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After being rebuffed by Groupon, Google is reportedly looking at acquiring another player in the group-buying space — and there are good reasons why it should do so. A marriage of local advertising and social shopping could fill a big hole in the web giant’s portfolio. Read more »

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After ignoring the phenomenon for some time, companies and agencies alike seem to be jumping into social-media marketing with both feet, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare. But many are suffering from “bright shiny object” syndrome, says Adam Kmiec, and their campaigns will fail. Read more »


A comparison of demographic data about Facebook’s users vs. Twitter’s users shows that there are a lot of similarities between the two platforms, but also some key differences in how people use the two networks — including how often they visit and update their status. Read more »

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According to a leaked photo from an all-hands meeting at the web giant, Yahoo is planning to shut down several of its services, including the Delicious bookmarking site, as well as a Digg clone called Yahoo Buzz, and an early blog-based social network called MyBlogLog. Read more »

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When Flipboard first arrived on the scene, it was essentially just a browser for Twitter and Facebook. But now the company has introduced support for Google Reader feeds, Flickr photos and other real-time media streams, as it tries to become a one-stop iPad portal for content. Read more »


Terms like “cyber-war” have been used to describe the denial-of-service attacks waged by anonymous hackers against the companies that cut off support for WikiLeaks. But the attacks were nothing like a real cyber-war, security experts say, and calling them that could have unintended consequences. Read more »


At least one senior technologist thinks that Amazon removing WikiLeaks from its servers could raise red flags about the utility of cloud computing, while programmer and open-web advocate Dave Winer believes the incident reinforces the need for an open cloud host to protect our content. Read more »


According to multiple reports, Groupon has walked away from a rumored $6-billion acquisition offer from Google, and is choosing to go it alone, and possibly file for an initial public offering. The two-year-old company is said to have annual revenues of close to $2 billion. Read more »

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