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Daily Beast editor Tina Brown has a reputation for not mincing words, and she showed that side of her personality in spades on Twitter on Monday morning in response to a comment by former Beast staffer Howard Kurtz.

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According to interviews with government sources conducted by CNET security reporter Declan McCullogh, the FBI is pressuring telecom carriers like AT&T and Verizon to install “port reader” software that would allow the agency to intercept and analyze communication streams in real-time. Carriers are reportedly resisting, but the FBI claims it has the right to do this under the Patriot Act.

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Andrew Miller, the CEO of Guardian News & Media — parent company of The Guardian newspaper — said at a recent social-media event that Twitter is driving more referral traffic for breaking news stories than other social media platforms. “Twitter is the fastest way to break news now,” he said, calling the service “core to what we do on a daily basis.”

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According to a survey by the Cloud Security Alliance, 10 percent of the organization’s non-US members have cancelled a contract with a US-based cloud provider in the wake of the revelations about the participation of technology companies in the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program, and 56 percent said they were less likely to use an American company.

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Gawker Media founder Nick Denton used to say that the days of banner ads were numbered, but now he says he has made his peace with the format because “you can’t fight against an entire industry.” He says the challenge now is to make banners more relevant.

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