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Robin Sloan, Twitter, at NTVL 2010

Although television has become more fragmented thanks to the web, millions of people still tune in for certain shows. The real-time conversation that Twitter allows makes it a perfect companion for those events, staffer Robin Sloan told attendees at GigaOM’s NewTeeVee Live conference this morning. Read more »

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Facebook Places

An offer from The Gap that was based on Facebook Places “check ins” provides a real-world example of how much work both retailers like The Gap and services like Facebook and Foursquare are going to have to do to get people comfortable with location-based offers. Read more »

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We all know that Google is a giant company, but every now and then we come across a tangible sign of just how enormous and widespread it really is. A list of its “developer advocates,” for example (its software evangelists) has more than 75 names. Read more »

Texas Tribune screenshot

The Texas Tribune, a non-profit media startup focused on public-service and investigative journalism, turned one year old this week and co-founder and CEO Evan Smith says the company has exceeded most of its growth targets and is still seeing “hockey-stick” increases in traffic and readers. Read more »


How do you compete with an 800-pound gorilla like Groupon? If you’re Tippr, you don’t. Instead, you arm websites with the weapons to do that themselves. The Seattle-based startup today launched a white-label platform that gives companies the tools to run their own group-buying campaigns. Read more »


Despite the fact that the Internet is the most frequently measured medium in history, it’s almost impossible for publishers to get a straight answer about who’s consuming their content — and that can cause some significant problems, says a new report on digital media. Read more »

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Facebook is testing the addition of Groupon-style discount offers to its Facebook Places location feature, according to a report based on an email received by an anonymous merchant. Although unconfirmed, such a move — which would bring Facebook into direct competition with Groupon — makes sense. Read more »


A private university called the London School of Business and Finance is offering its MBA course as a Facebook app, complete with video lectures and case studies. While the app itself is free of charge, however, students have to pay in order to get full accreditation. Read more »


Digg, which appeared to be stumbling after an ill-fated relaunch sparked a user revolt, now looks to be under siege. Two senior executives have left, and new CEO Matt Williams has slashed the workforce by a third. Is Digg on its way to the deadpool? Read more »

Digg fail whale

Digg, the social-bookmarking service that has been struggling to right itself after an ill-fated relaunch earlier this year, is laying off more than a third of its staff, CEO CEO Matt Williams announced in a blog post today. A senior executive is also leaving the company. Read more »


Former CNN foreign correspondent Wilf Dinnick started OpenFile last year because he wanted to reinvent community journalism in digital form. The beta site launched last month in Toronto, with plans to expand to several other cities soon. The site blends traditional journalism and user-generated content. Read more »

newspaper boat3x2

With an internal memo telling editors and reporters not to respond to readers through the newspaper’s Twitter account, the Washington Post has provided another compelling example of how traditional media — and newspapers in particular — aren’t really getting the whole “social” aspect of social media. Read more »

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