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Matter, the crowdfunded longform journalism startup that was acquired by Medium earlier this year, turned one year old last week and says it is making some changes to the service: It is removing the paywall it had around its content, making all articles — as well as audio versions and other features — free of charge, although it says it is planning a “membership scheme” so that it can reward its writers. It is also planning to boost its output from one longform article per month, although it didn’t say how much more frequently it would be publishing.

In Brief

The Internet Archive, a non-profit entity originally set up by Brewster Kahle to archive as much of the web as possible, lost about $600,000 of its scanning equipment in a fire at one of its locations in San Francisco and is looking for help to replace it. In addition to archiving web pages, the Archive also scans and indexes books (as part of its Open Library project), as well as movies and other content.

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