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Geez, I think I’m gonna start this as a regular sort of topic here at The Apple Blog. This’ll be the 2nd example this week of a business leader in a seat of power talking about their move to Macintosh computers (here’s the other from this […] Read more »

Just today Parallels released their latest beta of their popular Virtualization software. While I haven’t had a chance to give it a try just yet, I have been testing it out as a replacement for my Windows Laptop at work. I’m crafting the piece right now, […] Read more »

Text editors are great if for no other reason than that you can execute a search and replace function. This little tool has saved me countless hours of tedious, mind-numbing text replacement exercises. But what happens when you need to alter several items outside of a […] Read more »

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In the comments of ‘Banking on Apple‘ the discussion of Apple Hardware becoming more standard across the desks at large companies seemed to take a front seat. It’s an interesting topic that ultimately sprang – in this forum – from a not-fully-explained comment of mine. I […] Read more »

A couple days ago I began to write about this post by Zeldman. But then I saw it referenced in another place or two, and thought it not significant enough to devote my time to when a couple others already had. But this thing just keeps […] Read more »

I’ll preface this post by noting that I’m the last person to ask for stock tips. I don’t have the mind for it and I don’t keep track of that stuff in a manner that’s useful to anyone but myself. You want stock tips? I’ll point […] Read more »

In the past 4 years I’ve gone from the 17″ PowerBook, to a 15″ Powerbook, to a 13″ MacBook. Each time I’ve upgraded the system, but clearly downgraded the display size. I get by because of the 20″ LCD I connect to on my desk at […] Read more »

I love the ravenous Mac community. There’s always some rumor flying around, or a contest to mock-up fake products. Simply put, the community made-up of Apple fans is devoted. Most recently on the list of rumors (again) is a Tablet form-factor unit from Apple. This one’s […] Read more »

While I’m certain most of us would love to put that Mac/Book Pro on our wishlists this holiday season, they’re probably not the most realistic choices. Accessories for your Mac however, are much more realistic and can hugely enhance your computing experience. Obviously there are a […] Read more »

More often than not when Quicksilver is blogged, the topic focuses on simply launching apps or some other pretty basic use. But here on TAB, I’ve tried to show some of the more advanced features of this amazing program. Recently David at TUAW got down with […] Read more »

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A while back I had the opportunity to try the LapWorks Mac Feet. The stick-on little feet for my PowerBook were excellent. But alas, as durable as they were, they didn’t stand up to the destructive power of my 2 and 4 year old boys…plus, I’ve […] Read more »

Tangerine from Potion Factory is a very cool companion application to iTunes. Basically it runs through your itunes music library and analyzes the beat patterns of the music you listen to. If you’re like me your music tastes are quite eclectic. Tangerine is perfect for my […] Read more »

I got an iChat message from Paul yesterday, asking about a way to use music visualizations as a desktop ‘wallpaper’. My initial suggestion was to play with Quartz Composer and see about coming up with something there. I’ve come up with a couple more suggestions – […] Read more »

Since it was announced, My Dream App has garned much attention. Between travelling and a hectic work schedule I’ve been keeping up to date as much as possible. Now it’s into an elimination round of voting. The voting for this round has actually been extended a […] Read more »

Maybe I’m just late to the party in figuring this stuff out, but in the event it’s news to you, I’m posting it. Since iTunes 7 and the iPod 1.2 update were released, I’ve discovered a couple neat things that my 5G iPod is apparently capable […] Read more »

Following the review I posted about TextExpander, it seems there’s a consensus that the free version and the $30 version were still too close in feature-set to warrant the $30 license. So I pose this question: What improvements would you want to see in TextExpander that […] Read more »

In what is probably my favorite gauge of a great application, TextExpander fades into the background and just works. Smile On My Mac purchased the previously-known Textpander (which we’ve covered here and here) from developer Peter Maurer this past year. If you’re hearing about TextExpander for […] Read more »

This is a fantastic idea. Roustem Karimov, who writes ‘Blog From Software Trenches’ had a very cool idea for a post. He’s collecting screen shots of the best designs of OSX Disk Images. The most common that I’m sure most of us have seen, is from […] Read more »

As Apple launches into the realm of movie downloads via its newly dubbed iTunes Store, it can feel quite sure that every success and [especially] every misstep will be scrutinized by the motion picture industry. So much is at stake for the folks out of Hollywood, […] Read more »

It’s been two months since I proudly carried my new MacBook home. I love this machine. It’s crazy fast, it’s light-weight, the keyboard rocks, and the glossy screen is much better than I could ever have hoped. I’m rocking it with 2gbs of RAM (is there […] Read more »

