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Digital First Media CEO John Paton has just launched a company-wide effort called Project Unbolt that is aimed at detaching digital from the newspaper chain’s dying legacy print operations — but there is a long road between that and becoming truly digital Read more »

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During the run-up to its initial public offering, Twitter came under fire for not having a large enough patent portfolio, something professional investors like to see when small companies go up against larger competitors. That weakness was highlighted when Twitter was notified by IBM in November that it infringed on several patents related to interactive services that IBM was granted in the 1990s. While Twitter at first said it planned to fight the case, it has instead decided to play ball with the dysfunctional patent system by buying 900 patents from IBM and signing a cross-licensing deal with the computing giant.

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Medium, the online-content startup that wants to be part digital magazine and part one-size-fits-all publishing platform, has closed a financing round of $25 million, according to a report at Re/code. Investors in the company, which was founded by former Twitter CEO Evan Williams, include Google Ventures, Betaworks, Ron Conway and Chris Sacca. The report also notes that Williams’ co-founders at Medium — former Twitter colleagues Biz Stone and Josh Elman — have moved on from the company and are working on their own new ventures.

Despite having multiple social platforms all around us, creating a place to have an intelligent conversation is still a difficult thing to do. Branch tried to solve that problem multiple times, and now the team behind the startup will get the chance to try doing so from inside Facebook Read more »

Contributoria, a new site backed by Guardian Media Group, is an attempt to build an open community that allows journalists to collaborate on and crowdfund high-quality journalism. Co-founders Matt McAlister and Sarah Hartley talked with Gigaom about why they built it. Read more »

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