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Chartbeat, which offers real-time website analytics, has closed a $3-million Series A round of financing from a group of VCs led by Index Ventures. This is the first external financing the startup has taken after being founded by betaworks, the venture group/incubator run by John Borthwick. Read more »

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After months of negotiation and brinksmanship, Google has finally renewed its content-sharing deal with the Associated Press newswire service, according to a brief post on the Google blog and a short statement from the newswire. However, there are few details about the truce between the two. Read more »


More and more Twitter users seem to be experimenting with, a Swiss service that pulls in your Twitter stream and extracts the links, and then displays them in a newspaper-style format. Here are a selection of newspapers I’ve come across from my Twitter stream. Read more »

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Etsy, the “eBay for crafts,” has raised a new $20-million round of financing — its fifth — according to several reports, as sales at the user-generated site continue to grow rapidly. The funding round is from a group of venture capital funds led by Index Ventures. Read more »


The new version of Digg, which launched yesterday after more than a year of development, doesn’t seem to be winning many fans. The most popular comments on the site’s relaunch are overwhelmingly negative, and hard-core users have spoken out about their dislike of the new features. Read more »

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Social Networks For 2009 That Web Workers Need To Pay Attention To

Groupon says it expects to end the year with as many as 25 million subscribers and $400 million in sales. Chief operating officer Rob Solomon also says the company’s promotional campaign for The Gap was so successful it has been fielding calls from other national advertisers. Read more »

AST Co-founder's Venture to Bridge the PC-TV Gap

There’s a lot of angst in the book industry about the rise of the e-book, but there is good news for those who care about books regardless of what form they take: a growing body of evidence shows that people with e-readers are reading more books. Read more »

Why Facebook Needs Big Money

MIT’s Technology Review magazine has released its annual list of the top young innovators under 35, a group that includes sociologist and Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd, Tumblr founder and CEO David Karp, telecom scientist Gabriel Charlet and David Kobia, co-founder of web-based emergency services network Ushahidi. Read more »

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The new version of Digg finally launched today, although the site had some teething problems for much of the morning. The redesign of the link-sharing social network, which has been in the works for over a year, focuses on a Twitter-style system of “following” other users. Read more »

Foodspotting, a startup that allows users to share photos of their favorite dishes with friends and other food-lovers, has landed a $750,000 seed round from a series of investors led by Aydin Senkut and Dave McClure’s 500 Startups fund, as well as Google executive Steve Lee. Read more »

The Immediate Media Age: Of Broadband & Blogs

Google has made some changes to the features at Orkut, the company’s lackluster social network, that suggest the direction it is going with its overall social efforts and attemps to compete with Facebook. The changes are aimed at allowing users to target updates to specific friends. Read more »

Telecom Back from the Dead, but Check the Pulse

Topsy says it now has the most comprehensive index of Twitter content available online, having recently indexed its 5 billionth tweet and its 2.5 billionth link from the network. The company has launched a new architecture that it says can handle up to 100 billion updates. Read more »

Camino 1.5: Brisk, Better, Best

As Facebook tries to take the idea of location-based services mainstream with the launch of Places, other services are looking to add value by using location data to make recommendations for users. Two startups who have their eye on this prize are The Hotlist and Hunch. Read more »

Inkling, a startup that launched last week and also closed a Series A round of funding, says that the iPad is the future of the textbook. The company’s software turns the iPad into an interactive textbook with video and even 3-D images that can be rotated. Read more »

Author and marketer Seth Godin, who has written 12 books, said in a weekend blog post that he will no longer publish traditional books but instead will distribute content via his blog and downloadable PDFs, because he says that the book industry has failed to evolve. Read more »

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Facebook has again become a lightning rod for online privacy concerns, this time surrounding its launch of its Facebook Places feature. But the reality is that our notions of privacy are being tested in a variety of ways online, and that isn’t going to stop soon. Read more »

This infographic, created by Jesse Thomas of digital creative agency Jess3, shows the relative size of social networks and online services such as Skype, Gmail, MySpace, Twitter and Foursquare, and also shows the proportion of their user base that access the service via a mobile device. Read more »


Facebook’s real focus with the launch of Places isn’t individual users or even Foursquare: instead, it sees the service as a way of making a major push into local businesses and local advertising markets, and the company with the most to lose isn’t Foursquare but Yelp. Read more »

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Some analysts are assuming that Facebook’s new location feature will crush Foursquare, the startup that has popularized the location-based service business, because of the sheer size of the giant social network. But Foursquare founder Dennis Crowley says he is confident that his company will ultimately win. Read more »

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If you have ever shouted at your PC, slammed your mouse down on a table or swore out loud at a piece of technology, you are not the only one. An online study found that more than half of U.S. adults surveyed admitted to doing so. Read more »

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Swamped by thousands of unread emails? Constantly digging out from under an onslaught of messages, only to find hundreds more coming in the door? Digg founder Kevin Rose has posted five of his tips on how to deal with the never-ending wave of unread email. Read more »

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Secrecy-busting organization WikiLeaks has gotten an offer of help from Sweden’s Pirate Party. The political party will provide server space where WikiLeaks can host files such as the 90,000 U.S. military documents it released recently. The party also hosts files for file-sharing website The Pirate Bay. Read more »

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Twitter is trying to spread the message that using the social network will have beneficial effects on your life both online and offline. “Twitter Tales,” which launched today, is a collection of stories from users about how the service has helped them or affected their lives Read more »

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Wired magazine editor-in-chief Chris Anderson, author of the book “The Long Tail,” has written a provocative piece for the magazine about how the “web is dead.” But while the rise of task-specific apps is a reality, the web is far from dead — it is evolving. Read more »

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Most website users prefer logging in with a Google sign-in, but Facebook is a close second, according to new data from Janrain. Close to 40 percent of users preferred to sign in with a Google ID, while 24 percent chose to login with their Facebook profile. Read more »

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In answer to a question on Q&A site about what it’s like to work at Google vs. Facebook, an engineer who worked for Google for four years and now works at Facebook describes his take on the different cultures and approaches of the two companies. Read more »

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SlideShare, which allows users to upload and share PowerPoint and other presentations and slideshows, today launched a series of premium Pro accounts that have added features for businesses, including the ability to generate leads from within a presentation and to create a customized branded channel. Read more »

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Everyone who produces content online wants to see it “go viral.” So how does that happen? Jonah Peretti, CEO of viral-media aggregator BuzzFeed and co-founder of The Huffington Post, says the secret is catering to that elusive group known as the “Bored at Work” network. Read more »

Traffic to the website more than doubled last year, according to the latest results from comScore, with more than 92 million unique visitors visiting the site in June 2010. The fastest-growing market was Latin America, where usage of the social networking service more than tripled. Read more »

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Demand Media is feeling the glare of the spotlight as it prepares for an IPO expected to be in the $1.5-billion range. Its financial statements have drawn some red flags, there are concerns about its web traffic, and the quality of its content is being criticized. Read more »

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Digg is close to announcing a new CEO, according to current chief executive Kevin Rose. The Digg co-founder also says the company has annual revenue in the “double-digit millions” and has had several break-even months, and doesn’t feel that it needs to raise any additional cash. Read more »

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