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jessica rose blackboxtv

The thriller anthology series BlackBoxTV has been steadily pushing the web series world’s boundaries since launching last August. Today, for example, it’s stepping away from scripted programming this week for a little field trip to Iowa, live-streaming for 24 hours straight from a haunted house. Read more »

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There are many services enabling users to listen to music in the cloud, but Pandora and others have to contend with the delightful entities that are music labels. The site Tubeify is sparing itself that headache by not hosting content, instead indexing what’s already available online. Read more »

wall street

Standard and Poor’s Christmas present to Netflix and Cablevision came early this year: Both companies have been added to the S&P 500. The reindexing may prove valuable for both companies, each of which is currently struggling for a stable foothold in their respective marketplaces. Read more »

ryan gosling mtv

It’s that time of year again, when publications like the New York Times overflow with profiles of actors up for Oscar contention. But while the Times’s coverage features an innovative use of video, MTV’s got the edge in capturing who an actor really is. Read more »

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In the world of independent production, there’s a lot to be said for keeping one’s concept in scale with the production value available. Today’s example: the action comedy miniseries Today of All Days, which pulls off its objectives with flair and originality. Read more » screenshot

With HBO’s relationship with cable providers rockier than usual, thanks to its subscriber base dropping by 1.5 million, statements by Chairman and CEO Jeff Bewkes indicate that the premium cable offering may be looking for alternative means of distribution. But that doesn’t include Netflix. Read more »

cat ipad stand

Today, the BBC announced plans to create a global version of its iPlayer application for iPads, which may be available first in the U.S. on a subscription basis. For British television fans outside the UK tracking their favorite shows, this is very good news indeed. Read more »


Users watching YouTube Leanback spend 30 minutes watching video — twice as much as users of the traditional site — and it’s YouTube’s goal to make that difference even larger. Tonight comes a new initiative in that effort: Personalized channels created around specific topics, accessible through Leanback. Read more »

Today on the Internet: Web companies including Google and Yahoo team up to protest the Comcast-NBCU merger, Paramount announces a digital-only follow-up to the latest successful Jackass installment, and the BBC is determined to count every view, including online and VOD. Read more »

mark and wade stupid for movies

The Streamin’ Garage, an independent network of live-streamed pop culture commentary, is upgrading its operation to HD streaming video effective tomorrow. But the real excitement may come in 2011, as CEO Mike Rotman pushes closer to blurring the lines between web content and television. Read more »

turkey fail

If you’re reading this on Thanksgiving morning, then you probably already know what’s happening with your turkey this year. But if you’re slightly behind, or you just want to see what happens when the pyrotechnically-inclined experiment with deep fryers, this post is for you. Read more »

two-screen experience

They don’t measure online viewing or time-shifting, but Nielsens ratings have a lot of power over what does and doesn’t get seen on TV. However, there are several shows finding a balance between engaging with online audiences while still racking up big numbers with their overlords. Read more »

7-eleven slurpee unity

One joke from President Obama, made two weeks ago during a press conference, has kicked off a national branded campaign led by a daily episodic web series, thanks to 7-Eleven and Happy Little Guillotine Films. Obama, however, holds the key to the show being a success. Read more »

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