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The Internet and social networks such as Twitter are where many people go to research — or just talk about — medical issues. Can researchers discover any useful public-health information by looking at all this crowdsourced data? A new study from Johns Hopkins University suggests that they can. Read more »

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A Wall Street Journal article argues that the proliferation of “like” buttons, retweets and other online voting encourages conformity in online behavior, and that we don’t reveal our “true selves” online because we are afraid of being voted down by the crowd. But is this true? Read more »


According to a news report on Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission is looking into Twitter’s business practices. Although that doesn’t mean Twitter is under official investigation, it means the company’s behavior must have raised enough critical flags to catch the regulator’s attention, which is rarely good. Read more »

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Former Twitter CEO Evan Williams

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone is leaving the company to join former CEO Evan Williams and former lead developer Jason Goldman in a new venture called Obvious. For the team that helped create Twitter and Blogger, expectations for their new project are going to be pretty high. Read more »


One of the themes running through many of the projects that won this year’s $5-million Knight News Challenge for media startups is the idea that data — and the ability to filter and make sense of it — can be a powerful tool for digital journalism. Read more »


The Knight Foundation says it wants to help reinvent local and community-level media through the Center for Civic Media at MIT — the non-profit entity just announced new funding for the center, and a new director in online media pioneer and long-time Harvard University fellow Ethan Zuckerman. Read more »


Some media outlets are hoping that launching iPad subscriptions and paywalls will supplement the meager revenue they get from traditional online banner advertising, but AOL’s Patch and Hearst Magazines’ digital media are experimenting with some more innovative ways of monetizing their content as well. Read more »


Pandora has boosted the price it plans to charge for its stock, a move that likely has a lot to do with the frenzy of interest in tech issues following the Groupon IPO — but will that rising tide of enthusiasm lift all boats, or swamp them? Read more »

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