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Union Square Ventures investor Fred Wilson came to Toronto earlier this week for a series of meetings with startups and venture investors, and to judge some young companies at a local DemoCamp, and said that the startup atmosphere in Toronto reminded him of New York. Read more »

2145282565_dce02d4547_z, the URL shortening service that was spun off by John Borthwick’s Betaworks incubator, has closed a $10-million Series B financing, which the company’s CEO says will be used to build out new features and also to make further moves to monetize the service’s growing traffic. Read more »


Angel investor Dave McClure has added a roster of mentors and advisors to the team at his recently launched seed fund/incubator 500 Startups, a group that includes Google’s “open advocate” Chris Messina, Josh Elman of Twitter, Slideshare CEO Rashmi Sinha and Hunter Walk of YouTube. Read more »

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When it comes to live-blogging news events, plenty of bloggers and journalism outlets use their own in-house tools — but more and more news organizations are turning to all-in-one, cloud-based solutions such as ScribbleLive, which wants to become a fully fledged content-management system for journalists. Read more »

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If you’re looking for tips on what not to do with your startup, reading about the failure of someone else’s company can be a good place to start. Today, it was entrepreneur Ben Yoskovitz’s turn to write about the recent failure of his startup, Standout Jobs. Read more »

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Analytics service Trendrr today launched a new version of its social-media dashboard that incorporates location along with the usual Twitter tracking. The service pulls in data from Foursquare and Gowalla, as well as aggregating “like” activity via Facebook’s open-graph protocol and reputation scores via Klout. Read more »


LinkedIn today launched a new feature for college students at over 60 universities that it calls “Career Explorer,” which will allow students to explore different career paths based on their school, their level of education, and the industry they hope to join when they graduate. Read more »

Eager to get over the embarrassing departure of former chairman and CEO Mark Hurd, who joined Oracle and was subsequently sued by his former employer, Hewlett-Packard has named a new CEO — but the response to its choice has been underwhelming at best. Read more »

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The touch interface has effectively taken over, thanks to the success of the iPhone, and every mobile device maker is trying to catch up and figure out how to use it, mobile designer and former Nokia staffer Christian Lindholm told the GigaOM Mobilize conference on Thursday. Read more »


Storify is one of a number of startups focusing on “curation” of the real-time stream. Founder Burt Herman, a former Associated Press correspondent, says he wants to help bloggers, journalists and others pull content from social media and social networks and build it into coherent stories. Read more »

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Rypple, which wants to free the enterprise world from “HR software that sucks,” has closed a $7-million funding round from Bridgescale Partners that the two-year-old startup says it plans to use to expand its new San Francisco office and ramp up its word-of-mouth marketing. Read more »


AOL said it has purchased the technology blogging site TechCrunch for an undisclosed amount, a story Om broke last night. While we don’t know yet how much AOL paid for the blog network founded by Michael Arrington, we’ll update this story as details emerge. Read more »


Although the number of people who are using social networking services and engaging with social media continues to climb, the number who describe themselves as “creators” of content — those who publish their own blogs, upload videos, and so on — is falling, new research shows. Read more »


Forbes magazine has been talking with major advertisers about giving them blogs on the magazine’s website that would blend their marketing message in with Forbes’s editorial content, but blurring the line between advertising and journalism is a hugely risky bet for the business publication to make. Read more »


E-books and tablet-based digital textbooks may be the cool new thing, but renting old-fashioned paper books still seems to be attracting plenty of interest: Chegg, the leader in the textbook-rental market, has just closed a new $75-million round of financing, according to multiple news reports. Read more »


It sounds like something out of science fiction, but 3D printing is becoming a reality. Shapeways, which makes objects out of plastic, metal and even glass, just closed a round of financing and some companies plan to make limbs and even entire houses using the process. Read more »


As part of the company’s continuing attempts to move beyond the “check-in,” Foursquare has announced a partnership with the app RunKeeper that allows users to win badges based on a range of achievements, and Foursquare’s CEO says the company is also testing a recommendation service. Read more »


LinkedIn has agreed to acquire ChoiceVendor, a startup that allows companies to rate and review business-to-business service providers. The acquisition appears to be designed to improve LinkedIn’s ability to offer recommendations and other social features to its members and the companies that use the social network. Read more »


So you want to “crowdfund” a project? How much should you ask people for? What kind of time frame should you be looking at? Kickstarter, a crowdfunding startup aimed at creative professionals, recently went through data on its successful projects and came up with some recommendations. Read more »


Reports about a secret meeting in San Francisco where “super-angels” discussed ways of fighting back against mainstream venture capital funds and holding down startup valuations has sparked some strong reactions, including responses from angel investors Dave McClure and Chris Yeh, as well as VC Fred Wilson. Read more »


A new study being released in Britain today says that access to the Internet, and especially to social networks such as Facebook, can improve people’s level of happiness — particularly the well-being of women, those from a lower-income background and those with lower levels of education. Read more »

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