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Google’s latest algorithm changes appear to be aimed directly at “content farms” such as Demand Media. Although the newly-public content company maintains that it won’t be affected by the changes, it seems obvious that Google is upping the ante in the content-farming game. Read more »

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AOL’s recent acquisition of the Huffington Post for $315 million has centered a lot of attention on its content strategy — automating and standardizing content that attracts search-related advertising. While there are some clear benefits to this “content farm” approach to content, there are also significant disadvantages. Read more »


A New York Times story says that blogging is on the decline, especially among young people, who are using social networks like Facebook instead. But blogging is arguably still growing rapidly — it’s just that the form it is taking is evolving in different ways. Read more »


Twitter says that it shut down UberMedia’s apps due to trademark infringement and breaches of its terms of service. But there is much more to this than just a squabble over usage, and Twitter’s heavy-handed behavior is drawing some fire even from the company’s ardent supporters. Read more »

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One of the more high-profile experiments in hyper-local news, a Washington, D.C.-based startup with the unlikely name TBD, has had a somewhat troubled history — losing its general manager just months after launch — and now the site has been restructured, raising fears about its future. Read more »


As social media becomes more mainstream, we still lack effective ways to figure out who we should pay attention to, and so the race to continues to try and measure online reputation. Should it be based on activity? Number of followers? A voting system? Read more »


Google justified its CEO swap by saying the company needed to become more flexible. But what if the search giant’s biggest problem isn’t a lack of flexibility, but a fundamental inability to create new lines of business? What if it’s just a gargantuan one-trick pony? Read more »

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