Hey TAB readers, I need your help. I need a PDA Cell Phone for my job, but I want to get one that will still work well with my [at-home] MacBook. I’m tied-in to Cingular, and have narrowed the field down to either the Treo 650, […] Read more »

Airport, Leopard, Boot Camp, Bonjour. These are just a sampling of the many terms that Apple has used for different pieces of technology that they offer the world. These everyday terms have a way of seeping into our consciousness that we may not realize. It’s the […] Read more »

Following in Redmond’s footsteps, Apple has pushed-back the release of OS X 10.5, code named Leopard. This comes just a week prior to the popular World Wide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco, where Leopard is to be the center of discussions. Can we still expect to […] Read more »

A little over a month ago I swapped-out my 15″ PowerBook for a white MacBook. (No, no discoloration yet, but it’s one hot mother…) I really can’t be happier with the machine. It’s fast, small, and does everything I need it to do – and generally […] Read more »

I’m a bag whore. I’ve got piles of them laying around my basement. I’d buy one, use it, figure out what I didn’t like about it, and I’d move on to the next one. This went on for many years – drove my wife crazy! (“Another […] Read more »

That’s right, Microsoft bought iView, the makers of Media Pro. While Yan, the founder of iView is expectedly optimistic about this move, I’m not so much. Yan attempts to quash fears of mac users (such as myself) by saying: The product that was born on the […] Read more »

As the issue of discoloring white MacBooks circulates the internet, and as a would-be buyer of the MacBook, my eyes are peeled to the screen to see how the issue plays out. I know by the volume of page views and comments to these threads, that […] Read more »

Ryan, of Big Robot Software, tipped me off to the version 2 release of his Spotlight companion application, Meta. Now, I haven’t played with Meta before, and as luck would have it, my PowerBook is in for a fix, so I still have yet to get […] Read more »

Well, I’ve said it here before, and now John C Dvorak is confirming it on video. He writes to get us (by ‘us’, I of course mean Mac folk) ticked off, and to flood his email box. He writes this stuff with the intent of getting […] Read more »

Have you seen the Da Vinci Code yet? I haven’t. But no matter. Unless you’ve been under a rock you probably get the gist of it. Well Reader Darren tipped me off to the iCryptex site. A great parody, mashup, what-have-you of the Apple culture and […] Read more »

I just recently started dragging my lazy butt out of bed earlier than necessary to get into better shape. I know, I’m sacrificing my geekhood. Let me tell you, running is about my least favorite thing in the world (moreso than using a Windows PC). But […] Read more »

A few years back when I came back into The Fold, I was immediately aware of the lack of usable ‘right click’ on Macs. Sure, CTRL + Click does the job and brings up the contextual menu when needed, but I’m spoiled and want an actual […] Read more »

Well, no sooner did I put out the Quicksilver Setup screencast and it’s outdated! If you’re rockin the development releases (as I suggested in my screencast), then you’re primed and ready for the latest release of Quicksilver (3766). Mine downloaded in the background this morning, but […] Read more »

I knew that once everyone put in the time to get Quicksilver setup according to the last screencast, they’d be chomping at the bit to do something that was actually interesting. So I wanted to get this next screencast out sooner than later. As long as […] Read more »

Well, I’ve finally gotten the next Quicksilver Screencast put together. I’ve changed gears a few times, and it’s prolonged the release. Sorry about that. But hopefully we’re on course to start this the right way, and build upon it. Instead of doing a back to basics […] Read more »

I’ve been reviewing iView’s Media Pro 3 for a couple months now. It’s fantastic, and it has done wonders for my digital work flow. But I’ve started to write the review at least a dozen times. There are a lot of things I want to cover, […] Read more »

Well, I’ve been quiet for a while here. There was a lot of good feedback concerning the Quicksilver Video Demos idea. It sounds like – while I hadn’t planned on it – everyone wants more of a tutorial style video. Fair enough. So I wanted to […] Read more »

macZOT! is running a clever deal where for each blog that links to their posting of AppZapper, they’ll drop the price by 5 cents. When it gets to be free, GO FOR IT! As of now, it’s $3.00. From what I can tell, it’s a bargain […] Read more »

I know, I haven’t released the next Quicksilver video, but [hopefully] in short order, it’ll be here. But for now, check out Flicksilvr. It’s a great plugin that allows you to tag and upload one or many picture files from anywhere on your system, with the […] Read more »

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