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Let’s try this again. Here’s the full video, starting with the setup and an explanation. Then you’ll see a demo of selecting a file in the Finder, launching Quicksilver with the selected file loaded, selecting the Email Directly action, and typing the name of the recipient. […] Read more »

WordPress sucks. major posting issues. This is truncated big time – sorry. Watch for a nice, full featured video download to come… In the meantime: THE DEMO (Sorry, YouTube kinda skewed my movie a bit…) THE SETUP (Starting at the top of the Preferences items) Application: […] Read more »

Here’s the deal people. Quicksilver (get over it, Quicksilver owns me, and I will forever write about it) is one of those apps that totally changes the user experience on a mac. Stop me if you’ve heard this before… But it’s also one of those things […] Read more »

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If you’ve ever wished you had the wikipedia definition of ‘folksonomy’ or ‘web 2.0′ while out and about, now you can. Check out the wikipedia on your ipod. I haven’t tried it out myself just yet, but it looks as if you can even search entries […] Read more »

This is great! Install the plugin and you can search your bookmarks through Spotlight. I installed it, and a moment later ran a query – my CPU has stayed steady as ever while the indexing occured – with instant results. Quicksilver also has a plugin […] Read more »

YouTube has a genius parody up right now. Shows the way Microsoft would redesign the beatifully simplistic and effective iPod packaging. You gotta see this thing. The best part is, it’s SPOT ON. Go there now. Read more »

TUAW posted a tip about Bravo adding Inside the Actor’s Studio to Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Looks like it’ll drop next week. I think this is the first time I’m actually excited about new video content being added to iTMS. If you haven’t watched Inside The […] Read more »

Having not seen the question posed in a few months, I think it’s time once again. What’s in your Menu Bar? I think there are enough of us out there with some little app or utility that we take for granted. Lets post em so everyone […] Read more »

FlyingMeat has released an app called FlyGesture ($24.95) that brings together a combination of Mouse Gestures and Quicksilver (or any launcher) type capabilities. Essentially, if you’re more of a mouse-jockey than the keyboard sort, this may be the application for you. I gave it a quick […] Read more »

I’ll let you all in on a little secret. Actually, it’s not really a secret, just a point that most of us forget as our emotions cloud whatever issue we find ourselves getting riled over. You see, sometimes people write about something that has some potential […] Read more »

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of Quicksilver coverage. Periodically I start to ‘pen’ new pieces on Quicksilver here on The Apple Blog – but then I compare it to some of the other things I’ve read across these great internets and I bow to their […] Read more »

Yesterday was a month from the start of my Metadata-centric Experiment. Those eagle-eyed readers amongst you watched it come and go with nary a word from me – I apologize folks. To Recap: For a month now I’ve been dumping everything into an empty Documents folder. […] Read more »

Engadget has duct-taped a lot of little info-bites together and come up with some interesting possibilities for the future of the iPod. 3.5″ screen virtual ‘click’ wheel on touch-sensitive screen wifi/bluetooth/etc It could be interesting. But my biggest hangup on the potential reality of this is […] Read more »

Raise your hand if you’re never quite satisfied by one browser and jump around every few months. That’s me for sure. Safari’s great. Quick, elegant UI, Apple. But just often enough, a page or two don’t render the way they should. Eventually I can’t handle it. […] Read more »

The Core Duo iMacs have been out long enough that everyone’s gotten into the mix and penned their experiences with the speed and performance of the new machines. That’s all well and good, but until we each have out own opportunity to put a Core Duo […] Read more »

The New York Times writes about the tremendous success of the iPod, and the burgeoning accessory market. Makes for a little bit of interesting reading. The 32 million iPods sold last year equates to 1 every second. That’s ridiculous isn’t it? And the accessory market is […] Read more »

I just connected my iPod to load a bunch of new songs and video content from my PowerBook and noticed something that probably should be changed in a future iTunes update. The status message of the upload read “Updating songs on iPod” yet it was in […] Read more »

I tried launching Textmate from Quicksilver just now, but acted too quickly and Textpander‘s Preference Pane popped open instead. A Happy mistake though, as it alerted me that version 1.2.2 is now available. And for all you new Core Duo owners, it’s a Universal Binary, so […] Read more »

I’ve had the conversation a few times already.  I’m sure many of you have as well.  “Do I get a first revision Intel Mac, or do I wait until the hype dies, and bugs are worked out of the hardware/software?” A day or so after The […] Read more »

My younger sister is in the market for a new computer, and like seemingly everyone else these days, she’s looking for a Mac. So as a good big brother, I’m helping her figure out what to get. While pricing out the new Intel iMac and MacBook […] Read more »

I feel like I’m drowning in photo applications lately – anyone else feeling the pressure on their chest also? There’s been Aperture (though I haven’t sprung for that one just yet) in recent weeks/months, Adobe’s new Lightroom beta, iPhoto ’06, and now I’ve got a copy […] Read more »

“Slow cooked to perfection,” doesn’t seem too far off. I bought Path Finder back in it’s version 2 days, but abandoned it after a short while – it just wasn’t doing it for me. I’ve only just begun my playing with Path Finder 4, but I’m […] Read more »

