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If we know one thing about our readers, it’s that you use the latest mobile phone platforms and newest gadgets, and you have strong opinions about which devices to buy next. Take our mobile survey to help us identify the next big trends in mobile. Read more »

While there’s excitement over the supposed 99-cent TV show rentals on the new iTV, my belief is that won’t be enough to make iTV a success. There are a few other important things Apple needs to do to make this device more than just its hobby. Read more »


While there’s excitement over the supposed 99-cent TV show rentals on the new iTV, my belief is that won’t be enough to make iTV a success. There are a few other important things Apple needs to do to make this device more than just its hobby. Read more »

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We’ll be talking about this week’s news and other big changes at our GigaOM Pro bunker event, “Author to Audience: Disintermediation in Publishing.” The room is at capacity, but we’re livestreaming the event and will also have the video archives available to GigaOM Pro subscribers. Read more »

Perhaps the last refuge from social media is the book, where many of us go to find shelter from the smoggy haze of status updates, tweets and comments hanging over our media lives. But the solitary paradise known as the book is going social too. Read more »

We thought it would be interesting to bring the technology and publishing worlds together to talk about the impact of e-books on publishing. We’ve invited some of the leading voices in e-books and publishing to our next bunker event entitled, “Author to Audience: Disintermediation in Publishing.” Read more »

Over the past two years, a number of key developments have transformed the video communications market from ho-hum to white hot. As a result, we are presenting our first 2010 webinar, The Video Communication Explosion, to discuss the growing interest in video communications. Read more »


While traditional cable apps are slow to progress, over-the-top app frameworks are set to explode. With the announcement of Google TV and the imminent arrival of a revamped Apple set-top box, TV apps in the living room will mostly likely be dominated by the OTT variety. Read more »

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Years from now, when I tell my grandkids about this thing called print books, I’ll talk about the point in time that e-books won the war. Three defining events this week signaled that the era of physical bookstores has officially passed. Read more »

On Monday, well known gaming industry analyst Michael Pachter released a research note proclaiming the forthcoming Nintendo 3DS would “revolutionize the gaming industry.” But as discussed today at GigaOm Pro, the device is doomed, and it has Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch to blame. Read more »

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The number of “enhanced e-books” is currently few and far between, but this is quickly changing, as is our perception of the book itself. The world of publishing can expect some interesting times as authors look to new ways of expressing themselves. Read more »

Skype wants to push voice and video chat beyond the PC, and with SkypeKit, its new software development kit, it can. The VoIP leader is looking to mimic Netflix’s success in the connected TV and device space using its SDK. Here’s why it just might succeed. Read more »

When it comes to Apple’s iPad , the question for many is not if they will buy the device, but when. However, as detailed in our new report at GigaOM Pro (sub. req’d), which presents the results of a survey of technology enthusiasts we ran in […] Read more »

In GigaOM Pro’s latest Connected Consumer quarterly wrap-up (sub required), we analyze how the world of NewTeeVee continued to shake the foundations of old media in Q4 2009. From the rapid growth of connected consumer electronics, the consumer’s ever-increasing appetites for online video, the socialization of […] Read more »

Today we launched our new Analyst Relations Program. Designed to fully leverage GigaOM Pro’s interactive platform, the program gives analyst relations professionals a way to access our research and enables them to engage in substantive dialogue about important issues to their company and about their industry. Read more »

Let’s face it, there are some skeptics out there when it comes to 3-D.  Some point to competing standards, others to the kitsch factor, and almost all point to the glasses. But not everyone’s a hater. In fact, Sony and Panasonic see the technology as a […] Read more »

Watching the big U.S. telcos, you’d think the only way to get into the telco video game is to invest obscene amounts of money on network build-outs. Verizon has dropped billions on its fiber-to-the-home network for FiOS, and AT&T, while being slightly more conservative with its […] Read more »

Atheros, a Wi-Fi chipmaker, said today it’s agreed to buy Intellon, a maker of chips that turn the home’s electrical network into a conduit for broadband, for $244 million. While most of us use Wi-Fi for our home network, it needs a stronger — and more […] Read more »

Being a FiOS subscriber, I was excited a week back when I’d heard the telco TV provider’s widget bazaar featuring Facebook and Twitter for the TV had gone live. As an analyst covering the migration of social media from the web to the mobile screen, I’ve […] Read more »

Here at NewTeeVee, Liz and Chris — and the rest of the contributing writers — do their best to provide you with a daily glimpse into the big news and trends in the world of broadband video. But we know it can sometimes be hard to […] Read more »

As this year’s Structure 09 made clear, the world of cloud computing continues to evolve at a feverish pace. But we know it can sometimes be hard to see the forest for the trees, which is why we’ve compiled some of the biggest news from the […] Read more »

[qi:053] Given the fast pace of the developments in mobile, it pays to take a step back and review all the big news from the last quarter. At GigaOM Pro (subscription required), we’ve compiled the important news and analysis from the previous three months to help […] Read more »

The company formerly known as Macrovision, in an effort to rebrand itself for the mashup world of social media, over-the-top video and pay TV, relaunched today as Rovi. The new company, whose shares will trade under the symbol ROVI on the Nasdaq, will attempt to tie […] Read more »

While most of the tech world was abuzz today with the announcement of Google’s Chrome OS, another piece of interesting news slipped through the cracks: Cisco announced that Ned Hooper is being promoted to chief strategy officer. With the appointment, Hooper enters a much bigger role […] Read more »

Here in the United States, we tend to navel gaze a bit when it comes to technology and new media, but other countries like Japan have been leading adoption of mobile content and advertising, gaming and new content models such as IPTV for some time. Sure, […] Read more »

The Internet video download market has had a rough go of it lately. With Google (GOOG) bailing on its efforts to sell shows on Google Video, Blockbuster (BBI) buying Movielink for pocket change, and even Apple’s (AAPL) video business still accounting for only a smidgen of […] Read more »

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