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Frederic Filloux at The Monday Note argues that the metered paywall approach can have substantial benefits for papers that implement one, as the New York Times has. But those positives are more than outweighed by the negatives, including the opportunity that paywalls create for free competitors. Read more »

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Many mainstream media companies are busy releasing me-too iPad apps and launching paywalls, but few are doing anything really innovative or different. Anil Dash of Activate Media says media entities need to find ways of disrupting themselves and their businesses by hacking their own organizations. Read more »


Groupon’s hotly-awaited initial stock offering will either stand as a beacon of hope to technology and Internet stocks of all kinds, or as a giant warning sign indicating a huge bubble of irrational exuberance. The company’s prospectus contains plenty of evidence for both sides. Read more »

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Media guru Clay Shirky once famously said that the problem of the modern age isn’t information overload at all, it’s “filter failure” — and many new services have been built to help with that. But Eli Pariser says the cure could be worse than the disease. Read more »


Social activity around books used to be limited to Oprah-style book clubs, but Jeff Howe — the author and journalism professor who coined the term “crowdsourcing” — wants to take that concept into the future by using Twitter to create the world’s largest virtual book-reading club. Read more »


As the technology boom (or bubble) continues to roll on, more “incubators” are trying to duplicate the kind of success that Y Combinator has seen in producing startups: one of the most recent to launch is GrowLab, based in both British Columbia and Silicon Valley. Read more »


The publishing world continues to expand, with high-end group shopping service Gilt Groupe launching its own cooking magazine and the New York Times Library releasing a magazine-style iPad app. As the tools to publish become cheaper and cheaper, brands are becoming publishers in their own right. Read more »


The benefits of building apps for Apple’s iOS are pretty obvious — among other things, access to a huge base of users. But iFlowReader’s experience shows there are some significant downsides as well: the company says Apple’s 30-percent transaction fees have forced it out of business. Read more »


Columbia’s school of journalism has released a report on the media industry that describes a landscape filled with disruption and confusion. Although there are some hints of possible new business models, most media companies simply don’t understand enough about what is happening to their traditional businesses. Read more »

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