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Facebook’s meteoric rise and multibillion-dollar valuation may have created an incentive for thousands of entrepreneurs and investors, but veteran venture capitalist Bill Davidow says its philosophy of customer exploitation has also helped distort the values that Silicon Valley technology companies used to hold dear. Read more »

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Lock on computer chip / privacy / internet privacy / security / safety
photo: Shutterstock / Tatiana Popova

Running a business that stores data in the cloud is becoming popular, but many of the security aspects of a large user base are things that companies still want to do on their own. Stormpath, which won the “people’s choice” award during the Launchpad competition at GigaOM’s Structure conference, was founded to solve that problem. Read more »

Vivek Kunda Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

When Vivek Kundra walked into the White House as the first Chief Information Officer for the federal government, his new staff handed him a stack of PDF documents representing more than $27 billion in IT spending projects that were over budget. Kundra, who recently joined […] Read more »

Sundar Pichai Google Structure 2012
photo: Pinar Ozger

Google is planning to make a significant push into both the consumer market and especially the enterprise market with its Chromebook cloud-based laptops, according to Sundar Pichai. The Chrome VP told GigaOM Structure attendees that Google Apps have opened the door to the cloud. Read more »


Twitter’s hiring of editorial staff to curate real-time information around news events through “hashtag pages” may not be a direct competitor for media companies, but the areas of overlap are growing — and so is its attractiveness to the advertisers that media entities desperately need. Read more »


Sceptics have raised concerns recently about Facebook’s ability to show continued revenue growth, particularly in the mobile market, but the social networking giant just got a big boost in that area from Apple, which has integrated Facebook’s features into the new version of its operating systems. Read more »


In an interview at paidContent 2012 in New York, venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures said he has stayed away from media investments, and believes that the future for content providers lies in connecting directly with consumers through platforms like Kickstarter. Read more »

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