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Cut the Cord: All you need to know to drop cable (GigaOM Books cover)

Here at GigaOM, we’ve followed the tectonic shifts happening in publishing pretty closely. And sometimes, when something presents a really disruptive opportunity, we dive in ourselves. Today, we’re announcing our latest project, GigaOM Books. Read more »

Last year was a great year for GigaOM Pro, and 2012 promises to be even better. Jo Maitland recently joined our team as a Research Director for Enterprise, and she will help us produce more research in the enterprise IT and cloud computing spaces. Read more »

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Many are saying that the Kindle Fire is an example of a company finally getting an Android tablet right. But the Nook was the first tablet that was priced cheaply with a curated approach to content, and that content-first approach could big a big asset to Google. Read more »

Social Web and the Green Economy: Shelby Clark, RelayRides, and Joe Gebbia, AirBnB at Green:Net 2011

The recent news around Airbnb has focused a lot of attention on “collaborative consumption” — a growing movement that utilizes the web to share, lend and barter products and services. Share your thoughts on the potential — and potential pitfalls — of this space in our survey. Read more »

With any startup, fast growth requires investment, starting first and foremost with good people. With that in mind, I’d like to welcome the newest member of the GigaOM Pro family, David Card, who will serve as the research director of GigaOM Pro Read more »


While most thought the biggest news out of Amazon’s e-book business this week was the revelation that e-books now eclipse print books, it was the launch of the company’s second genre imprint in the span of two weeks (and fifth imprint overall) that’s the bigger deal. Read more »

Alpha dog

By moving first among the large digital media goliaths with its new cloud streaming music service, Amazon has essentially established itself as an alpha dog. This is a pattern that shows how aggressive Amazon can be, establishing itself before competitors or spurned partners react. Read more »


With smartphones outselling PCs and 1 in 4 mobile workers choosing a tablet as their mobile device of choice, many believe the post-PC enterprise is upon us. We’ll examine the implications of these changes on the enterprise in our free webcast on Wednesday, March 16. Read more »


It’s a pretty easy argument to make that Wi-Fi has been the single most important technology in the connected-home marketplace for the past decade, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most optimal option for connecting the home. Here’s what else is out there. Read more »

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