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The back-and-forth between Google and Twitter over Google’s new social-search results is only the latest manifestation of a much deeper problem with the relationship between the two former partners. The reality is that both sides need each other more than they would probably like to admit. Read more »

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Thanks to an almost unprecedented grass-roots awareness campaign conducted by his friends through Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other social media over the past three months, Silicon Valley entrepreneur Amit Gupta was able to find a compatible bone-marrow donor whose cells could help him conquer acute leukemia. Read more »


With its new “Search plus Your World” personalized results, Google may argue it is enhancing its service, but it’s also coming dangerously close to reneging on the promise it made to users in 2004: to provide unbiased links to those who are searching for information. Read more »


With new changes that offer personalized search results — most of which are being taken from its own Google+ social network — Google has just made social connections and links the new search-engine optimization strategy, and media companies need to learn how to adapt to that. Read more »


While some authors continue to remain aloof from their audience, others are discovering the benefits of connecting with readers via Twitter and other tools. And in a world where publishers are becoming less relevant every day, being comfortable with those tools seems like a wise strategy. Read more »


The Philadelphia Media Network has launched a tech incubator and the Digital First Media chain have both announced plans to invest in startups. While both of these efforts may fail, it’s nice to see traditional media companies doing something other than simply putting up a paywall. Read more »

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