what I was shooting, eyes half open, food being chewed, etc, etc) I ended up with about 400 pictures by mid day. Read more »

x180 / james duncan davidson: Dear Steve is an open letter to Steve Jobs regarding the switch-over to Intel Hardware. James helps put me at ease by detailing some of his first-hand experiences of the ease and speed of porting apps over to the X86 framework. […] Read more »

Great new site just launched – Basically it’ll run you through the items you’ll need to build your own Intel based Macintosh in preparation for the official – or unnofficial – release of Tiger for X86. Should be a nice way to save a few […] Read more »

This is slightly Off Topic, but a good little read. You’ll see the relevance at the end. It’s a comment from Slashdot, on the post titled, “Nerds Make Better Lovers”. You can read the comment at Slashdot, here, or below, as I’ve copied and pasted it. […] Read more »

I’ve just got to vent a little bit here. The ‘Intel Announcement’ has Mac loyalists, analysts, bloggers, etc, etc, all in a tizzy – and why exactly?? Let’s take a look at what this means on a basic level… I understand there will be growing pains. […] Read more »

Hey TAB readers. We’re still working on details to bring you up-to-the-minute live coverage from WWDC. In the meantime, we’ll have an iChat session open for any interested parties. So in iChat, you can go to FileGo To Chat and then enter TheAppleBlog and you’re in! […] Read more »

The internet is abuzz, and if you haven’t taken note of the Mad As Hell Series over at Security Awareness for Ma, Pa and the Corporate Clueless go do so now. It’s the tale of a man who knows his way around computers, and has finally […] Read more »

If you follow the 43Folders websites (Site, Google Group, Wiki) you’re no doubt familiar with Getting Things Done (GTD). I’ve not read the book myself (but Josh is!) but know that a system of tagging to-do items with a @ prefix is one of the cornerstones. […] Read more »

Slashdot is pointing at a terrific write-up detailing the speed gains in running a Mac Mini off of an external Firewire drive instead of the relatively slow notebook sized hard drive it has inside. The idea makes great sense, and being a desktop computer (even though […] Read more »

While Spotlight is definitely cool, it doesn’t quite fit my workflow. Quicksilver remains the supreme app on my Tiger installation. At a glance these tools may seem similar – even potential competitors – but in the end they’re VERY different tools. Alas this is a discussion/argument for another day. Let’s set that aside and move on to the point of this post.

Spotlight has made itself a little home in my workflow by including Spotlight Comments. If you’re unaware, Spotlight Comments are a new section in each file or folder’s Get Info screen. You can add your own information to each item indexed on your system for additional Spotlight specificity.

For me, Spotlight Comments represent a way to tag my files a la Flickr,, etc. This is immensely more useful for me than the default full text indexing that Spotlight offers. I want a narrow result set most of the time. Adding tags that make sense to me accomplishes this nicely.

But there’s a problem. I’m lazy. I don’t want to have to click each file, CMD I to Get Info, enter my Spotlight Comments for that file, close the window, and move to the next file. That’s like 5-10 seconds of mouse movement and typing and, well, I’m tired just thinking about it. Enter my faithful sidekick, Quicksilver. (Hi-Ho Quicksilver!) Read more »

Raise your hand if you watched MTV last night at 7:30 to catch the XBOX 360 unveiling. I Tivo’d it and watched it later on. Wow. This is looking ridiculously incredible. Some quick specs go like this: IBM PowerPC based CPU with three cores at 3.2 […] Read more »

First off – sorry to all my loyal readers (I know, but at least I realize I’m delusional) that I’ve been quiet for the past week or so. I was off in Mexico with no connections whatsoever to the outside world. It was actually kind of […] Read more »

I was chatting with Josh the other day, on my 17″ Powerbook, propped up by bottled-water caps. If you’re a Powerbook or iBook owner, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the heat that results from using your computer on a flat, un-ventilated surface. Maybe you’ve even MacGyver’ed a solution […] Read more »

MacFixIt has some nice lists of things that appear to be broken in the initial Tiger release. Probably a good idea to check this out and see what’s gonna cause you pain for the first week or so until Apple gets a fix out via Software […] Read more »

New PowerMacs leaked at Apple Power Mac G5 Desktop M9749LL/A (Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5, 512 MB RAM, 250 GB Hard Drive, 16x Dual Layer SuperDrive) Listed for under $3000.00 Read more »

I’ve had the chance recently to play with You Control, which is a software application that is essentially a bundle of small utilities and apps that you may already have running on your system. The idea is that YC (as I’ll refer to You Control from here on out, to avoid any “Who’s on First” type nuances) runs all these things off a single engine, instead of multiple little things all starting and running individually. So what are you actually getting for $29.95 that the multiple free apps don’t offer – and is it worth it?

Back before Menu Calendar Clock, there was a great, tiny, free utility called Pth Clock. Basically it replaced the System Clock in the Menubar and upon hovering over it, the date was displayed. It was simple, but useful for my day to day needs. Well one day it was no longer available, but rather was consumed, upgraded, and offered for sale as part of You Control. There was a lot more there than I cared to use (and pay for) and so I went back to the System Clock (that is until I discovered Menu Calendar Clock – but that’s a story for another day). So my bias began against YC. Read more »

The latest accessory to hit the world for Mac Mini owners is just what I’d be looking for if I had a Mini at my house. Gizmodo points to the miniMate (by MicroNet) which sits beneath the Mini, looks much like the Mini, and adds 3 […] Read more »

Reviewing the list of Tiger enhancements makes it fairly apparent that Konfabulator is not the only 3rd party application who’s functionality will be mimicked in the new version of OS X. Every piece of software (especially operating systems) ships with little holes in functionality that leave […] Read more »

It’s time to query the community of TAB readers. If you’re anything like me you’re thinking ahead 1 week, to Tiger. With that comes the nagging feeling that there will be some issues with broken 3rd party shareware apps scattered among my Applications folder. I’ve begun […] Read more »

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