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There was a time when Java ruled the enterprise computing world, and showed signs of dominating the mobile world, too. That time is gone. It’s not that developers have abandoned Java wholesale, but given recent moves by apple, Oracle and Google there is room for concern. Read more »

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Freedom-loving developers have long used open-source licenses as a tactic to maintain the open availability of their source code. With the rise of closed hardware/software platforms like Apple’s iPhone, however, that tactic is being challenged. And that may not be a bad thing. Read more »

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For years, Linux has grown at the expense of expensive Unix like Solaris, but a new study shows Linux gaining at Windows expense for the first time, and not because Linux is cheaper. Rather, survey respondents cite Linux’s “technical superiority,” which may be a hard argument for Microsoft to counter. Read more »


Google Android is under fire from Apple, Microsoft, and Oracle, but only Oracle’s suit seems motivated by truly defensive motives. Apple and Microsoft want to throttle Android adoption to improve their odds while Oracle may want to keep Google from trashing its Java ME licensing business. Read more »


While Apple and Oracle have enjoyed tremendous success with their integrated suite approaches to business, the open ‘read/write’ model that open source encourages provides a better platform for third-party developers and promises to be the basis of successful startups, not to mention national economies. Read more »

Fork in the Road

The OpenOffice community has staged a coup against project owner Oracle, but to what effect? The Document Foundation promises little more than a tired retread on an outdated office productivity meme. It’s time for the open-source community to ditch OpenOffice and instead embrace the web. Read more »

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Novell has put itself on the auction block, but a deal has been slow in closing. According to sources close to the company, this likely stems from the difficulty of accurately assessing the value of Novell’s patent portfolio in conjunction with its legacy product portfolio and associated business. Read more »

Nr. 1 in the sky

As Android veers toward domination of the mobile market, Apple’s iOS lead may soon take a hit. Google still needs to iron out some wrinkles like hardware fragmentation, but Android’s open approach and growing market share mean it should be a startup’s first choice mobile platform. Read more »

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With 560 million registered users (124 million of which are active), but only 8.1 million paying customers, Skype could use some help. Cisco makes a great deal of sense as a buyer, because it can monetize Skype’s user base in a way that Skype never could. Read more »

It’s fascinating to watch enterprise adoption of Apple technology given its apparent disdain for this market. According to The Wall Street Journal, businesses are tripping over themselves to justify iPad purchases, just a few years after they resisted the rise of Mac and rejected the iPhone. Read more »

Open source is losing relevance as a standalone business strategy, but makes a great deal of sense as part of a larger strategy built on open data, open APIs, and more. Those still fixated on licensing are missing the point, not to mention big revenue opportunities. Read more »

There’s no shortage of opinions as to why Intel bought McAfee, but there’s far too little attention paid to the obvious: Intel is trying to get beyond its hardware roots. Intel knows it needs software margins, and it’s prepared to both buy and build those margins. Read more »

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The iPhone Application List, an iPhone app review site, on Monday launched its App Exchange, a repository of source code for iPhone apps. However, Apple should launch its own open-source code repository for apps, especially since it’s fighting for mindshare against the open source Android platform. Read more »

Microsoft, increasingly the underdog in a range of markets, made small gains in the browser wars. Even so, it must be hard to get excited in Redmond these days, as Google and Apple tag-team to hobble Microsoft’s feeble attempts to become relevant in the mobile market. Read more »

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