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News-reading app maker Zite has been threatened by a group of traditional media outlets who allege it’s guilty of copyright infringement for reformatting their content. Instead of sending legal threats, those publishers should try to learn what Zite is offering readers that they aren’t. Read more »

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Venture investor Mike Maples, who launched the Floodgate Partners fund last year and is an investor in Twitter, defends the company’s market valuation, saying it has a chance to become a fundamental and important company in the tech industry, or what he calls a “thunder lizard.” Read more »

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A screenshot that has been circulating of a Facebook page with a web-search box appears to be fake, but the giant social network is almost certain to add more search-related features that take advantage of the social information it has. And yes, Google should be afraid. Read more »


Facebook has redesigned its Questions feature, in what seems to be an admission that the original version wasn’t getting much traction. The new version, which focuses on asking questions of your friends, also seems designed to set it apart from services like Quora and Twitter. Read more »

Braxton Woodham, Tap11, at Structure Big Data 2011

When it comes to social data, one of the biggest firehoses around is the one that comes from Twitter. Trying to make sense of 140 million tweets a day in something close to real-time is a significant challenge, says Tap11 chief technology officer Braxton Woodham. Read more »

Kevin Krim, Bloomberg, at Structure Big Data 2011

Mining terabytes of data isn’t just for service providers — media companies are also trying to make use of the oceans of information they have about their users to come up with better ways of recommending news to them, says Bloomberg Digital head Kevin Krim. Read more »


Hyper-local site EveryBlock started out as an automated news aggregator, pulling in feeds based on specific locations. But founder Adrian Holovaty says he has realized that data is nothing without human interaction, and so the site has relaunched with more of a focus on community. Read more »

Telecom giant AT&T dropped a bombshell on Sunday when it announced that it plans to acquire competitor T-Mobile for $39 billion, provided the deal is approved by federal regulators. Here’s what some bloggers, technology analysts, former regulators and other observers are saying about the deal. Read more »


In its latest attempt to build social-networking features into its business, soon-to-be-public LinkedIn today launched a news recommendation service called LinkedIn Today, which it hopes will function like a specialized Twitter for business networks. But will it convince people to spend more time on the network? Read more »

Stumbleupon CEO Garrett Camp

Stumbleupon, which was reborn as a recommendation-and-discovery service in 2009 after an earlier ill-fated acquisition by eBay, produced another tangible sign of that rebirth today with the news that the company has landed a Series B financing round of $17 million from a group of funds. Read more »

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