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If you manage a small to medium sized non-profit, chances are that you’ve never considered Macs for your organization, or that if you have, you’ve been turned off when you see that the cost starts at around $1000 per machine. Let’s face it, operations budgets at non-profits are usually the tightest. Read more »


Amazon got the ball rolling with the Kindle after years of stagnation in the market. Apple is going toe to toe with them with the launch of the iBookstore. So when I have an iPad in hand I’m going to be faced with a choice, use Apple’s iBooks solution, or stick with Amazon’s Kindle platform. Read more »

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Historically I have always been a loyal Safari user. Sure, I’ve flirted with Firefox occasionally, but I always came back to Safari eventually. I’m afraid, however, that I’ve finally found a browser that has led me to leave Safari for good: Google Chrome. I started using […] Read more »


Before the iPad announcement pundits, including myself, were frothing at the mouth over what an Apple tablet device might mean for the e-book industry. There were strong expectations that the iPad would revolutionize e-books. A week after the announcement, I have to admit that my expectations […] Read more »

One of the interesting rumors that has come up after the official announcement of Apple’s event on the 27th is that a new version of iLife will also be announced there. Whether or not this rumor is accurate is less interesting than what an Apple tablet […] Read more »

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Going into 2010, the landscape of computing continues to be dominated by the slow, but inevitable, move towards the cloud. For a computing platform company like Apple, this move presents a particular challenge. Apple’s expertise is producing the best computing experience by controlling both the software […] Read more »

Facebook for the iPhone is one of my most used applications, and I’m not alone as it’s amongst the most popular iPhone applications ever. This success is due to the size of Facebook itself, that the application is free, and that it is very well done. […] Read more »

As we wrote yesterday, MacHeist is doing a new promotion, this time offering six Mac apps for free. MacHeist has long been controversial in the indie developer community, with many developers believing that the promotion, which offers a bundle of applications at either a steep discount (or […] Read more »

Apple’s brand new 27-inch iMacs come with an interesting feature: the ability to act as a display for connected devices via the built-in DisplayPort connection. This means that, with the proper adaptors, you can connect an array of home theatre devices to the iMac, including Blu-Ray […] Read more »

Although much has been said about the death of RSS I, for one, still get most of my news via RSS feeds every day. I find Twitter to be filled with too much extraneous junk, and services like Friendfeed and Facebook still don’t offer the feature […] Read more »

Where to begin? I didn’t always aspire to write about technology, but my complete lack of interest in a real social life got me noticed on a discussion forum about three years ago and led to a job offer. I’ve been slaving over a keyboard ever […] Read more »

Snow Leopard was a remarkably painless upgrade for me, but one particularly important piece of software was broken: Google Gears. For those who don’t know, Gears is Google’s framework for storing browser data offline. It works with many Google services as well as some third-party products. […] Read more »

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