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Google has responded to criticism about the declining quality of its results by saying it plans to come down hard on so-called “content farms” that try to game its algorithm with low-quality pages. That could mean pain for Demand Media, which is planning a closely-watched IPO. Read more »

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Hashtags on Twitter occasionally take off and become trends that dominate the network, like the recent #lessambitiousmovies tag. The Twitter media blog did a forensic analysis of that trend, but the interesting thing is just how random — and short-lived — these Twitter storms can be. Read more »


Quora, the red-hot Q&A startup, depends on high-quality answers — and has deliberately kept things small in order to cultivate a knowledgeable community. But can it keep those virtues when its membership base is exploding and not everyone wants to play by the site’s rules? Read more »

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