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Amazon has launched a new feature that connects users to their Facebook profiles, and then makes product suggestions based on their “likes” and other activity. But the online retailer also stresses that it will not share any of the data it has about users with Facebook. Read more »

According to a recent survey, fewer than 5 percent of U.S. online users have ever used a location-based application such as Foursquare on a mobile device. And almost 85 percent of those who responded to the survey said that they were not familiar with location-based services. Read more »

The number of Americans who say that newspapers are an important source of information continues to decline, according to a new survey. Only 56 percent of those surveyed agreed, compared with 68 percent who chose television and 78 percent who chose the Internet. Read more »

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Anyone who has tried to track dozens of Twitter streams or hundreds of Facebook updates simultaneously knows the social web can be an intimidating ocean of information. A startup called Swift River is trying to find ways of filtering and understanding that ocean in real time. Read more »

Flipboard, a new content-browsing app for the iPad, raises many of the same thorny copyright issues that Google has been dealing with for years on Google News and Google Books. Is it a value-added service that content publishers should be thankful for, or a copyright-infringing parasite? Read more »

Chris Dixon, co-founder of, says there is more than just one kind of social graph — he argues there are actually half a dozen different graphs, relating to things such as location and recommendations. But one thing is clear: Facebook wants to own them all. Read more »

PayPal continues to be the primary engine of growth within eBay, judging by the online retailer’s latest quarterly results, and the company’s CEO says that within the next few years, the online and mobile payment business could be larger than eBay’s core online marketplace business. Read more »

Hi5, a former up-and-coming social network that shifted focus last year and is now trying to become a social-gaming hub, has launched a portal for game developers, and president Alex St. John says that the company is prepared to take on Facebook in a head-to-head battle. Read more »

Facebook now has over 500 million registered users, co-founder Mark Zuckerberg announced in a blog post today, more than three times as many as it had in January 2009. Along the way, the company has faced privacy critics as well as unflattering stories about its co-founder. Read more »

The media industry may be in upheaval as a result of the web, but having the government step in isn’t the right response, Google has told the Federal Trade Commission. The search company’s comments are a response to the FTC’s proposed policy changes to support journalism Read more »

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Jive Software has raised a $30-million round of financing from legendary Silicon Valley venture capital funds Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers and Sequoia Capital, which the company says will help it take the concepts of social media and Web 2.0 and integrate them into the enterprise. Read more »

BranchOut wants to bring LinkedIn-style business networking to Facebook using an application that pulls information from your friends’ profiles about what companies they work for, along with any other business-related details. Should LinkedIn be afraid of this new competitor? Yes and no. Read more »

A new survey has ranked Facebook lower than both the airline industry and the cable television business when it comes to customer satisfaction. ForeSee Results said that Facebook got the second-lowest score out of more than 200 companies in the survey, just ahead of MySpace. Read more »

Estimates are that a paywall at the Times of London has led to a drop of 65 percent in online readership. But owner Rupert Murdoch may not care, because the wall is as much about keeping existing print readers in as keeping new web readers out. Read more »

As Twitter has continued to grow, the company has been facing increasing pressure to monetize that user base. The latest attempt to do this — a special account called @earlybird that promotes discount offers — differs from Twitter’s other monetization efforts in an interesting way. Read more »

Foursquare is in talks with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft about deals involving the service’s location-based checkin data, CEO Dennis Crowley told The Telegraph. None of the search providers have confirmed this, but such deals would make sense given their interest in making their results more real-time. Read more »

Just two weeks after launching a new version of its Google News site with additional personalization features, the web giant has changed the design in response to complaints from users, giving them the option to revert to a design more like the old version. Read more »

BillFloat, a startup that wants to pay your bills in order to give you more time to come up with a payment, launched officially today. The company also announced a $4.5 million Series A funding round from First Round Capital with participation from Venrock and PayPal. Read more »

Squarespace, a hosted-content publishing service that competes with companies such as WordPress, Tumblr and Posterous, has closed a $38-million financing round from Accel Partners and Index Ventures. The investment — the company’s first — could ratchet up the level of competition in the online publishing industry. Read more »

Newspapers are in a tough spot, with circulation flat or declining and advertising revenue looking weak. So how can they become more efficient? The chief technology officer of the Telegraph Media Group says more papers should take a cue from startups and make use of cloud-computing services. Read more »

Facebook has agreed to allow British users to install a “panic button” application that will allow younger users to report harassment or abuse to a child protection agency. British police forces and child advocacy groups have been pressuring the site for months to allow the application. Read more »

Google has invested $100 million or more in game developer Zynga, the company behind popular Facebook games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, according to a news report. The web giant is said to be planning to launch a gaming platform to be called Google Games. Read more »

Among the announcements at Twitter’s first “Chirp” conference was the launch of a new feature called Annotations. But unlike some of the other features announced there, Annotations aren’t so much a product as a substantial rethinking of the way the service functions on a fundamental level. Read more »

The Chinese government has renewed Google’s license to operate in that country after the search giant changed the way it handles visitors to the Chinese version of its website. But despite the renewal, the tension between Google and the Chinese government seems unlikely to disappear completely. Read more »

Twitter has claimed the job of another journalist, this time a CNN editor who expressed sadness over the death of a Hezbollah cleric. Her departure is the latest sign of the how traditional media continues to struggle with social networks and their impact on journalistic objectivity. Read more »

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the massively multiplayer — and massively popular — online game World of Warcraft, has touched off a firestorm of controversy in the gaming community by requiring that users divulge their real-world identities when they post comments in the company’s WoW forums. Read more »

The Pirate Bay, the file-sharing network based in Sweden, has apparently been hacked by a trio of Argentinian programmers. The group claims to have downloaded the site’s entire user database, including the names, IP addresses and email addresses of the network’s 4 million registered users. Read more »

Sam Lessin, founder of media startup, is shutting down his blog and has started a subscription email newsletter, much like the one Weblogs Inc. founder Jason Calacanis started in 2008. Lessin has also started a service called to allow others to follow his example. Read more »

For more than a year, Digg has been working on a major redesign of the site, one that makes the social features of the site much more obvious. But the new look could actually make it harder for Digg to stand apart from the social crowd. Read more »

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