Found this over on Digg – Flip4Mac has a piece of software that makes Quicktime able to run Windows Media! And not just that, it’ll run .wmv’s in your browser as well. I’ve tested it out and it works great. What’s a hugely useful little app […] Read more »

I’ll be getting iLife ’06 sooner or later, but I’m not quite as jazzed about it as I was this time last year. Though the new iPhoto may have a potentially cool feature to it. RSS. Now pictures over RSS feeds is nothing new at all. […] Read more »

Go check it out now, it’s free and in Beta. At first glance, it looks nice. Haven’t taken the plunge with Aperture, so I don’t have a comparison here – If you have, let us know how they compare. Read more »

It’s my impression – from various reading around the internets – that of the many new features that came with Tiger, Spotlight hasn’t lived up to the hype it initially generated. While my filing habits have slipped slightly, I still don’t use Spotlight as much as […] Read more »

Damien Barrett over at TUAW makes the perfect point about the MWSF phenomenon – he actually considered risked skipping his twin brother’s wedding to go to Mac World San Fransisco next week! But that’s how Mac users are. Every year we get excited to hear all […] Read more »

Looks like Redmond took Cupertino’s suggestion to heart. Course we all knew that already. Airbag points to a couple awesome movies. They pair CES Vista announcements with the current OS X functionality. Fun to watch. It’ll be great to see what Leopard has up its sleeves […] Read more »

OK TAB Readers/Mac Aficionados, I need your wisdom. I’m gonna plunk a few precious dollars down on a Blog editing client/tool. You know, like Ecto or MarsEdit. So gimme your thoughts on which you like best (I like reasons too – not just, “it’s neat!” I […] Read more »

Editor’s Note: I’m planning on this topic spanning a series of 3, 4, maybe even 5 posts here on The Apple Blog. I hope that all you fine readers out there will add your 2 copper pieces to the mix here, as I would love to […] Read more »

CNet’s has a nice rundown of all Apple’s moves in 2005. Nice timeline of events. It’s pretty impressive to see all that they did in a single year. Here’s to ’06! Read more »

Ever wonder where the symbol for the Apple (Command) key came from? Well, neither did I. But someone did, and the story was told. Seems Jobs was upset about something. Image that… Thank heavens for perfectionism though, eh? Nod to Digg for this one. Read more »

First there was iPod. Then there was the iPod Photo which could download digital pictures from a camera with an optional accessory. Now there’s a video-capable iPod. What do you suppose the next logical step is here? In a rare mind-bending moment it hit me – […] Read more »

I got me one of them shiny new black iPods a couple weeks back. It’s real purty. While the black is very nice looking, it’s also going to scratch if you breath on it with anything less than freshly brushed teeth. I’m not much for the cases – I don’t like hiding my iPod, but I DO want to protect it. So I set out to find some skins to properly protect my new toy.

DecalGirl and The Invisible Shield hooked me up with a couple to try out. I went through the installations of both, and tried each out for a few days to see how it protected my iPod from daily use. It’s been widely established that these new iPods scratch far too easily, so while I take good care of my things, having these protective skins was a great help. Read more »

An artificial limit of 100 songs? What the heck? Motorola CEO, Ed Zander doesn’t think anyone needs more than that…at least according to a rant that he spewed when the ROKR went over like, well, a rock. But was Zander’s frustration directed toward the poor reception his new iTunes-capable phone got – or at Apple?

The iPod has been a force that has brought about the second coming of Apple. Millions sold in each of the past couple of years. New models introduced seemingly every month. White ear buds adorning every other person on the streets. The “Halo Effect”.

What could possibly topple the reign of Apple’s iPod? Microsoft hasn’t been successful in championing any competitive products. Who else could? What else could? While every other person may be sporting white ear buds, just about EVERYone has got a cell phone in their pocket. MP3 capable cell phones aren’t a new idea, but they’ve been around long enough that it seems like high time they really take off. And what then? What happens to Apple’s mighty iPod when everyone’s cell phone is playing music on the go? Read more »

I just realized that I am WAY too far gone as a Mac user. If you too can immediately identify what this tattoo stands for, you’re in the same boat with me. Of course the individual sporting that tattoo is in a different class all together!! […] Read more »

Slashdot reports (via AppleInsider) that there have been 1 million (plus) Windows -> Mac converts in the first 9 months of 2005. Wow. I’m no expert, but that sounds pretty impressive to me. Studies show that many bypassed lower-end systems such as the mac mini/iMac/iBook – […] Read more »

In a Google-like tribute,’s front page pays homage to Rosa Parks, following her passing. Click the image to read about her and the life she led. While I love the gesture (and really do think it’s well-done), I can’t help but feel that Apple’s inclusion […] Read more »

Apple’s latest special event (who’s keeping count these days?) saw the upgrade of the 15″ and 17″ powerbooks with higher resolutions (1440×960 and 1680×1050 respectively), as well as dual core CPUs and dropped pricing on the 23″ and 30″ Cinema Displays. These are all worthy announcements […] Read more »

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