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At the Activate conference in New York, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark talked about his work with non-profits and his views on the importance of a free press, and Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder Lawrence Lessig talked about his efforts to fight corruption with a project called Rootstrikers. Read more »

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Carl Bass, Autodesk, at Green:Net 2011

One of the ways that designers can incorporate environmental awareness in their work is by using software to model the impact of different materials and processes on the energy efficiency and sustainability of their designs before they start building, says Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. Read more », which grew out of an experiment by the New York Times, and Trove — which is backed by the Washington Post — have very different takes on customizing the news and making it social, but both are part of a growing trend towards personalized media. Read more »


Apps like Flipboard and Zite are showing traditional media entities what readers really want when it comes to mobile content consumption: smart aggregation, customization and personalization, and a better interface. If publishers don’t find a way to ride that wave, they will be crushed by it. Read more »


If there’s one thing The Huffington Post does better than just about any other media entity, it’s take advantage of social media — and the site has just rolled out some new features that traditional publishers and media entities could learn some useful lessons from. Read more »


UberMedia is said to be working on developing a social network that would compete with Twitter. But while the company is arguably the most well-funded of all those who have tried, and there would be benefits to having multiple players, the odds are stacked against it. Read more »

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