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As social media becomes more mainstream, we still lack effective ways to figure out who we should pay attention to, and so the race to continues to try and measure online reputation. Should it be based on activity? Number of followers? A voting system? Read more »

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Google justified its CEO swap by saying the company needed to become more flexible. But what if the search giant’s biggest problem isn’t a lack of flexibility, but a fundamental inability to create new lines of business? What if it’s just a gargantuan one-trick pony? Read more »

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Google has responded to criticism about the declining quality of its results by saying it plans to come down hard on so-called “content farms” that try to game its algorithm with low-quality pages. That could mean pain for Demand Media, which is planning a closely-watched IPO. Read more »

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Hashtags on Twitter occasionally take off and become trends that dominate the network, like the recent #lessambitiousmovies tag. The Twitter media blog did a forensic analysis of that trend, but the interesting thing is just how random — and short-lived — these Twitter storms can be. Read more »


Quora, the red-hot Q&A startup, depends on high-quality answers — and has deliberately kept things small in order to cultivate a knowledgeable community. But can it keep those virtues when its membership base is exploding and not everyone wants to play by the site’s rules? Read more »

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