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“Dem bullets sure are pointy,” one Grunt cautions when he’s hit. When the next volley takes him out, he dramatically proclaims, “Yer… Gonna… Miss me.” High on fun and short on seriousness, The Great Little Wargame for iPhone and iPad is this week’s featured title. Read more »

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At first Ticket to Ride for the iPad seems complex, but after a brief orientation period, it’s actually rather simple. It’s also engrossing, and requires some quick strategic thinking with one eye constantly on the clock. Check our explanation of the game’s mechanics and fun factor. Read more »


System Preferences are the motivational speakers of your operating system. Don’t like something? The OS gives you the power to change! I’m not going to list every preference, but I am going to tell which choices you can make will have the greatest impact. Read more »


Norman McLean was haunted by waters. I’m haunted by iOS text editors. I usually switch between Pages, PlainText and Elements. Elements, recently updated to version 2, stands a chance at having the biggest impact on my writing workflow, thanks to new sharing and publishing features. Read more »


Mac OS X Lion comes with Versions support, which means that so long as an app is programmed to use it, your documents will save a history of changes that you can navigate through and restore from. Here’s how Versions works with iWork (and more). Read more »

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Overall, I’m thrilled with OS X Lion. However, like any new OS, there are some things that either don’t work quite right or, while working as intended, may annoy. So, here are five tips and work-arounds I’ve found that might help address some growing pains. Read more »


Managing email on OS X has always been about finding the lesser of many evils. I have too many email addresses to use webmail efficiently, but I’ve never been happy with any email program on the Mac. That finally changed, thanks to OS X Lion. Read more »


The first step post-capture in any digital photography workflow is getting the frames into your editing program. I like Aperture, because it’s powerful, cheap, easy to learn and easy to install from the Mac App Store. Here’s how to manage your photo importing using Aperture. Read more »


Between prior purchases and poor self-restraint, I now have an e-book library several hundred titles strong on my iPad, and it’s growing constantly. Built-in sorting isn’t cutting it. Thankfully, user-manageable Collections in iBooks adds some much needed depth to iPad e-book organization. Read more »


The iPad is great, but it has problems Apple could fix in future releases. The unveiling of the next generation of iPad Mar. 2 is a perfect opportunity to see some of these dreams realized. Here’s what I’d love to see, from a business user’s perspective. Read more »


While Microsoft’s “Welcome to the Social” advertisements were often derided, it’s ironic that Microsoft, and not Apple, has a better history with social media interactions. Here are the three areas Apple tried to make a play with social media, and instead fell just “a bit outside.” Read more »


You know what I love about iPhoto? It’s a great central storage place for my media that just about any OS X app can pull photos from. You know what I hate about it? Everything else. Here’s a few tips to help alleviate some iPhoto frustrations. Read more »


Math and science folks rejoice: Equation editing finally makes its appearance in Office for Mac’s Word 2011. If you’re a student or work in an academic setting, putting equations into your papers can be a pain, but now it’s a little easier. Read more »


Apple released a fresh update of its iPad productivity suite iWork yesterday. This update supports core iOS 4.2 features such as AirPrint and multitasking. The update also brings better PDF exporting, and provides some fixes for font issues that arise on export. Read more »


One of the advantages Word 2011 has over Pages ’09 is its stellar built-in citation management; Pages’ integration is reliant on third party tools. Word 2011 has its bibliographic tools baked right in. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using them. Read more »


National Novel Writing Month, or, National Stop Procrastinating and Write Month, is soon upon us. This year marks the first time the iPad is available during the prose-fest. Here’s a breakdown of your best bets for getting some of that writing done on the iPad. Read more »


Microsoft has released Office 2011 for the Mac, and we’ve already looked at the new versions of PowerPoint and Word in the suite. Now it’s Excel’s turn. How does the updated spreadsheet program compare to the dismal reputation of its predecessor? Read more »


Word 2008 quickly fell out of favor with me. It consistently crashed on exit. It was horribly slow, and struggled to keep up with itself. If Word 2011 just felt faster and didn’t crash, I’d consider it money well spent. But Microsoft went beyond that. Read more »


Office 2011 for Mac, the latest version in Microsoft’s workhorse suite, is now available at your favorite retailer or Microsoft’s web site. In this version, Visual Basic macros are back, but Entourage is out, having been replaced by a new, all-Cocoa version of Outlook. Read more »


New versions of iMovie ’11 and GarageBand ’11 were demoed today: the only other two programs from iLife ’11 that got screen time aside from iPhoto ’11. There were some very interesting additions to the software, including trailers for iMovie and better lessons in GarageBand. Read more »


An upgrade to iWork and iLife is almost guaranteed for Wednesday, so I thought I’d share my hopes for the software bundles. These aren’t necessarily predictions. Instead, they’re the things that kinda drive me nuts about the two suites and which I hope to see fixed. Read more »

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